V-Diet Longer Than 28 Days?



was just wondering if it is possible to do the V-Diet longer then the 28 days plus two week cycle back onto normal food?

I tried searching for it on the site but couldn’t find anything.

Is there any particular reason that this would be bad? obviously its not good to not eat solid food for that long was just wondering if it is possible to do it without something bad happening internally?

What about have one solid meal a day and the rest shakes? would that be possible over a long period of time, say 2-3 months? or is it just a terrible idea?


Nothing bad would happen if you’re following the diet exactly (taking Flameout and Superfood etc.) – the V-Diet is more nourishing that the average North American diet by far – but it’s not recommended.

The diet is already 28 days of mostly shakes, then two weeks (Transition phase) with one shake per day and the rest healthy solid meals.

After that 6 weeks it’s best to eat mostly HSMs with a shake thrown in here and there for convenience and to ensure adequate protein intake. That said, on busy days I often “live” in the Transition phase – shakes all day then an HSM.

If you’re wanting to do this for the ease and convenience of it, look into the <a href=""target=“new”>Pulse Fast too.


yeah basically its just really easy and busy days to just have the HSM at dinner and live off the shakes during the day when i don’t have time to prepare anything.

i’m glad to hear this and will be looking into Pulse fast now.