V-Diet Log


I finally bit the bullet and placed my order for the V-Diet after a couple years of reading through the site. I’ll get my measurements, some pics, and other info up over the next few days, but I figured I would start with some background first.

I played soccer from kindergarten through freshman year of high school and was good- I started on every team I played on and was one of the better players. Pretty much, I was the typical talented but lazy kid- never practiced outside of practice. As a kid, I played basketball for a few years before I got bored of it (again, was good, but when it became something I had to work at rather than use natural talent I “got bored”, and the same thing happened with baseball).

When I got to high school, I made the JV team as a freshman and then got skipped over going to the varsity team because of an asthma attack that made me miss the game the coach was pulling us up from. Add to that the fact that soccer in high school was more about who was the biggest versus talent and I became an angry enforcer the rest of the season (at 5’6" and 125 lbs, this took some work). The season ended and I tried track in the spring to keep in shape. After doing pretty well and winning a bunch of freshman meets, I was roped into running cross country in the fall.

I trained my butt off that summer and ran some pretty good times during the year when my asthma wasn’t knocking me out (17:00 5k as a soph, 2:00 800, 4:40 mile) and I had the anorexic looking body to show for it (which worked out well for a kid into the emo-scene at the time haha).

Junior year, lazy me showed up again and my times fell off which I blamed on asthma of course. I could still do well in track since it required less work, but it was obvious I was missing out on my potential. Senior year was an absolute joke.

In college, I was still able to coast through with just my natural talent- this time relying on my brain. I did well enough, but really could have graduated towards the top of my class if I ever tried. The only thing I worked hard at were my jobs and internships- I guess money was my only real motivation for better or worse. I went through bouts of lifting doing a typcial bodybuilder split that you would pull from a magazine.

I left college two and a half years ago at about 160lbs and am sitting at my desk now at about 210. Some of that is actually being dedicated to lifting, but it is mostly too much drinking, lousy eating habits, and 12 hour days. I ordered 5/3/1 and did that for about the past 9 months which has given me some decent strength gains and a bit of noticeable muscle.

The past weekend though when I was in the hospital (my older sister had her thyroid and lymph nodes removed cause of cancer) and I had relatives telling me I looked bigger (in a fat way) I decided to take the V-Diet plunge. If they could see their niece/sister/cousin struggling and still have time to focus on her semi-fat brother, I was doing something incredibly wrong.

My goals are pretty simple- spend a couple months stripping off some fat, change my crap eating habits, cut down on some of my drinking, and get to a restart point in my diet and training. Other than having not eat delicious food and beer at a couple of tailgates for my college team, this should be a pretty easy time to try this compared to the holiday stories I’ve seen from other people.

After going through the V-Diet and trying to keep up better eating habits for a few months with dedicated training, I want to try out Indigo alongside some good old Anaconda.

I’ll post a typical food log of mine and my measurements later on. Hopefully, my items will be here in time for a Sunday or Monday start.


Great to see you starting the process. There are a lot of people here that can help if you need it. Just ask.


Thanks Hockey, after seeing your results I know you are definitely one person to look to for advice. Great job! I have a feeling after the first tailgate I have to sip my shake through I’m going to need some moral support haha.


Due to the wonders of Biotest customer service, my box came today at work. Looks like I’ll be able to get this thing started on Monday.

Pics and stuff will be up this weekend.


Sorry, been busier than I would like to be, so I have to keep this short. I have pics and measurements at home, just haven’t had a chance to get them up (moving into a new apartment which is always a pain).

On day 3 and so far haven’t had any hunger pains (lucky). In fact, the first two days I ended up missing a shake each day from running all around NYC. I have been adding creatine and some BCAAs to my morning shake.

I’m not getting a buzz or anything like that from the HOT-ROX, but I do have a nice sustained energy level. For now, it is replacing my morning and post-lunch coffee.

Workout 1 was too easy (I’m doing intermediate); I went light on the weights thinking I would have less energy than I did, and then I finished each exercise in less than two full sets. I recovered fine yesterday as well. Also did 45 minutes of boxing at work on Tuesday afternoon to see how my body reacted on low calories. I was fine, so I’m planning on using this for my Tuesday NEPA. (I don’t think this is too much, but who knows; it ends up being 10 three minute rounds with 30 seconds of rest in between and a 5 minute circuit of abs, pushups, mountain climbers, etc. at the end.)

Considering I have never really supplemented correctly/consistently, I’m starting to think I might actually put on a little muscle during this whole time. At the very least, I should hopefully be getting a nice bounce afterwards from continuing with proper workout nutrition.


Fun fact- having an office across from the kitchen sucks. I am starting to see how I was able to put on weight so quickly. Something about free lunch served 15 feet away from you, a fridge filled with Vitamin Water and soda, 15 types of cereal, cookies, and chips makes anyone without willpower pretty much screwed.


[quote]callaha7 wrote:
Fun fact- having an office across from the kitchen sucks. I am starting to see how I was able to put on weight so quickly. Something about free lunch served 15 feet away from you, a fridge filled with Vitamin Water and soda, 15 types of cereal, cookies, and chips makes anyone without willpower pretty much screwed.[/quote]

I know it is hard to believe now, but stick with it and there will be a time where that type of stuff will barely tempt you…honest.


This hurricane better slam NYC- for once, I have “food” and all the water I could need for a month in my apartment. God definitely wanted me to do the V-diet now if he sent a storm that is emptying out supermarkets.


Hahaha, same here in northern virginia! All my boyfriend (and roommate) said was how great it was that we have plenty of “food” to last out the storm. And it turned out to be the storm that never was! Good luck on your diet, we just hit day 7 and had our first HSM, it was great! Better than that, we both lost weight and inches and can’t wait to see how the next week turns out!