V-Diet Log

I have been following some of the logs here since reading about the V-Diet in Dan John’s book “Never Let Go.” I am now on Day 2, and decided to stop stalking the forum and put some of this in writing, and hopefully get some accountability. I am still holding strong, but I want to chew some food pretty damn bad right now!!

I have a long history of “dieting” and have been overweight most of my life. I got out of the Marine Corps in late 2004, and it was down hill from there. I lost about 50 lbs with CrossFit and lifting, and am now an Olympic weightlifting addict, even though I am not that good. I also have a long history of sabotaging myself right around the 195-200 lbs mark, and never let myself see just how lean I can actually get…so here I am!

Starting Stats
Height: 5’11.5"
Weight: 203.4
BF: 18.8 (Handheld/Electronic…I know it’s crap, but it’s what I have available. It will be consistent in timing, so I don’t really care about the actual reading. Just looking for change)
Waist at BB: 39.0 (Definitely the most disgusting part of this, and the most important measurement for me to see change in!)

Awesome man!! Looking forward to following your progress… I’m a week in and notice a huuuuge difference

Hold strong

Well, day 2 is basically in the books and I am hoping for less thoughts of steak and potato’s tomorrow as I sit here drinking my last shake! Before posting here in this forum, I was keeping a personal daily journal of this experience. I will probably continue to do so, but found that posting here was surprisingly cathartic…so I intend to keep it up. Something about the thought of others going through this helps…misery truly does love company, I guess.

My thoughts that I wrote in my personal log earlier today focused on two of the main ideas/thoughts that I was using to help me cope with the idea of not eating any solid food until Saturday. So I thought I would share those here as well. Nothing too profound, but it has gotten me this far so…

To stay on track, I have 2 things I have been referring back to over the last 48 hours.

1.) Dan John made a reference in his book about his brother?s words on quitting. When he wanted to quit, he negotiated with himself. ?If you are going to quit, quit tomorrow morning.? So in my head, I tell myself I can quit on any day that I want?it just has to be at the first shake of the day the following morning. So far so good?haha.

2.) The second one builds on #1. Someone shared a quote from Zig Zigler yesterday on Facebook and the timing was great, but the quote was perfect for me. I am a self-sabotage person for some reason. Maybe it?s deep seated parent issues, I don?t know?I am waiting for Bob Harper or the like to help me figure this stuff out and “cry it out,” but that hasn’t happened yet! haha. But either way, I am aware that I normally screw things up when I am close to hitting new heights?especially in fitness and weight loss. So, here is the quote.

“The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want MOST for what you want NOW.”- Zig Ziglar

Don’t make that “deal”…it’s a bad trade!

Ah…Day 3! No headache this morning and my first shake was pretty appetizing! My next one at 10:00am doesn’t sound so great, but I am just glad to be getting back to a somewhat “normal” feeling. Still pretty lethargic with no real desire/energy to lift, but feeling pretty good overall when I think back to Day 1 and early on Day 2.

So my starting weight was 203.4. This morning I was 200.2. 3.2lbs in under 3 days is definitely enough to keep me going. And I can hear the haters and detractors, “But it’s basically all water weight…” and to that, I say GFY! That argument in the first week of any diet is ridiculous, and generally lets me know pretty quickly if I am going to be able to hold an intelligent conversation with someone about weight loss early in our discussion. Anyone that has any experience with dieting understands that that initial loss, whether water weight (or another material that I won’t elaborate on), must occur before the good stuff starts to happen. So to discount the fact that someone got through the initial stage rapidly and discount the method as a whole is simply ignorance. Onward…detractors, stay down there where you live. I am not one of you.

28 days seemed so short at the start of this little challenge, yet seemed like an eternity when I thought about it more on day 2. What happens in our brains that can change our perception so quickly? Well, for me it was because I was suffering “in the moment” and had to remind myself about the longer term objective at hand. As Dan John put it, “Fat-loss is an all out war!” And I remind myself of this about every 3 hours, which just so happens to coincide with my shake intake! The second issue is that I almost let myself forget what I preach to so many people in my gym. I always encourage large goals/objectives to be broken down into smaller bites. That’s how you eat the elephant, right? One bite at a time. So in goal setting terms, I have shortened the time blocks to match my situation.

“Long Term Goal” (42 Day Velocity Diet) - Actually very short term, but this is the “big picture” right now. Simply complete what most cannot.
“Mid Term Goal” - 7 Day Blocks. Just make it to the next HSM. Everything will get better when I get to eat this week.
“Short Term Goal” - Just don’t quit today. If you are going to quit, do it tomorrow morning after my weigh-in and before my 1st shake.

So that’s my take on it for this morning! I am open to all advice and input if you have it! Hopefully these ramblings help someone else stick it out for just one more day!

What’s the number for today, you ask? The answer would be 198.8! Down 4.6 lbs on the morning of Day 4! And while I know this pace will slow down, it is pretty damn motivating right now. I haven’t held anything back about the depths of crapiness I felt on Day 1 and Day 2, but yesterday was pretty dang good! Finally got back to the barbell and felt really good once I got going. PR’d my Clean

Well, it looks like the website just dumped 3/4 of my last post. So glad I spent the time writing it. Back to my personal log I guess if that’s how this is going to work!

Summary: Lost more weight, lifted heavier weight, and really want real food on Saturday.

Quick update from Day 6…Top of the world today! Why you ask?

1.) Today’s Weight - 198lbs (Loss of 5.4 in 5 days…not too shabby IMO)
2.) PR’d my Clean (full squat)…not even close to what I want at 215#, but an increase just the same!
3.) PR’d my Back Squat…same deal here, and a lot of work to do. But 345# is a 20# best, and I will take it!
4.) HSM Today…No elaboration needed. I get to EAT today!

That’s it. Is it still tough mentally not eating? Yep. Is it anywhere near as terrible as it was on Day 1 and Day 2? Not even close! It is getting easier, and I saw some stuff in the mirror this morning that got me a little fired up as well! No excuses for the next 21 days…stay tuned!

Well, my first real meal in 7 days just went down. And it was AMAZING! I didn’t stick perfectly to the v-diet standard, but I didn’t really intend to. I ate what I was really craving all week, so I can mentally deal with the shakes over the next 7 days! Anyway, had: sirloin steak, baked potato, salad, and side of broccoli. (And followed it all up with about a cup of ice cream!)

Considering the weight-loss this week and the strength gains, I am already looking at this little experiment as a success! Ready to grind through the next few weeks now! 185lbs or Bust!

This is awesome results so far! Keep it up!!

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