V-Diet Log

Hey guys,

First time posting on the forums (although I’ve been lurking). Starting my first V-Diet tomorrow in order to shed some fat for the summer. I would estimate my BF to be around 19%. I am stoked to begin this journey and plan on logging regularly in order to keep myself accountable. Before pictures and measurements to come tomorrow. My goals from this program are to reach a BF % of about 14% after the transition phase of the V-Diet. Let’s see if this can come to fruition.

Alright, here goes.


Height: 5’8 or 5’9
Weight: 196 lbs
Neck: 15.8
Shoulders (where delt separates): 47
Chest (upper - at widest): 44.3
Chest (lower - at nipple): 43.9
Waist (at navel): 41.8
Waist (largest): 41.9 - it roughly is largest at navel
Hips (largest): 41.2
Bicep (L - middle, straightened out no flex): 13.1
Bicep (R - middle, straightened out no flex): 13.8
Thigh (L): 23.4
Thigh ®: 23.7
Calf (L): 14.7
Calf ®: 14.8
Ankle (L): 8.8
Ankle ®: 8.7

Day 1 more or less complete. 1 shake to go (with peanut butter, awesome).

Initial thoughts:
Since I just started the initial enthusiasm is there. Compliance was easy and probably will be for at least a few days. I avoided the dining hall like the plague and will do so for awhile. Not tired at all and didn’t feel too hungry the whole day which was nice. Before pictures to come tomorrow.

I did my workout today as I should have but couldn’t do the front squats properly. For whatever reason I couldn’t balance the bar on my shoulders so I just replaced it with standard squats. Is there a huge difference? Thoughts?

Also in terms of warm up, I generally do cardio, which isn’t allowed on V-Diet. How would I go about warming up because my hamstrings are killing me and my right calf is cramping from doing squats cold.

Thanks for any advice!

2nd day was not bad at all. No training involved, just NEPA. Kept myself busy enough to not think about food or get any cravings. The initial enthusiasm has yet to wear off. My roommate was unfortunately too busy to take my before pictures. Fortunately, tomorrow should work.

Can’t really go to the bathroom though and following the plan as stated with the proper supplements from Biotest.

Still no cravings on day 3. Before pictures taken, will post them once I have a set to compare them to. I have lost 3.8 pounds so far, most of which must be glycogen. The diet hasn’t gotten monotonous yet which is a pleasant surprise but I’m sure it’ll set in soon. Today’s workout was dreadful because I’m not used to a single one of those exercises/movements (unlike Monday) so I overestimated the weight I could do and my ego wouldn’t let me decrease it. I wound up getting like 6 reps a set in exercises where I should have gotten 8. Next Wednesday ill in prove.

Can my NEPA walks be done not in one shot? I live on a college campus so I walk over 3 miles a day consistently, just not in one shot. Is that fine?

Day 4 just ended. This morning I weighed in at 192.4, meaning I have lost 3.6 pounds thus far. Today was a non-workout day so it was pretty relaxed. Spent seven hours of my day at the movie theater, which was a much needed break. While waiting between movies, we went to a restaurant and this was the first time I even thought about food. It was a little tough to avoid but it could be much worse. I’m trying to just not put food anywhere near my mouth because one taste could derail the whole thing. Successfully continued the diet with no cheating involved and walked a lot through the day. Looking forward to tomorrow!

I am on the club lacrosse team at my university and tomorrow we have practice followed by a game Saturday. Going to replace my NEPA with this but I am a little concerned the cardio will make it too tiring. Let’s see how I feel after practice.

Day 6: Everything on track. Liked the workout a lot, much more so than Wednesday’s. All good.

Day 7: My first and last day of the diet in which I screwed up royally. Everything was fine through the day, got my first three shakes in as planned. Then…

Issue #1: Had the last lacrosse game of the season. Obviously I didn’t want to sit it out but instead of just giving it up I played the entire game. Too much cardio, not good for recovery. This is not the end of the world but it gets worse.

Issue #2: My HSM became a salad, a wheat calzone with tomato, basil, mozzarella and a blackbean burger with avocado. Not the end of the world again but not exactly healthy either. Keep in mind I am a vegetarian but this is very carby and I need to have a better balance for the craving changes. I’m thinking omelet, sweet potato and sauteed veggies next time.

Issue #3: Got hammered with the lacrosse team. This is the worst decision I could have made and I should not have done it (I go to parties sober fairly often and should’ve done so with this one). No drinking for the next 5 weeks. I also missed my last shake because I didn’t go home.

The routine is back on today as it should be but I can’t do things like this again or I won’t be able to meet my goals. Onward and upward.

The past two days went well. Everything was done as scheduled. Lost no strength, lifts went up a rep or two actually.

Week 1 Results: 196 --> 191.6 (4.4 pounds lost)


Neck: 15.8 --> 15.6 (-0.2)
Shoulders (where delt separates): 47 --> 46.7 (-0.3)
Chest (upper - at widest): 44.3 --> 42.9 (-1.4)
Chest (lower - at nipple): 43.9 --> 41.9 (-2)
Waist (at navel): 41.8 --> 39.7 (-2.1)
Waist (largest): 41.9 - it roughly is largest at navel --> 40.1 (-1.8)
Hips (largest): 41.2 --> 39.7 (-1.5)
Bicep (L - middle, straightened out no flex): 13.1 --> 12.9 (-0.2)
Bicep (R - middle, straightened out no flex): 13.8 --> 13.6 (-0.2)
Thigh (L): 23.4 --> 23.4 (-0)
Thigh ®: 23.7 --> 23.7 (-0)
Calf (L): 14.7 --> 14.4 (-0.3)
Calf ®: 14.8 --> 14.3 (-0.5)
Ankle (L): 8.8 --> 8.7 (-0.1)
Ankle ®: 8.7 --> 8.7 (-0)

So 10.6 inches lost so far even though only 4.4 pounds lost, which probably aren’t all fat. Interesting!

Nice work!!

NEPA can be done all at once, that’s usually what most people do I think. 3 mile walk sounds good!

You have complete control to stay on track, packing empty shaker cups, water bottles and protein bags is definitely necessary here. But, plan ahead, even with sports and other events it should be easy to stay on track.

If Lacrosse is very strenuous and long, perhaps a scoop of Surge recovery may be warranted to ensure you won’t lose any muscle on the restricted calories. Maybe use your judgement here, how long/intense is practice?

For your workouts, leave the ego at the door, and use the right weight. PERFECT FORM is more important than ANYTHING, so if the weight you have does not allow for complete control and perfect form for the desired number of reps, lower that weight, it will make you STRONGER.

Every choice you make is a decision you can completely control, even if it’s not easy. But, as Chris often says, the V-Diet is a “machine” and every piece must be in place for it to work properly. Stick to the rules no matter what and you will be happy with the results! KEEP IT UP!

An update on Days 7 - 9 (choosing to omit Saturday and do an extra day of the diet). Everything went as prescribed, had the shakes, did the workouts, etc. No cravings. My workout on Monday was perfect in that it matched the set and rep schemes perfectly. Today’s wasn’t as good - with the bicep curls I found I could do 8 reps without the velocity of the weight changing for my first set but quickly saw that go to 7, then 5, then 4. I guess I have to lower the weight because I had to keep doing sets of 4 reps until I reached 40. Otherwise, everything is good. Still hovering around 191.6 - for whatever reason weight isn’t coming off but I’ll stick it out and see what happens.

Robstein, thank you for your thoughts! Fortunately, lacrosse season is over so that will no longer be an obstacle. The next two weekends at college will be pretty crazy and I have to make sure to avoid all temptations by packing what is necessary and making sure there is high quality protein in my belly at all times. I’ll make sure to perfect my form in the workouts - as I learned from today’s workout, I still have to alter the weights a bit, although I am fine for Monday and Friday sets/reps/weight wise.

Looking forward to seeing results and glad to hear from some previous V-Dieters. Thank you!

Weighed in at 189.8 today, down 6.2 pounds from the beginning.

Days 10 and 11 went well: Everything went according to the plan. Did my workout as I was supposed to and the weights were all fine, other than my decline bench which quickly dropped from 8 reps for the first three sets to 5 reps then 4 reps then 4 reps again. Went out with friends for a nice, 2 hour HSM today. I ate from a salad bar and also had some beans, brown rice and plantains as dessert. A great meal which will keep me mentally focused for the rest of the week. Tomorrow is the biggest party day at our school (spring concert), the weekend after is a music festival for three days (have to sneak powder in) and the weekend after that is another huge spring concert at a friend’s university. It’ll be hard but i can’t give in to temptation. Wish me luck!

Update on Days 12 and 13:

Day 12 - I’m happy to say everything was on point today. I managed to stray away from temptation and not drink alcohol or eat anything despite partying from 1 PM to 2 AM. Got my shakes in as well during the intervals although the meal timing was less than ideal (there was a stretch from 7:30 PM to 2 AM where I got no meal in). Got a lot of NEPA from walking around and jumping around during the concert. A good day.

Day 13 - Lazy Sunday. Studied for exams and didn’t leave my room much. Had my five shakes as I was supposed to. Did the V Burn Challenge for the first time today. Didn’t do it last week because I felt sick that Sunday and I forgot to do it on the off days in between. It was extremely difficult to say the least but I got through it which I am happy about. It took 32 minutes 10 seconds, not bad for the first time from what I have seen around these forums. That being said, for circuits 5 and 6 I felt like I was going to throw up (had a shake 45 mins before and water during the circuits). Also my form for the single leg deadlifts and reverse twist lunges was not great I feel because I kept feeling like I was losing my balance on both. For the deadlifts, I sometimes fell sideways and for the lunges I didn’t feel like I could get the full twist in, as well as my legs occasionally buckling. I’ve always had relatively weaker legs because I didn’t start training legs until recently, two years after I started upper body (as a high schooler I didn’t really do my research).

Will do more weigh-ins and measurements on Day 15 but it seems like I haven’t lost any weight over the past week. Maybe I’ve lost inches, but I started the week at 191.6 and measured in over the past two days between 191-191.5. Hopefully I’ll have lost inches but this seems odd given the other logs I’ve looked at. Also these numbers could change by Tuesday. No point of getting worried until Tuesday as this week I should have faith since I’ve done everything like I am supposed to. Updates to come.

Week 2 Results: 196 --> 191.6 --> 190.6 (-5.4)


Neck: 15.8 --> 15.6 --> 15.1 (-.5)
Shoulders (where delt separates): 47 --> 46.7 --> 46.6 (-.1)
Chest (upper - at widest): 44.3 --> 42.9 --> 42.4 (-.5)
Chest (lower - at nipple): 43.9 --> 41.9 --> 41.5 (-.4)
Waist (at navel): 41.8 --> 39.7 --> 40.4 (.7)
Waist (largest): 41.9 - it roughly is largest at navel --> 40.1 --> 40.7 (.6)
Hips (largest): 41.2 --> 39.7 --> 40.8 (1.1)
Bicep (L - middle, straightened out no flex): 13.1 --> 12.9 --> 13 (.1)
Bicep (R - middle, straightened out no flex): 13.8 --> 13.6 --> 13.6 (0)
Thigh (L): 23.4 --> 23.4 --> 23.6 (.2)
Thigh ®: 23.7 --> 23.7 --> 23.6 (-.1)
Calf (L): 14.7 --> 14.4 --> 14.2 (-.2)
Calf ®: 14.8 --> 14.3 --> 14.2 (-.1)
Ankle (L): 8.8 --> 8.7 --> 8.7 (0)
Ankle ®: 8.7 --> 8.7 --> 8.7 (0)

Lost only a pound this week and gained .8 inches. Needless to say I’m very confused. Can’t be due to glycogen since I ate my hsm Monday. Anybody know why this may be? Haven’t seen anything like it in any other logs.

This week went well up till the weekend.

I followed everything I was supposed to until Friday. All my workouts were fine too.

I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at a music festival, from 8 PM to 4 AM each day. So on Friday I completed my workout, got my three shakes in and then packed protein for the festival. I finished the third shake right before entering and smuggled in powder in a Ziploc bag. The festival was extremely tiring NEPA wise - 7 hours of straight standing with maybe an hour sitting. I couldn’t make the shake because as I put the powder in a water bottle, the wind kept blowing it away. So by 12AM on Friday night/Saturday morning, I snacked on some pizza crust just to sustain myself and whatever little protein I could get into the bottle (maybe a scoop). On the way back, by about 4:30 AM, I was starving so we made a stop and I had an omelette with sweet potato and half of a buttermilk pancake with no syrup. Let’s call this my somewhat HSM.

Saturday was the same deal, except this time I couldn’t bring any protein in. Even more standing today with absolutely no time spent sitting down because the acts were simply too good. A lot of dancing all three days too (it was an electronic music festival). I ate sweet potato chips and a pretzel with marinara because I was just too hungry. There was no HSM option, these were probably the least bad (other stuff was fried, pizza, etc). I got the other four shakes in though.

Sunday was also not great. Couldn’t do the V Burn Challenge because my legs were too stiff and sore from all the standing and dancing. Will get it done on Tuesday. I ate a burrito with vegetables and cheese and guacamole today for my meal replacement. Again, got the other four shakes in. This weekend obviously wasn’t horrendous but wasn’t great either since it strayed from the diet protocol, which upsets me.

I’m going to extend the diet three days to make up for these days because they’re probably slightly better macro wise than my pre-velocity days but still not adhering to the macros stated by V Diet. Because of this, I’ll be taking Week 3 after pictures/measurements on Friday. Monday was perfect workout wise and shake wise. Ordered some more stuff to prepare myself for transition and all. Hoping to knock off some numbers in the coming week and will update with my V Burn time later today.

Onward and upward.

Keep it up, sounds like you’re super busy!

Regarding the 1 pound weight loss, don’t worry too much about it. My second week on my v-diet/pulse fast I only lost 2 pounds but dropped 7 or so inches total, just make sure you’re following the plan exactly and it will work as planned. Remember that every part of the diet is essential for it to work, everything you can do to plan ahead will pay off in the long run!

Thanks Rob! Will definitely check measurements on Friday to see how things changed (not counting Friday-Sunday because of the music festival - extending everything 3 days). Hopefully they will tell me more.

Diet was spot on today. Did the V-Burn Challenge as well since it was a rest day. Given that I did squats and bench yesterday for my Monday workout, I expected to have a lot of trouble with the challenge (squat thrusts, jump squats, clap pushups). This was actually not the case at all - Though it burned a lot and I had to take 20 second rests after Circuits 4 and 5, I got through with a time of 25:46, down more than 6 mins from my time of 32:10 9 days ago. I was a bit surprised since I haven’t lost more than a pound since then. Maybe it’s just conditioning. Thoughts?

Thanks for all who read and give advice. Always appreciated. Have a good one!

Thanks for the information Rob! Always good to hear from a previous V-Dieter. I’ll be taking measurements on Friday, the end of Week 3 (I’m treating Friday-Sunday at the music festival as if they weren’t a part of the diet and extending it all three days).

The diet was on point today (Tuesday). Also did my V-Burn Challenge since I couldn’t do it Sunday. I expected it not to go well because during yesterday’s Monday workout I did squats and bench, which I thought would affect my times during the squat thrusts, squat jumps and clap push ups. This was actually not the case as though they did hurt a lot and I was panting after, having to take a 20 second rest after both Circuits 4 and 5, I managed to knock my time down to 25:46, down more than 6 minutes from my time of 32:10 last Sunday, 9 days ago. I’m pretty stoked about this because I only have lost about one or two pounds since so it’s pretty impressive. Not sure whether it’s due to conditioning or what, 6 minutes is a lot.

Thanks to all of you keeping up and to Rob for his advice! Always appreciated - have a great day!

Hey guys.

Weighed in for week 3, went 196 --> 188 (-8).

Couldn’t take measurements as my tape broke, just ordered new measuring tape.

All was good this week minus Saturday. Went out of town and bottled all of my shakes and supplements in Aquafina bottles. Somehow, when I opened them the next day, they had all gone bad. They tasted acidic and couldn’t be stomached. It was awful. So I had to eat healthily the whole day (omelets, sweet potato, etc). All workouts were on track.

Measurements to come when possible.

V-Burn Challenge later this evening.

Hey guys!

This week went very well.

Still no measuring tape. Everything perfect food and workout-wise.

My HSM this week was vegetarian sushi, veggie tempura, edamame and spinach. A good amount of food but not too filling. I enjoyed it a lot.

My V-Burn Challenge time was 22:17, down over three minutes since last time. I am happy to see these results. My weight is around 186 but I am seeing more actual changes in my body now. Clothes fit a lot better. I currently have final exams so I am extending the V-Diet until Friday because it adds one aspect of control of my life so I don’t have to worry about food and can stay holed up in my room studying (minus NEPA and Monday/Wed/Fri workouts).

Looking forward to finishing this week and getting everyone the results.


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