V-Diet Log Pre Wedding

My lady and I are embarking on a v-diet- started the 29th of September and leading up to our wedding on November 1st. I’m a FFB who has had the pleasure of doing the V-Diet 2-3 times in the past and know its merits. We are both are/were crossfitters- we now train in an equinox and will be following the training protocol supplied. We are both in shape (hey round is a shape isnt it, haha- just looking to really dial it for the big day.

I’ll be getting her to post here too. So this is day 3, we’ve been weighing in every wednesday upon waking for the past 4 weeks prior to this. Today I weighed in 207 (down from 211.5) and she weighed in at 159.4(up .2) from last wednesday. I dont think weight is a big motivator for me, just body composition. I know she want to get to 150 but at the end of the day it’s about composition.

We should measure and take pictures tonight hopefully. On that note I need to shave my hairy body. meh, maybe this weekend.

Noticed I’m sleeping better- not waking up to piss or being dehydrated over night. I think I over season/salt our food. We olive oil and bake alot of veggies with S&P along with seasoning our meat pretty intensly.

Day 3 though stomach is feeling a bit different. Maybe since all the food from the weekend has worked it’s way out the system and my body is starting to adjust to running on shakes fully.

Day 1 of HOT-ROX felt like I wanted to go to the club and party. Was pretty funny. But body has adapted to it day 2 & 3.

We were relatively healthy eaters coming into this- general paleo guidelines from our crosffit past with quinoa/sweet pots/oats additions. Just love meat and veggies so if you want to call it paleo sure then

Well week1 is in the books.

We weighed in on Saturday morning - and are going to keep saturday morning now as our consistant day. I was 206.8 she was 157.9. She’s was bummed about the number not being better, but she are noticable differences in physique/composition. I always thought the biggest gains were week2/3 from my past experiences so we shall see.

We had out HSM on Saturday afternoon. Was WAY too much food from a volume perspective.

For protein we has 1lb of farm raised minute steak
Carbs a small sweet pot, made some quinoa
Vegetable Dish1- Baked some broccoli
Vegetable Dish2-Sauteed an onion, red pepper, 2 cans of dice tomatoes(55cals/Can) and 2 small zuchini and threw in some broccoli to steam/cook in.
Dessert- Berries

Had to toss some quinoa, the pure volume of the vegetable dish2 was way too much despite the cals being reasonable. Definitely in both our estimations too big of a HSM and will take that knowledge going forward.

Well 2 weeks in the books. Was a solid week 2 although the shakes are getting monotonous. I weighted in at 202.5 (prev 206.8) and my lady was 155.4 (from 157.9).

We had a good saturday meal, 1lb salmon, a kale salad from whole foods, aspragus, then a peach & apple cut up for dessert.

Was good.

We are getting married Nov 1st so we are going to finish out week 3 then transition to 1 meal a day for week 4 then try and normalize out leading into the wedding so we can handle meals etc at the wedding.

Congratulations on your V-Diet success & upcoming nuptials!

Good job both of you!


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