V-Diet Log Start Date 23/3/09

Nice!! Fantastic results!! Do we get week 1 progress pics? (even if you dont think you look different, Im betting we can point out all kinds of differences that you cant see).

Great move in numbers there pal. I think it’s the most of anyone so far in the new group.

Now you’ve dumped the water, it’s all fat from here on out!


Wow you’re kicking ass man! Go man go!

LOL VT. I’m English but I’m not from London. Was it the use of the word ‘trousers’ that gave me away?

Thanks Austin. I was going to take pics at the end of week 2 and then again at the end. weekly just seemed a bit excessive to me. But it’s not everyday that a pretty lady requests semi naked pics of me so thank you :wink:

Thanks for all the supports guys!!! Like I say, I’m sure most of it is water so hopefully get some fat off these next few weeks!

Day 9 yesterday but i couldn’t get online so here it is. I’ll post day 10 (today) later.

yesterday went really well. No real hunger cravings and i’m still enjoying the shakes. The workout went really well. This time last week I was weak as hell and training with a pounding headache. last night was great-felt much fresher and stronger.

I mentioned this before but despite my rubbish weekend shifts messing me up, i’m actually sleeping much better since starting the diet.

Maybe not ‘trousers’ but definitely ‘rubbish’! grin (kidding with you).

And glad you are feeling better than last week. I’d do the vdiet again someday if I didnt FEAR Week 1 yecky feeling so much!

OK-day 10

Fantastic day today. Had loads of energy and no food cravings whatsoever.

I’ve opened up a new tub of protein. I’m now on chocolate flavour which makes a nice change. I’ve not been using HOT-ROX but I’m adding those in tomorrow. I wanted to give my body a chance to adjust to the diet before I added those in. So we’ll see how that goes.

NEPA was an hour spent on the exercise bike which was cool.

mentally, I’m feeling really positive still. This is probably the first time ever I’ve stuck to a diet program properly and I’m not even finding it that difficult (Not to sound arrogant-im just surprised)!

Only 2 and a bit weeks to go!!!

Day 11 (yesterday)

Seems like a lot longer than 11 days.

No real cravings and energy still good. The workout yesterday was good. A friend trained with me which made a nice difference. I told him what I was doing and he said it sounded too easy. By the end of it he was done in, which we both laughed about.

I was reading Chris’ post ‘v diet & toxic people’. And it made me think.
My girlfriend started off by telling me that she didn’t think the diet was healthy and now she keeps telling me that I look fine to her the way I am. She also keeps complaining that I now have bad breath.

Now before I started calling her toxic, I decided to ask her why she was saying these things. Firstly, I have a history of stomach problems and when she saw how bad I was those first couple of days she naturally questioned the diet.
Secondly, she explained that she saw me as attractive and that it upset her that I didn’t see myself the way she sees me. I can understand that perfectly. I explained to her that I didn’t hate myself or think that I was fat or ugly. I simply explained that I’m striving to be my best self and that i’m not satisfied with being just ‘ok’. And bottom line, i’m not doing it for her, i’m doing it for me-as selfish as that may sound.

As for the bad breath, I’d heard people on Atkins get bad breath because of the ketones. Could that be happening with this diet?

Anyway, it was good to have a chat with her and understand how she feels. Other than that she always asks me how the diet’s going and she hasnt brought any treats into the house and commends me on my will power.
She is one of these women that is naturally slim and gorgeous and eats pretty much what she likes. I think this also makes it difficult to understand what it’s like for people wanting to shed fat.

Another interesting conversation took place with another friend of mine yesterday. He told me I was looking trim and asked if i’d lost weight. I was thrilled someone had noticed and told him that i now weighed 13st 13lb.
He winced and straight away said ‘man, that’s too small’. I told him I still wanted to loose another 6/8 lb and he looked at me like I was crazy. ‘Are you mad-that’s far too small’!!! He said.
Now he and I have always been the same height (6’3) and roughly the same weight around 15st (210lbs). I think we both like the fact that we’re pretty big guys. Not monstrous, just bigger than average. I tried to explain that I wasn’t hung up on scale weight and that I was more concerned about body fat% and how good I looked and how well I performed but I could tell he was struggling with the idea. Chris mentioned this in one of his articles (I forget which one) and it made me laugh to come across in my own life. He admitted that I looked better but he just hated the idea of being under 15st because in his mind he wouldnt be ‘big’ any more. It’s funny how people become attached to notions like this.

Long rambling post but felt like sharing me thoughts :slight_smile:

As for the bad breath thing- I’ll have to ask someone else if they agree-embarrassing as that might be.

Day 12

Today I had my second HSM. I had a full roast dinner with roast turkey, carrots, beans, roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding and gravy.

Now i’d read about how this diet changes your taste buds and I wasn’t sure if I believed it or not. To be honest i’d be happy just to loose a few pounds and get rid of my chocolate cravings. But I found out the thing about tastes changing is true!
I love yorkshire pudding (basically batter heated in the oven) but when I put it in my mouth I spat it back out. All I could taste was grease and stodge. Same with the potatoes! Yet, the carrots tasted much stronger and I could actually taste the green beans. I was weird but I was pleased at the same time. In the end I ate a small slice of turkey and all the veg and I felt stuffed. I’m really confident that when this is over i’ll be able to eat small healthy meals regularly.

Day 13

Today I felt a little weak in terms of energy but i did wake up late and I had longer between shakes than I would’ve liked.
The workout was tough today but it felt good to be deadlifting.

[quote]ShaolinPunk wrote:
I’m really confident that when this is over i’ll be able to eat small healthy meals regularly.

That right there is the most ideal out of all the great results we will get. It’s great to lose fat, it’s great to lose inches, it’s great to gain some muscle…but in the end, if we dont change our behaviors and cravings, we’ll gradually undo everything we’re working so hard for on this V-Diet. That is really cool for you. I can only hope for the same result by the time Im done. cheer

Thanks Austin.

Yeah, if it doesn’t work for the long term then it’s torture for nothing. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you feel the same way :slight_smile:

Day 14
Today was great. Had a lovely long walk and made the most of our rare sunshine.

The V-burn challenge was tough but a bit easier than last week so gotta be happy with that. I’m still a bit sore in my upper body from yesterday but i’m one of those idiots that thrives on soreness so all’s good. Energy levels are good and still feeling really positive.

I’ve taken photos as I’m now at the end of week 2. I’ll post measurements and weight in the morning. It’s hard to be objective but it looks like the spare tyre is getting smaller so I’m really pleased.

Thought i’d post the before pics and end of week 2 pics together for a comparison .

Top: Start
Bottom: End of week 2

Sorry they’re so small

Good changes in your pics there. Especially in the lower abbs area. It also looks like your upper back posture has improved a bit.

Good work so far man!


Havn’t been able to get online this week so I’ll give a brief overview of the week.

Day 15

Am unable to do my measurements properly as the guy that does them for me has failed to meet me twice. My waist I can do myself and I’ve lost half an inch but apart from that i’m frustrated to say I don’t know the rest. I weighed myself this morning and still weigh the same as I did a week ago. Given that I dropped 11lbs the first week this doesnt surprise me in the slighest so i’m not deterred at all.

We are now dog sitting for a giant, furry, new foundland. This makes the NEPA much more fun and the walks have easlily been at least an hour-with the dog walking me most of the time.

Day 16

Workout day-feeling much stronger and the weights have gone up on all lifts. Huge difference between this workout out and the first one I did.

Day 17

Nothing to report-business as usual.

Day 18

Another workout day. This is my favourite workout day as I love the push press. Weights have gone up but only slightly. Worked out alone this week. Seems my friends enthusiasm was short lived shrugs

Day 19

HSM Day! I had chicken breast with sweet potato and fresh salad. I’ve learnt from my last couple of meals and decided to make a much smaller portion (ive never been a big eater anyway), yet despite the small portion size I still felt stuffed. I really enjoyed this though, still.

I had my favourite jeans on today and they’re hanging off me! I look like a rapper!

[quote]London Runner wrote:
Good changes in your pics there. Especially in the lower abbs area. It also looks like your upper back posture has improved a bit.

Good work so far man!


Thanks mate!!! :smiley:

Yeah-I need to learn not to slouch so much.

Day 20

Workout day- all good no problems

Day 21

Felt a bit weak today. I felt weak and tired during the V-Burn and I have had to force my shakes down as i really didn’t feel like drinking them-which is unusual as I usually really enjoy them. Maybe things just catching up with me.

Still really thrilled I’ve stuck with this thing for so long. My gf commented today how surprised she was. I’m pleased and annoyed at the same time. I’m pleased I’ve stuck with it but annoyed about what it says about me as a person, that i’m pleased with myself at having made a commitment and stuck to it for a measly 3 weeks (so far). Surely as a grown man, honouring commitments and keeping promises I’ve made, should be a standard thing not a rare occurance to get excited about. I’m waffling but there you go…

Perhaps - but keep in mind - this is a BIG commitment. I started the ame day as you, and I can tell you that it has NOT been easy. Today at the Parents for Easter was particularly brutal. Nobody seems to “get” just how hard it is to be around food when you only get to eat it once a WEEK. Some will say that they’re impressed - but that doesn’t mean they wont sit RIGHT next to you on the couch with a plate full of bagels, and this, and that. Give yourself credit. This shit is hard. Worth it for sure. But hard.


Thanks Kellster

I was just feeling a bit off key yesterday. Thanks for the support.
Must admit, i’ve been really lucky and havnt had to endure people eating around me too much. Apart from a few shifts at work waiting tables in the first couple of weeks-which was strange. Well done for not giving in.

Day 22

Easter wasn’t bad at all. My mum had bought me an easter egg yesterday knowing how much I love chocolate but I told her to give it to one of the kids and turned it down without thinking, which is unheard of for me.

Today was much better. I’ve had a lot more energy and felt great. I feel really hot today though despite it being a cool day and I wonder if this is anything to do with my metabolism-perhaps just wishful thinking but there you go.

A friend of mine called round today. I’ve not seen him for a few weeks and the first thing he said was how he couldnt believe how much weight i’d lost. He went on about how I was looking ‘small’ and ‘frail’ and how i’d lost ‘too much’ but I took it all as complimentary-even if it wasn’t meant that way. It means he’s noticed and my weight loss is making him feel bad-so I must have progressed if i’m having that effect on certain people :smiley:

Day 23

What a great day!

Felt full of energy today! And I felt so strong during the workout. About 10 mins after i’d finished, I was chatting with a guy at the gym who asked about what I was doing. After I explained, he shook his head and started going on about me losing strength. So, just for a laugh I had a go at breaking my 1RM on bench press. I managed to press 130kg/286lbs. Might not be that impressive bit it’s 5kg more than my previous best so I’m happy.

The only downside is that it appears that my stomach trouble is back with avengence today-not sure why.

How’s the day going?


Hey LR-all good thanks mate.

Day 24

Slight hiccup today. I missed a shake as I was out of town for the afternoon and came home much later than anticipated. That said, I feel really good today with bags of energy. Starting to look forward to Fridays HSM. Cravings havnt really been a problem for me but I am starting to feel a bit peckish!

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