V-Diet Log

Day 1, 180lb. Testdriving the V-Diet for the first time.

Day 1 over. Took first two shakes on time, but had a break of 8 hours before the next shake. Worked out, took the PWO-Shake and the third Shake.

Huge craving for solid food, looking forward to my first healthy meal :wink:

Day 2

Took 4 shakes, missed one.

Workout: CrossFit Strength Bias

Day 3

Took 4 shakes, missed one.

Workout: Rest Day

Day 4

Woke up and still remembered my dream: In a candy store, buying a big bag of candy and eating it. LOL

Had big nausea after waking up, took the supps and morning shake but didn’t really get better.

Workout: CrossFit Strength Bias, Heavy Squats 5-3-1

One of the hardest days yet, but no binging so far. Took Breakfast and PWO shake already, doing some flaxseed and the next shake now.

REALLY looking forward to my healthy meal on Wednesday, I think I’m going to eat so many grilled chicken breasts until I burst :smiley:

Day 4 cont’d

Also one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever did. Not because of the intensity, but because of the nausea.

Strength portion was squats 5x 230lb (70%), 3x 264lb (80%), 1x 300lb (90%) -> part of Wendler 5-3-1

CF portion was Press, Push Press, Push Jerk 7-5-3 and Pullups 21-15-9

I had to sit on a bench during the strength portion so that I didn’t throw-up or pass out, lol.

Day 5, 173lb (down 7lb from Day 1, loss also due to dehydration; but the trend is good)

Woke up and felt good, nausea was better.

Took morning shake and flaxseed.

To control the nausea, started to space out the HOT-ROX to 4x1 instead of 2x2. This seems to help alot.

Waiting for my Biotest order to arrive, MD is running out soon …

Day 5 cont’d

Went to the store, bought peanut butter and a mill for the flaxseed. The flaxseed tastes much better milled, and now I also get the nutrients, yay :wink:

Took other shakes as prescribed, bedtime shake to go.

Workout: Rest Day

Day 6

Slept only two hours due to mistiming of supps.

Took morning shake, did my workout at 8am and took PWO shake.

Workout: Lynne (BP with bodyweight, Pullups; AMRAP for 5 rounds)

Hi HX90,

Starting my V Diet soon, keep it up mate!

Do you have your starting measurements? Are you measuring again soon to see how your first week has gone?

Hey Matt,

thanks for your reply. I appreciate your support!

I didn’t take starting measurements, as I didn’t want to get too OCD about the whole thing. I weigh myself daily after getting up and gouge the progress in the mirror.

However, it probably makes sense and I will take some tomorrow morning.

I’ve already lost 7lb while strength levels are the same, so that’s encouraging. Weight isn’t critical for me though, just the bodyfat levels / lean mass.

Kudos to doing it yourself. Be warned, the first 4 -6 days are BRUTAL. I especially advise on spacing out the HOT-ROX to 4x1, helped me a lot with the nausea.


Day 6 cont’d

Took lunch shake and went to sleep for 2 hours to compensate for the night. Up again, energy levels good. Preparing my dinner shake now.

Still waiting for my Biotest order to ship, seems they got many orders over thanksgiving. But still, 6 days to ship?! c’mon guys, u need to step it up. Of course, I could’ve ordered everything at once and saved myself the hassle, lol.

Day 7

Took morning shake, flaxseed and supps.

I really like the taste of freshly milled, organic flaxseed. Eaten in a bowl with a little water, it tastes like vegetable soup :smiley:

Energy levels are good, my sleep rhythm improved and I feel great.

Day 7 cont’d

HSM-day! :smiley:

Ate 1lb of grilled chicken breasts with steamed veggies. The first bites of the veggies were delicious, the v-diet really makes you appreciate food again for the experience.

After the HSM I was really full, didn’t eat for 6 hours due to time constraints.

Going back to the liquids tomorrow.

Workout: Rest Day

Day 8

Slept most of the day due to scheduling reasons. No shakes, no workout.

Day 9

Did morning and lunch shake already, heading for the workout. Currently substituting MD with my stock Casein Protein, as I’m still waiting for the order from Biotest to arrive.

Day 9 cont’d

Took mid-afternoon shake, did first part of my workout: Deadlift 3x150kg, 3x160kg, 3x170kg.

Hey hx90, how is it going? Still feel good? I’m with you on the measurements, i’m going to take them so i have a benchmark, but i dont care about the weight, its about how i feel and how my clothes feel… i’m fed up having the top button undone on my favourite pair of jeans!! :wink:

Are you taking the milled flaxseed seperate to your shakes on blended up with a shake? I hadn’t thought about having it sperately, or are you just trying to trick your body into thinking you are having a meal when its just really water and flax?!! Lol…

Also are you following a particular training routine? (Beginner, intermediate or advanced?) or are you doing your own thing?

Hey Matt,

I’m actually feeling better and more energetic the longer I do this thing. I’m having a DEXA-Scan done next week, so at least I’ll know my BF levels after two weeks :smiley:

What I found is that taking the flaxseed seperately works best for me. I really like the taste of it (freshly milled organic flaxseed), it’s like vegetable soup.

Trainingwise I’m following my own programming, which is CrossFit Strength Bias (see ). It’s a modified version of CrossFit with more strength work in it. I’m actually training this in the 3-1 format, that is 3 days training, one day rest. This is more intense than the training portion of the v-diet, but I scale accordingly (just add PWO-shakes on training days).


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