V-Diet Log Start Date 23/3/09

No long intro. I’ve started so many diets & workouts with big promises and loads of motivation before-only to fall at the first hurdle.

So no great proclamations this time-lets just do this shit. Actions speak louder than words and all that.


height: 6 3’‘
Weight: 206lbs
BF 17% approx
Neck: 16.5’‘
Shoulders 48’‘
Chest 40.5’‘
Waist at belly button: 37’‘
Hips 36’‘
Biceps 12.5’‘
Quads 22’‘
Calves 16’’

Here we go…

Good luck man. I started yesterday myself.

Thanks mate. Good luck to you also!

Keep me posted.

Log in daily and you’ll stay motivated. If not, we’ll send over the Jonas Brothers to serenade you every time you mess up.

Not scared?

You will be.

You will be!

Oh. The Jonas Brothers. Serenading when you mess up. Yeah, man, I’d be scared.

Good luck! This one is full of promises but also just as full of results unlike so many other things advertised out there. Do it right, and it’s a no fail.

The Jonas Brothers-Now those kinds of sick and twisted threats are completely uncalled for! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was referring to myself as being the one making the big promises. But thanks for commenting and your support. Looks like you’re almost finished-well done!!!

OK. Day one is in the books. Day 2 is here and i’ve had my morning shake.

I’m really looking forward to hitting the gym later!

Mentally I felt good yesterday. I did think about food but I didn’t experience any cravings.

Physically I don’t feel that great. My stomach hates me. I’m bloated as hell and I spent most of yesterday on the toilet. I’m going to have to rely on the measurements for my results because I’m sure at this rate, most of the weight loss will be water. My stomach usually reacts badly to protein shakes and i’ve tried several brands before.

If anyone has any advice on how to deal with this i’d appreciate it. Otherwise it’s going to be a rough 4 weeks.

On the plus side, the shakes taste great and I have no problem actually drinking them.

Pics taken yesterday

Today was better. My stomach still hates me but not quite as much.

I havn’t really thought about food and I certainly havn’t felt hungry. I don’t have a huge appetite anyway.

I don’t eat anywhere near often enough usually but I do train a great deal which is probably why I often crave chocolate and other crap. One of the biggest reasons for me doing this diet is to kick my addiction to mars bars.

The workout went pretty well. My head started pounding as soon as I started and I felt pretty weak but I just trained through it. Feel fine now. Like most workouts, it looked easy on paper but it was quite tough in practice.

Mentally i’m feeling great! I feel positive and motivated beyond belief. Not in a chrirpy, happy kind of way-just more of an ‘inner knowing’ that i’m gonna do this thing. - Hope that makes sense

I remember that first workout was a bitch. Body still adjusting to the diet, you pretty much feel like crap. I’m five days in and believe me it gets better. Although, I’ll admit food smells so damn good. Keep it up!

tkdmmota is right, it does get better, before week 1 is up, usually. You’ll just wake up on day 4-5, maybe even 3, and feel just great.

OK-day 3

I woke up sore as hell which is great-Im still sore now! My energy levels felt pretty low but still no food cravings which i’m pleased about. I work part time in a pub and I was taking out food for a few hours today and it didn’t really bother me, which is surprising.

My stomach is a lot better. Infact when I woke up today it was visibly flatter and I had to fasten an extra notch on my belt which is crazy really after only 3 days. I can only assume that I’ve lost a lot of water.

Did my NEPA walk today which was pleasant. Can’t wait to workout again tomorrow though!

Something else i’ve noticed is that for the past two nights i’ve nodded off to sleep well before midnight and usually I’m awake well past 2am. Maybe the lack of caffine and sugar?

Thanks for the comments guys. I’m not complaining. Just being as honest as possible so that people reading this can understand what it’s like to go through.

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

I’m also on day 3, so we’re in this for the next 25 days. LET’S DO IT!

Day 4 (yesterday)

Felt a lot better in terms of energy. No real cravings and still enjoying the shakes. Again I was at work taking food out and no problems.

Worked out in the early evening. I was still Sore from the first workout but that aside-no headaches, nausea or weakness this time. Guess you guys were right :slight_smile:

Nodded off to sleep at 10pm Last night, which is unheard of for me. Hence, me writing day 4 today (day 5). I am really pleased that i’m falling asleep at a proper time and this is an expected positive benefit of the diet. The only downside is that I missed my last shake!

Day 5!

Felt pretty good today. Had my first HSM!

It was chicken and ham with a small amount of low fat cheese melted on top. Also, side salad of carrots and lettuce and some wholewheat pasta and sweet potato.

Despite looking forward to this all week I didn’t enjoy this meal anywhere near as much as I thought I would. I ate the ham and chicken and then struggled to finish the salad. I didn’t even touch the pasta or the potatoes. I felt as though i’d had a 3 course meal, I was stuffed!

I struggled for energy tonight. All week I’ve been falling asleep early and tonight I finished work at 3am. I was asleep on my feet from 11pm onwards. Hopefully I’m only on these stupid late weekend shifts for another couple of weekends. Would it be cool to have a Surge or something to get me through those last few hours-any ideas anyone?

That aside, still feeling really positive. Can’t wait for the first weigh in!

I’d love to get under 14 stone (196lbs) and I started at 206 so it’s not a big stretch.

Day 6

Energy wise- felt really good. My stomach feels better now it’s adjusted to the liquid diet.

Today was the first time I felt any real hunger pangs. Late in the afternoon I really struggled to not eat something solid. It’s amazing the justifications your mind will throw at you when your body wants you to do something. I had my shake and went for a drive and the cravings passed after about an hour.

Didn’t finish work again till 4am which was an absolute killer. I’m used to drinking coffee and red bull to keep me awake till that time but to do it ‘clean’ is tough. That said, It’s a good feeling to know i’m getting off that crap and paving the way to a healthier me. (god, I sound like a junkie)!!!

We’re all junkies, that’s why we’re on the V-Diet :wink:

Grats on finally feeling better; thats the best feeling ever.

Thanks Austin-I guess your right!

Day 7 done. Only 3 weeks left!!! :slight_smile:

Today was a really good day. Had good energy and no cravings at all.

I went to an mma show today and everyone was eating junk and drinking but I stuck to my water no problems. I got back from the show much later than anticipated so I’ll do the v challenge first thing in the morning-looking forward to that!.

Day 8

Day 8 didn’t go well as the diet was concerned. After my first shake I wasn’t able to get another shake until 6 hours later. This caused me to feel really hungry during the day but I managed to wait.

I did the workout first thing and I was expecting it to be really hard judging by the posts on here. It was tough but not as bad as i’d expected which is cool.

Did my first first weekly weigh in in the morning. I’ll be weighing myself every monday morning.

Start: 206lbs (14st 10lbs)
End week 1: 195lbs (13st 13lbs)

This is incredible! It’s been 5 years since I weighed less than 14st!
That’s 11lbs in the first week. I’m not getting too excited because I realise that a lot of this is water. I spent the first day or so of this diet on the toilet so I’m sure a lot of this weight is water. That said, I put on my suit trousers yesterday which I havn’t worn for a few months and they were much looser around the waist than they were before.

I don’t see any difference in the mirror but already my clothes are looser and I feel better in myself. Not once have I craved any chocolate when usually I eat several chocolate bars a day!

Roll on 3 weeks time!!! :smiley:


haha sorry, but I couldn’t help reading your entire post with an English accent. I can’t even do a proper English accent in my head; I’m such an American.

But holy shit man, 11 lbs in one week is just sick nasty. Def. some water in there, but damn dude, keep up the awesome work!

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