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I’m currently finishing Day 4 of the V-Diet. Some of my best friends have done the diet a few times and I could see the results with them so decided to give it a try. I’ve done several cleanses and other diets but needed something more targeted with results in 1 month. The purpose of the diet is to reduce my body fat from roughly 12% Id guess, to 7%. The reason I have started now is because I have photo shoot deadlines at the end of January.

Start Date: Dec. 18th
Age: 25
Current Weight: 175lbs
Height: 6’

Notes: I have had a headache on day 2 and 3. My friends told me to except it. I did my first workout day today, (day 4) and after the workout have another headache. I have been drinking lots of water along with the shakes. I do not particularly care for the shakes, but I’m determined to stick with the program for maximum results. One of the biggest challenges is the no food policy. I do love to eat, and the act of eating is very nice as well. Instead I have taken the second best option and just smell the food when going out with friends.

Its a little bizarre and I end up with a row of single items on a napkin in front of me, but I find it rather enjoyable and you get to realize and take pleasure in things you normally don’t notice when you just eat the food. I have been walking for an hour every day. Ill set the treadmill to 3.5 or 4.0 mph with an incline of 1.0 to 2.5. My heart rate holds a steady 155 walking 4.0mph at 2.0 incline. I have added some additional arm movements to experiment with the walk, so for 15 minutes ill incorporate them and my heart rate accelerates to 170-180.

This is above 80% for my age and weight, but I have always had a fast heart rate, and can sustain 175 for over an hour and I always wear a heart monitor. I’m looking forward to this coming Friday which will be my 1 meal day and I plan on taking a very long time to eat!

Workout History:
Sports growing up, (I’ve played over 15 kinds) College Athlete, Aerobics instructor for 3 years (still do it occasionally) Very flexible, Advanced Yoga, Extreme Sports.

Best Visible Shape:
September 2008, 167lbs, was eating for 6 weeks (the 5 day a week program)

Photos and full measurements to come.

Hey there Mang!
Welcome here at the V-Diet abyss :slight_smile:

So, an already in shape guy, wanna be in a better shape even! Nice! What kind of photoshoot is this? Magazine? Just curious (as always ;))

How are you holding up so far? Headaches: had a few minor ones. Blamed the HOT-ROX, but might be something else…dunno…but they pass after 4 days (at least mine did). Been drinking 1-1,5 gallons of water a day. I think that helped me a lot in the headache department.

Wish you good results and I’ll be waiting for updates and pics !

You sound pretty fit already. Interested to know how V-Dieting affects you. Keep posting.

Wed. 12-30-09

Day 13

Notes: I just finished my wednesday, intermediate workout. I started over again this week because of the holidays. I was only able to get in the monday workout last week. I do like the 30-60 minute walks each day. I just put on my headphones and jam and read a book. Kind of challenging while walking but im adapting to it. Ive reduced my walking speeds and incline to around 1.5/2 incline and 3.5mph so that my heart rate stays between 130-140 bpm. I took photos today after the workout and finally measured. Photos are below.

Measurements: These could be slightly off since I did it myself and I wasn’t 100% sure where to measure
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 171 lbs (this means a 4 lbs loss so far)
Neck: 16"
Upper Chest: 43.5"
Lower Chest: 39.5"
Shoulders: 45"
Waist at navel: 34" this was a depressing measure for me, my goal is 31"
Waist at largest: 34"
Hips: 38"
Upper Arm L: 12"
Upper Arm R: 12"
Upper Leg L: 22" I measured at mid thigh
Upper Leg R: 22"
Lower Leg L: 14.5" I measured at biggest point around calf
Lower Leg R: 14.5"
Ankle L: 9" I measured just above the ankle bone
Ankle R: 9"

The Shakes:
I hate the strawberry, it makes me want to gag. I have to half it with vanilla.
Vanilla is good
Chocolate - it needs more chocolate, its very bland but tolerable (im a chocoholic)
The Surge Raspberry is tolerable but I would have preferred to try chocolate (its out of stock) and I cannot drink it after working out. Its a huge shake, so I just drinking it during the workout instead of a normal bottle of water, still a bit odd though.

I think im measuring the Superfood wrong because Ive already used all the first container and it says there should be 28 servings (2 scoops a serving) so 4 scoops a day is 14 days. Or they just didnt measure right and only put 10 days worth in it.

Reductions: The headaches have seemed to pass, they lasted for about a week. From day 3-7 I was taking 4 HOT-ROX pills a day and I believe that was what caused the headaches, plus it make me really aggitated and my nerves very jumpy. I do not drink or consume caffine in my normal diet (sometimes an occasional tea, or chocolate) so im very susceptible to it. So now I just take 2 HOT-ROX pills a day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. Ive also discontinued using the fiber pills because they make me to gasey, I prefer benefiber anyway.

Confessions: Last week during the holidays I cheated and had two additional solid food meals, and I kept them relatively small and as healthy as possible. I was in the mountains and freezing and my metabolism skyrockets when im cold so I was like a shark smelling blood and had a sort of feeding frenzy one day because I was starving and the shakes werent helping. On christmas day I had my 1 true alloted real food meal and kept the portions small, but I did cave and have a piece of pie and some fruit salad as well. I have refrained from alcohol and this week seems much easier to ignore food and the smell of food.

Im looking forward to the half way mark. I think I will see the most results for my body within the last two weeks. I hope everyone has a happy new year!

Not Really sure how to post multiple photos so here is photo 2

Photo 3

And 1 Flexed Photo,

The photo shoot will be alot of body shots, artistic and fashion. I need to update my portfolio.

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