V-Diet Log. Yes, How Original

This is my second attempt at doing the V-Diet. Well, technicially it’s the first because I didn’t follow the directions the first time and suprise surprise, I stopped 2.5 weeks in. This time however is different not only in the supplements used, but the motivation.

Before I wanted to lose some weight. Pretty decent motivation, but not the anger mentioned in the literature here. However anger isn’t my motivation, as I have something better- necessity.

I’m a movie producer and actor whose first feature is finished and is making rounds on the film festival circuit trying to get distribution. If it takes off, there will be oppurtunities opening up and I need to lose this excess fat to look as good as possible.

Anyway I’m starting the log a little late as I’m already on day 4. Diet is on point, but I have had some weird cravings already. You know those Jimmy Dean frozen sausage biscuits? I haven’t eaten those in years but yesterday on my NEPA walk I wanted to chow down on a whole box of them. I wonder what cravings will come up next?

Starting weight- 237 with a 41" waist. Ok, that second part really does piss me off. I didn’t see the part with all the other measurements so I’ll get those tonight.

Pictures will be loaded later this evening.

The first two training days were fun, but draining. I haven’t done full body workouts and by the time the presses come around I’m pretty wiped out. I did get everything in though, using the same weight.



Back. Yikes.

06/24- Lifting and stuff

A. Trap Bar Deadlifts: 135x9, then 155x9 and then a bunch of sets of 5-6 to get to 40
B. DB Presses: 55sx9, then the same deal as above
C. Lat Pulldown, neutral grip: 110x9,9,7, then sets of 5 to get to 40.
D. Hand Walkouts, From Knees: Many many sets. I suck at these

Sorry, I don’t know the precise number of sets it took to get to 40 reps, as I was having a hard enough time just remembering how many reps I did and how much time until the next set. I don’t normally time rest periods and when I did, it was at the minimum 90-120 seconds.

Diet was a little easier today than yesterday. No real cravings of significance and oddly enough the only times I was hungry were immediately after drinking a shake. My body must’ve thinking “alright here comes some more! Oh wait, that’s all? Shit.”

Just got done with today’s walk. Hunger isn’t too bad today, but I’ve been very thirsty all day. I’ve been drinking well over a gallon of water each day, plus the shake water, so I’m not sure what the deal is. I did have a habit of 2-3 sugar free energy drinks per day and cut that back to 1 for the diet. Maybe just replenishing water that the caffeine sucked out of me? Who knows.

Ok, the good news is I weighed in at 232, down 5 pounds from day 1. Bad news is my widest gut measurement didn’t go down at all. I know I can’t spot reduce but it would’ve been nice to see improvement there.

Other bad news- I couldn’t complete all 6 rounds of the v-burn challenge. After 4 rounds and 45 minutes, I was a complete mess. I writhed on the floor for about another ten before scraping myself off the mat to go home. Now after a shower and watching some world cup soccer it’s going to be hard to get out and have my HSM for dinner. I think tonight it’s going to be a salad at Qdoba; no dressing or cheese, but double meat and guacamole.

I doubt tomorrow’s lifting will be that much fun, but afterwards I’ll go for a nice walk in the park as my NEPA for the day.

Ugh, Shugart wasn’t kidding about filling up quick on the first HSM. Halfway through my salad I was pretty much full and stuck to eating the rest of the chicken to make sure I had adequate protein.

The thought of the last shake later isn’t too appetizing but I’ll choke it down. Week 1 in the books!

I felt very odd physically today before heading to the gym. It was some combo of frazzled, hungry, tired, and a few other feelings I can’t think of right now. When I first looked at the squat bar I wondered how I was going to move this thing today. Fortunately, after the first set it wasn’t too bad.

A. Front Squat (25 seconds rest): 135x5,4,3,4,4
B. Underhand Lat Pulls: 120x5,5,5,5 (yeah, time to up weight)
C. DB Bench: 70sx5,5,5,3,2
D. Ab Wheel: 4x5, but the sets kind of suck. I need to clean up my form

After lifting and a Surge shake I went for a 45 minute walk, but wasn’t much fun because it is so damn hot here right now. I’m happy I have the parking garage at work to do my weekday walks otherwise I don’t know how I’d fit it in.

Diet is on track. I had to go to the grocery store for more nut butter and had no cravings for anything in there. Yay.

This morning really sucks- tired, cranky, and HUNGRY. To make it worse there’s a farewell breakfast thing going on here at work for a few people, with the standard donuts and bagels. I’m digging in to my little foxhole cubicle and hope no one notices.

I changed up my NEPA walk today. Instead of walking through the parking garage I did two laps around the building across the street from my office, which has a nice paved path. There’s two inclines while walking it, one steady but long straightaway, and one that’s short but much steeper.

Today was also a lifting day

A. Step Ups: 5x8/leg with bodyweight, higher step than last week
B. DB Bent Over Rows: 35sx8, 40sx8,8,8,8,8
C. Push Press: 80x8,5, then a ton of sets to finally get to 40 reps
D. BB Curls: 50x9,9 then see above
E. Reverse Crunch: 8,8,8,8,4,4

The lifts are getting a bit easier, and I"m feeling them a lot more in my abs. I guess there’s some merit to this high frequency stuff.

Diet was a-ok today, except I had to do my flax with meal #2 because I forgot with breakfast. I notice I’m forgetting lots of little shit while on this diet. I forgot this, and forgot to raise my thermostat at home like I always do during the day to save money. I leave my work access badge in my car. You know, little shit.

Sounds like you are doing a great job. Having work temptations like farewell parties with bagels and donuts is a big extra hurdle we shouldnt have to deal with but each one you make it past will put you a little further on your road to success and you feel stronger for it at the end…keep up the good work, time is moving.
What are your current measurements, weight, how do you feel…are you noticing differences anywhere…besides the slight temporary memmory loss…haha, jk!
Look forward to your next posts…

Thanks for the kind words Lynz. :slight_smile:

I haven’t weighed myself since Saturday, as I’m sticking to weighing 1x per week. I don’t want to get discouraged with daily weight fluctuations. I only measured my waist, because that along with my weight are going to be my main indicators going forward in this fat loss adventure.

Eventually I do want to put on more muscle size so seeing a smaller measurement for my arms, chest, and legs isn’t going to make me feel better about myself. If they look leaner in the mirror, great! That’s all the reassuring I need.

Diet still on point today, and if anyone’s interested today’s craving was chicken nuggets. Over the years I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten my weight in those overly processed, machine form, fried-in-who-knows-what pieces of crap.

Oh, and starting tomorrow I’m bringing out the heavy artillery- HOT-ROX Extreme. I started this diet with the Biotest protein stash I already had at home, and the HOT-ROX just showed up yesterday. Sadly this means no more energy drinks as I start feeling really weird when I take any more caffeine along with a fat burner.

Today was, in a word, bleh.

No slip ups, as bending to cravings is not an option in my mind, but it was rough going today. It was really slow at work so all I had to do was think about being tired and a little hungry all day. The HOT-ROX was a nice boost, but I did feel a little jittery after the second dose at noon. I think I’ll have 2 capsules in the morning and stick to 1 in the afternoon and see how that goes. The plus side of being slow was I did get in 2 NEPA walks instead of 1.

Training was brutal today.

A. Deadlifts: 155x8,6, then a bunch of sets to get to 40
B. DB Bench: 55s9,9, then see above
C. Neutral Grip Lat Pull: 110x8,6, then you know the drill
D. Hand Walkouts from knees: 5x8, these still really suck. I was running on fumes by now.

Gotta dash and get in the last shake of the day. The peanut butter to end the day is a great treat and is making this much more tolerable. The halfway point is fast approaching!

Weighed in this morning and am down a whopping 2 pounds this week, and my 41" waist has STILL not budged.


At this point, even though it’s on the schedule, it’s recommended, and it’s 4th of freakin’ July weekend, I really don’t want my HSM. I’ll shovel down something healthy, but I’m not going to enjoy it.

And the good news for today is I managed to complete 5 rounds of the V burn challenge instead of 4, and only raised my total time by 5 minutes. The squat thrusts still need a lot of work though.

The temptation for pizza kicked in big time on the way home from the gym, but I stayed strong and didn’t have any. I’ll be having another Qdoba salad later, but with steak instead of chicken.

I think I know one reason my weight loss was only 2 pounds this week. As I finish off my jar of natural peanut butter I realize I may be taking in a little more than I should every night. The label clearly states 2 tablespoons is 190 calories and the jar has 14 servings, but I’m not even on day 10 with this jar and it’s almost empty.

It’s not like I’m cramming the spoon in there like a backhoe and getting the most I can with every scoop- I’m leveling this bastard off as even as I can. Nevertheless, I’m going to stick to 1 tablespoon and see if that stretches this jar out further.

And I must confess, even though yesterday was HSM day, I had 1 hot dog and 1 deviled egg at the 4th of July cookout at my mom’s earlier today. Even though this is a no-no for the V-Diet, I feel it was a mark of progress. Let me explain.

Normally I’d plow through a couple dogs and half a dozen deviled eggs at one of these cookouts and not think twice about it, but today was different. I took my time and slowly chewed that hot dog and egg. I savored them. They tasted like the best hot dog or egg I ever had.

And the best part? After that I didn’t want anything else. Not the beans, not the watermelon*, not the cupcakes, not anything. I was really quite pleased with myself. Oh, one other plus was that the little sodium kick from this cheat, that or the mental break for that one cheat, must’ve helped in the gym because I felt great there.

A. Front Squat: 135x5,5,5,5
B. Supine Grip Lat Pull: 130x5,5,5,2,3
C. DB Press: 70sx5,5,5,2,3
D. Ab Wheel From Knees: 5,5,5,5

And since the cheat was right before the workout, and to balance out the calories, I omitted the Surge today.

The diet is still going strong, and since there are no other national holidays of independence for the next two weeks rest assured this will be the only cheat. Happy 4th of July!

*My uncle was told by his doctor that he couldn’t have watermelon because of the sugar affecting triglyceride levels, so when someone asks if he wants any he shuts that down with a quick “sorry can’t have it”. However, he had no issue with pounding 2 cupcakes loaded with frosting. Seriously, WTF?

Thanks V-Diet for making me forget the pin number for my debit card.

I used to enter it every day when getting a Spike drink at 7-11 so I never even had to think about it. Now that I’ve gone without one of the drinks for a week, when the time came to use my pin at an ATM I forgot it.

Diet still going strong, but I really, REALLY want pizza. If the local pizza joint I love going to wasn’t closed this week I probably would’ve broken down today. It was bad.

Fortunately it seems going to the gym and pounding myself into the ground seems to get me over the cravings. Here was today.

A. Step Ups: 5 sets of 8/leg May have to use a bigger step next time. Getting a little too easy
B. Bent Over DB Rows: 5 sets of 8 with 40s
C. DB Push Press: 40sx8,6, then a bunch to get to 40
D. DB Hammer Curls: 25sx9,9 then some to get to 40
E. Reverse Crunch: 9,9,9,6,then some more

Just checking in to say the diet was on point today, and I really didn’t have any cravings. Kinda strange how that comes and goes.

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