V-Diet Modification & Supplementation Advice


.My gf and I are about halfway thru our first Velocity Diet. So far so good.I enjoy it n feel great.Were also taking Hot-Rox and Carbolin 19 with it.

I was thinking about doing a second month of it to continue the progress. I was hoping for some advice to maximize the fat loss results… ie… supplementation ect…

Also I already have alot of Plazma as it is n wouldn’t need any more for a second run. I was hoping to get your opinion of maybe getting Mag-10 instead of Plazma to use as a post workout drink n maybe a pre bed shake to incorporate it into the diet.

I’m trying to make this as cost effective as possible as this program is not cheap lol.

Not sure if my gf wants a second round too but I imagine she does.

I’m hoping for assistance in setting up the perfect month. For the both of us.

Thank you for any assistance and for your time.


Glad to hear you’re liking the progress so far. Going through it with your significant other can be a good way to share the experience. Also makes it easier having built-in support so you don’t have to sit there sticking to your plan while watching the other one have pizza and garlic knots.

Subbing Mag-10 instead of Plazma is a bit of a step backwards because they have different ingredients (like Plazma has things like citrulline and betaine for improved performance and recovery), and more importantly Mag-10 has fewer calories and is much lower carb than Plazma, so your daily numbers will be off and you’ll be missing out on the most important time for lifters to have carbs - during training. So your recovery and performance in the gym will take another hit on that end.

Mag-10 works well for relatively lower intensity/lower volume stuff like conditioning sessions or the v-burn workout, but for weight training, it’s not ideal on its own.

I typically have Mag-10 before bed, so there’s no problem there. The only thing to be aware of is that it’s “lighter” and not as filling as Metabolic Drive, so just make sure you’re not waking up in the morning with appetite issues.

Depending on the progress you’ve seen already and how far you have to go to hit your goals, you might also consider a kind of modified V-Diet with 2 HSMs per day, basically swapping out one shake for a solid meal. That would cut back on the daily shakes a bit to cut costs and give you a little more flexibility (like if practicality or adherence is a reason the GF isn’t up for Round 2). Or you can totally stick to the plan as-is, since we know it’s been working.