V-Diet : Maui Countdown

Been looking at this diet for a while, finally decided I needed to get my act together and get lean again. My family has a trip planned for Maui in June to celebrate my sons graduation from high school. I did not want to be the fat guy on the beach anymore.

Been training off and on for a lot of years, but like many others I just have not quite achieved the results I really wanted. I believe that V-Diet 3.0 will help me to finally see my abs.

Started the diet on 4/27. Going to stay with the intermediate program since I missed a lot of days at the gym this Winter while I was carving it up on my snowboard at the local resorts. That decision added an inch and a half to my waist!

So here are my beginning stats:

Age 45
Height 5’ 10"
Weight 186
Neck 15.5
Shoulders 47.5
Chest Upper 40
Chest Lower 36.5
Waist 36
Waist at largest 37.5 (Basically at my belly button)
Hips at largest 39 (I assume this means around my butt)
Upper arm L 13.5
Upper arm R 13.5
Upper leg L 24.25
Upper leg R 24.25
Lower leg L 14.5
Lower leg R 14.5
Ankle L 9.75
Ankle R 9.75

Started day one of the diet with the first workout. Workout was tough and I had to work to finish all of my meals for the day. I think I must be very sensitive to HOT-ROX. I barely slept at all last night. I only took 2 for the whole day.

Day 2 so far is definitely harder. Without the additional surge meal, I have been very hungry today. And due to lack of sleep, I have not felt quite right today. I suspect that the HOT-ROX sensitivity is also part of my discomfort today.

It is now going on 7:00 pm local time and I am feeling much better. I can see that this will be a challenge for me. My wife has decided that she will also follow a diet plan at the same time as me. Even though we are on different plans, it helps that we are both suffering at the same time . :slight_smile:

Looking good on Maui is great motivation!

Let’s carve that belly down to 32 or 33 inches. Keep up posted! Any questions for me, be sure to post them in the Ask Chris thread so I’ll be sure to see them.

I decided to suck it up and post some beginning pics.


Third day and second work out. Still not happy with HOT-ROX. Hope I adjust to it soon.

Hey Chris. If I can get my waist down to 33, I would be ecstatic! I have not seen those numbers since High School.

Well, 5 days into this now. My only complaint is the HOT-ROX. Every time I take them I feel bad. I have cut down the dosage and it still seems to bother me. May have to switch to something less “active”!

Today was the 3rd work out. Felt pretty good until the hand walk outs from the knees. I had to lay on the floor for a while to recover. I don’t seem to have the stamina I am used to when I am not on such a strict diet.

I am pleased that I am starting to see some positive changes. Checked my weight today and I am down to 182.5 from 186 on Sunday. The abs are also starting to become visible. Nothing dramatic, but some subtle changes are definitely taking place. It is good to have some visible results to keep me motivated. Sunday will be my first HSM and evaluation. I can’t wait. I have been thinking about a solid meal all day today.

Today and yesterday seem to have been easier as far as hunger goes. I was able to hang out in the kitchen with my wife while she made dinner for the rest of the family. I was even able to help prepare and not feel deprived. Progress, progress…

Hang in there bro. I hope the HOT-ROX don’t send you for a loop for too long. I had my first HSM today. ALL I thought about last night was food. It was pissing me off too, because I couldn’t STOP thinking about it. LOL. Will keep checking your log as to your progress.

Thanks for the interest, I was beginning to think I was the only one reading this!

Today is day 6 for me. Today will be my first HSM. I have been thinking about it for and planning for 3 days. I can’t believe I have been this concerned about a meal lol. Today is also my first real temptation, my family and I are going to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. For those of you not in the know, that is an historical event reenacting the time period of England under Elizabeth I just after the beheading of Mary Queen of Scotland. In other words a big party with cleavage, beer, and more sinfull food than really want to see. Oh boy. Doing a shake right before I leave, taking two shakes with, and planning my HSM as a reward afterward for not partaking in the excess. Damn, I really like drinking beer at the fair. This will be very difficult.

On a up note, checked measurements today! :):}

Posting changes only.

weight 186 181 down 5 pounds in 6 days

Chest lower 36.5 36 1/2 inch down

waist 36 35 down 1 inch

waist at largest 37.5 36.5 also down an inch !!!

upper leg 24.25 23.25 surprised at an inch here.

Wish me luck for today, hope I don’t need it!!!

[quote]Terryw5782 wrote:
Today is also my first real temptation, my family and I are going to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. For those of you not in the know, that is an historical event reenacting the time period of England under Elizabeth I just after the beheading of Mary Queen of Scotland. In other words a big party with cleavage, beer, and more sinfull food than really want to see.[/quote]


You’re one brave soul indeed. We have one in my area and the food was amazing, especially the bread bowl stews. Going there on a V-Diet would really suck, so it’s a great idea to have that HSM afterwards as a reward.

Well I survived the Fair! Took two shakes with me and did just fine. Can’t say I wasn’t tempted every time I walked by an Ale stand though. And damn, when I smelled those turkey legs, my mouth watered. Glad to be heading in to my 8th day today. Over 1/4 of the way there!

Did that V-burn challenge on Saturday. That was eye opening. I thought it would be easy with just body weight. I struggled after the first circuit. Took me exactly 40 minutes to get it done! Talk about a grind. Sure looking forward to that improving.

I think I am finally starting to adjust to the HOT-ROX. I don’t feel nearly as jittery as I did in the first week. I suppose it is because I don’t take caffiene of other stimulants at all. Makes me overly sensitive.

Icarys, love the avatar. What is it anyway? Reminds me of Spawn.

Well here I am at day 11. Not too bad. This has gotten pretty much routine. I do still feel hungry between meals sometimes. But not like that first week.

I noticed that my weight bounced up after my HSM from Sunday. It is just today back within 1/2 a pound of my last official 1 week measurements. I wonder if the sudden uptick in heat here in sunny so cal has anything to do with it. Maybe holding on to more water.

I must be a glutton for punishment. My family is going to the river (Colorado River @ Lake Havasue Az) for the Mothers day weekend. Fair one weekend, and then party at the river the next. Sheesh. This is taking my self-discipline to a whole nother level. This far into it, I am sure I will be fine. I hope.

Good work so far!

I’m a bit worried about the HOT-ROX, too. I haven’t started yet, I’m starting tomorrow but I don’t really have much of a caffeine intake as it is!

Where do you ride? I live in the UK, we don’t have much snow (about 1 inch per year where I live) so I ride in Tahoe, Mammoth area. I want to try some other resorts though!

Keep up the good work: when ever you feel tempted, remember that you have the choice to stay in control or lose control and it’s entirely your decision!
That usually gets me!

Even just 2 capsules a day was a lot for me starting out. That first night I probably only got a few hours of sleep. I won’t even attempt to try them on an empty stomach. I am not that brave. I take mine first thing in the morning, and then the second dose at as close to 6 hours as I can get just so I can get as much time between that last dose and bed time. Just as a precaution, you might want to have some benadryl (diphenhydramine) around. Very mild sleep aid. Sure beats regular sleeping pills, and I’m not stuffy either!

Mmmmm, Tahoe! Love to carve there. Unfortunately I live in so cal and spend most of my time at a resort called Snow Summit. Its close and I usually have a season pass there. Maybe next year I can make it back up to Tahoe. Several of my friends go to Mammoth pretty consistently too. This year I was too poor to afford 80.00 lift tickets. I have high hopes next year will be better.

At least you are close to a resort…I have to drive/fly up to Colorado anytime I wanna shred. Though Vail makes it all worth it. Though the $92 lift tickets are just ruthless on my wallet (or my credit card really). I was hoping with the economy down it would have been cheaper back in February when I went, but no such luck. Now that its summer though Im glad to be on the Texas coast. Beach season is upon us!

The HOT-ROX have been giving me some problems too. Ive gotten over the nausea I think they caused, but Ive been restless like nobody’s business. I dont take/drink any stimulants normally so my body is running on high-drive with this stuff. Hopefully you and x_alli_x will fair better than I.

I live 60 minutes from the closest resort. I grew up here. I went snow boarding once and I hated it. Never downhill skiid, but I do telemarc and cross country (classic) with my wife when we go to Devil’s Thumb. I dislike snow, and the cold is starting to piss me off more and more each year. I sincerely doubt that I would ever try snow boarding again. End of useless, trivial shit about Icarus.

Benadryl works wonders and you’re right - no stuffiness at all.

Have you noticed any lull in your appetite? I know you mentioned day 11 you were hungry, but other than that do you crave only good foods ('cept beer I reckon) at this point?

Good luck at the get together this weekend. If you can get through the fair, the party should be easy. Probably not as much cleavage to take your mind off of it, but you should do well.

Today has been very mild as far as hunger goes. But I have noticed that to be true on most training days. I have to work to get all of the shakes down. If I am craving food, it is usually fruit. Other that that, it is only a problem when the rest of the family is eating “regular” food. My wife picked up some roasted chicken breast from the store last night. That smelled amazing.

I can’t imagine living in Co next to a resort and not loving the snow sports. I bet you get it all the time people trying to tell you that you just have to go up with the right person. But seriously, do you like surfing or skate boarding? If so maybe you would like carving on a snow board. Totally different from what you usually think of as snow boarding. Course if it is the cold that turns you off, there is no getting around that!

One of the things I look forward to most at the end of this diet is not taking those HOT-ROX. I think they still make me feel off. Not as bad as at the beginning, but still not quite right. I guess if you feel nauseaous you won’t feel like eating!

It’s actually “hard” to get all the shakes in on training days since we throw in the PWO Surge too. I just don’t feel like eating after having the sugary goodness in my gut.

Yeah, I have heard that before about being with right person while learning, but it is the cold that drives me nuts. And the crowds. I don’t dig crowds except maybe for mosh pits (real ones, not douchebags trying to hurt each other).

Yeah that Surge shake is so frothy…mmm…frothy goodness. However, it does make getting the next shake down a little more difficult. Im usually ready for the rest of the shakes though. I mean 3 hours between liquid meals? Id be worried if I wasnt hungry on a consistent basis. Id be afraid I was turning into a Slim-Fast sipping woman.

Day 15. Man am I bored with those shakes. I don’t really have any trouble getting them down, just getting tired of them. Today was a training day. Those 20 second waits go very fast. Hard to keep track of reps and rest periods! Did my V-Burn over the weekend at the river. I was a good boy. I’m still golden, no breaking of the diet for me. I was able to drop a whole whopping 30 seconds off of my V-Burn. I thought I would do much better. Tried to get my 17 year old son to to it with me. He lasted for 2 circuits. Made me feel better.

Had my second HSM on Saturday. It was wonderful. A spinach salad with a sessamee seed vinagrette and topped with rotisserie chicken. Had em double the chicken, worked out about right. It even had a piece of bacon. Wow, that tasted decadent.

I was a little concerned just before my HSM, I got very dizzy. Due to waiting and serving, it was about 4 hours between my HSM and the prior feeding. Thought I was heading for the floor. Could be a combination of being in the heat (104) and not eating soon enough.

I was also dismayed to see that my weight went up by 1/2 pound to 181.5 since last week! Changes from last week:

weight up .5 pounds
neck down .25 inch
shoulders down .5 inch
Chest upper up 1 inch
chest lower down .5 inch
waist down .5 inch
waist at navel no change wtf
hips at largest up .25 inch
Upper arms down .5 inch
upper legs up .75 inch

I can’t believe my damn waist at navel did not change. That is the one I hate the most. It appears to me that I may have managed to actually put on some mass last week. How is that possible? If not for the neck, waist, and lower chest, I would have quit this weekend. I was pissed. This is too hard not to see more progress every week. I will admit that I am seeing improvement in my mid section. It is like it is starting the reduction from the points farthest from the belly button and working in very slowly. Talk about stubborn. More than 1/2 way done now, no backing out now just on principle.

Hey did you guys notice that all three of our avatars involve a person standing on a cliff? Wonder if that means anything. Living on the edge and all that, you know!

LMAO @ the cliff thing. I did notice it for you and Htowner. I had to go back and look at mine. LOL.

Dude, the scale is a total mind fuck. For some, it just doesn’t budge. That is why a lot of people fail because they put too much emphasis on one thing, it doesn’t change fast enough and they give up saying that the diet doesn’t work for them. Not saying that is you - just “people.”

Look at it this way, when you are walking down the street and you see a woman you are attracted to, do you say to yourself “damn, I bet she weighs the right amount!!!” No, and if you do, well - you’re fucked. You go by how she looks and how you think of how you would look on her. If you notice changes in the mirror, that’s where it counts. Use that as a guide and not the scale.

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