V-Diet Log

Started my MBA at Ohio State. Good news is great program and awesome school. Bad news is they have pizza, all the time, for everything, ever. Time to bring it back.

Chest 43"
Upper waist 32.75"
Biggest part of waist 36.75"
arm unflexed 13.75"
Quad 21.75"

Day 1 tomorrow.


front fixed



Day one going well so far, had a terrible workout but I attribute that to lack of sleep from studying. Hungry but chugging along.

Very hungry and very sore but going strong… first HSM will be thanksgiving

I’m suprised you are so hungry, I’m at the opposite side and really have to plan out my shakes to be able to get them all down. Keep it up

I will say from my past V-Diet experiences, I was hungry the first few days, then not hungry, then around day 10 it got real bad and shortly there after my body adjusted and it was off to the races.

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