V-Diet Modifications

To help those who want to modify the diet- please list the modifications you’ve made and your results on the diet. Then list any lessons learned and what you would do differently if you did the diet again.

I’m hoping that as the information flows it will become apparent that modifications are usually not a good idea.

Ok I’ll start it off. I’ve done the diet two and a half times over the last three years.

First time I completely ignored the milled flax suggestion. After only a week I realized that was a bad idea so I added in some of those chewable fiber tabs (the sugar free ones). Well that got things moving- just too quickly. At the end of week two I had to call it quits. I was too big of a wuss to suck down that nasty flax seed. I did lose about 8 lbs but it was mostly water and it all came back.

The second time was two years ago. About the time I officially joined T-Nation. I figured I would give the diet it’s fair shake. I followed everything to a T, or at least I thought. I finished the diet with over three tubs of Metabolic Drive left when I should of had none. Turns out I was skipping shakes from either being too busy or too full to want them. It is true you never really feel hungry.

I did all of the other aspects correctly but was unknowingly undereating the entire time and only lost 15lbs. I know I would have lost considerably more if I had drank all of the shakes. I did benefit this time from the taste changes which I still enjoy the benefit from today.

I might talk about the third time later on.

I replaced the 2 tbsp of peanut butter daily to 2 omega-3 eggs. It was a change for the better.

Eggs have about the same amount of calories, but more protein, and slightly less fat. The fatty acid profile is similar, but slightly better. The amino acid profile is more complete.

You can either use them as a sort of ‘solid food per day’ cheat, or if you want to keep it strict you can just drop a couple into a blended shake. It’ll make your shake rich and smooth - just be sure to use pasteurized eggs.

I think this is a vast improvement over peanut butter, and I even suggested it to Chris. As a level 0 though, my suggestions fall upon deaf ears.

I recommend this change to all V-Dieters, until someone can tell me why peanut butter is still a better idea. There isn’t anything that peanut butter has that eggs don’t, although there is plenty that eggs have and peanut butter doesn’t.

I’ve thought about peanut butter replacements also. Chris has said that almond butter is fine too (I would think probably better) but I’ve thought about maybe a similar calorie amount of avocado avery few days, or an equivalent amount of different nuts like macadamia or walnuts, just for a little variety in the fats.

my doctor suggested that i add psyllium fiber in addition to the flax meal after reviewing the diet. I had some fairly specific goals in addition to losing weight that included improving cholesterol levels. He told me to shoot for 20 gms of soluble fiber. The goal here was to lower my ldl’s. Apparently there is a study that shows that for every gram of soluble fiber you lose 2 points on your ldl’s.

I wont know if this worked for me, for better or worse for a couple of weeks. The primary side effects, however, was some pretty bad constipation. I literally did not have a bowel movement for the last 2 weeks of the diet. Granted I am not drinking the gallon plus of water thats usually recomended when taking that much soluble fiber.

the other change I made was concerning the fish oil. Flameout was out of stock when i ordered it (it actually just arrived the other day). I replaced it with 15 ml’s of carlson. This added approximately 80 calories a day making it a bit of a challenge to meet the caloric requirements. Its hard to know the impact that this had, maybe someone can tell me. Who knows maybe i would have lost even more fat. From my perspective its hard to tell as i have limited experience with Flameout.

When I did it I lost about 18 pounds and got to about 10%bf. I followed it to a T even setting an alarm on my watch so that I ate on time. The best mod I did make however was two servings of Superfood a day. One in my morning shake and another in my mid afternoon shake. This kept me alert, satiated, and regular for the entire diet. I was even able to complete the bulgarian oak training while doing the V-Diet and attribute this to the Superfood. Make sure to incorporate it.

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