V-Diet Log Infected


Started my V-Diet yesterday.

Edit: A little background

In 2005, i was overweight at about 231 pounds. i made a big diet and started sport.
I lost 44 pounds, but i did a very bad diet. I broke my arm just doing arm wreslting. yes!
Bone (humerus) exploded, as i was doing it… I suppose my bones density went very bad, plus the fact i have had some medicine known to lower their density.
After that, i caught shingles… low immune system…
I got sick for 2 months, and i basically stopped everything and quickly became overweight again.
Good example of epic failure.

at end of 2010, at 220 pounds, i started sport again, and a better diet, and slowly went down to around 202 pounds. I stabilized there, as i trained. i had a few breaks here and there for health reasons but stayed constant, and didn’t add fat like crazy anymore.

in 2013, i had a surgery, and i started eating a lot. in August, i was 211 pounds, and i decided it stime to stop the crap , and loose all the fat.
I lost 11 pounds with clean diet, low carb and training.
And now i am starting the V-Diet to continue the loss.

Day 1:

Starting Weight: 90.8 kg (199.7)
Neck: 40.5 cm
Belly totally out: 101.5 cm (:/)

I measured the rest, i will publish full changes at the very end.
Most important for me, is the belly, which should shrink :slight_smile:
I took the pics, which i will upload at the end with the compare pics

Day 2

I couldn’t resist to use the scale.
Weight: 89.2 (196.2) - 1.6kg (-3.5 lbl)

While i suppose a lot is water loss, i could never go under 90kg for weeks, even on low carbs, clean diet.
I have to say i am impressed. i’d rather bounce to 91/92 , and 90 were my low water days i suppose.
Let’s see how it goes!! :slight_smile:

Past progress pictures:

This is 2011 progress.
I have been more or less stuck on the January 2012 picture.
lack of training during sick periods, too many business trips etc.
Decided to try to change it for good. I hope i will

Note: this isn’t from any V-Diet at all. just sport and eating clean

Just did my 40 mins walk :slight_smile:
Training later today. Sipping my mid afternoon shake.

Finished training… was hard, felt like i had not so much energy.
Sweat like i could go out of a maze by following drops.
Dinner shake and bed shake left, and i can call it end of Day 2!


[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:

[center] Work Through, Not Around[/center]
It’s not about the work-around. It’s about the work-through.

Working through difficulties carves you into a strong person. Doing things that are painful make you less susceptible to pain.

Day 3:

Weight: 89 kg
Loss since beginning : -1.8 kg

Only lost 200g which was expected.
Funny i lost so much on first day considering i was already on a LC diet.

Did my 40 mins walk for NEPA today.
Sipping my bed time shake.

All good. Sore from yesterday training.
Tomorrow will be my firsf V challenge day.

I ordered 3 more MD with different taste to alternate a bit.
If i were to give an advise, order different taste from the beginning.

I am not hungry, i am all good drinking shakes.
Not craving for food. I miss salty taste but thats not a problem.

My problem is after 3 days of same taste i get nauseous after 3rd shake of the day
And cant stand chocolate MD anymore :frowning:

Waiting for the new order to help on that.
I added deca espresso to two of my shakes to change taste a bit.

It was ok and less sweet.
Adding some orange taste from older Annaconda from time to time
To make it easier. Also lowered water a little bit to make it faster
To swallow. I drink the rest as pure water.

Hope weight lower tomorrow, even a little. I dont care if its water or fat.
It helps me to drink the 4th and 5th shakes.

I use a tight jeans to measure progress, on monday i could not wear it.
Now its getting loose :slight_smile:

Good stuff.
More tomorrow for day 4!

Day 4;

Weight : 88.7 kg (-2.1 kg/ -4.6 pounds)
So far so good. Will post at end of the day :slight_smile:

Day4 continued.

Did my V challenge: intermediate. I feel miserable. I feel like i will pass out.

I considered stopping several times, i decided to remove last excercice after 3 sets and finished challenge.
It is a failure but still 40 mins of cardio intense and triceps felt a bit pumped. So for diet it is still a win.

I also did last 3 sets with normal pushups instead of push claps. Heart was going nuts.
Next week i will do beginner challenge…

A1: 10/10/10/10/10/10
A2: 10/10/10/10/07/10
A3: 10/10/10/10/10/10
A4: 10/10/10/10/10/10
A5: 10/10/10/11/10/10
A6: 10/10/10/10/10/10
A7: 10/10/07/00/00/00

Total: 40 mins 43secs

FAIL :frowning:

Feeling alone here.

Day 5:

weight: 89.1 kg
Weight went up by +0,4kg since yesterday but that’s water. Drank a ton last night.
My clothes talk more than scale.
So far so good

Tomorrow, i am travelling till Friday. business trip
Will bring my vdiet with me :slight_smile:
should be interesting


Did my NEPA and training.
had my dinner shake, one more before sleeping and i am good.
Tomorrow will be only 22 days left.
I can’t wait for my HSM, it will be on Wednesday in UK.

I don’t feel nauseous anymore, i stopped taking HOT-ROX in the afternoon.
I only take 2 pills upon waking up now, and either none or only one 6 hours afterwards.

I also got used to shake taste. it is now easier than day 2 or 3.


88.9kg this morning. Rather stable.
Only 2 kg (4.4 lb) lost so far.
Disapointed by scale, but when i try my clothes, they get more and more rooms.
Today i am flying.

9am: shake1
11:30am: shake2
11:45 --> airport
4pm : take off
5pm: landing and shake3
8pm: shake4
11pm: shake5

Should be interesting

Hey, seems like things are going well for you so far! Keep up your persistence and hard work!

Try not to get too caught up on the scale, weigh yourself weekly. Weighing daily will drive you crazy, there are too many factors that can go into it. When you weigh each week, be sure to take measurements as well, the inches will give more info than the scale. The great thing about this plan is it makes sense, and it works. So, rest assured that if you’re following the protocol as instructed, you are executing the program correctly and everything will work out as it should.

Make sure to really go all out during the training workouts, in addition to NEPA and V-Challenge. They’re designed not to go to failure, so make sure each rep is as powerful, explosive and clean as possible. Good strength training and the metabolic boost you’ll get from the session will really turbo charge your results. You’ve been posting about your v-challenge details, be sure to post your training numbers as well!

Good luck, keep posting!

4.4 lbs in 6 days is pretty great. Just a couple of weeks from now it will be 15 lbs or more… keep your eye on the prize!

Thanks everyone !
Yesterday i had my first HSM , i will post a picture.
As i am on business trip i went to a steak house.

It was the best meal of my life :slight_smile:
I could not train so i will have to make up for it
This week end.
However i walked 8km for NEPA.

Today had my shake and now working.

No booze and clean food only :slight_smile:

In airport.
I had my morning shake. A bit hungry right now.
As soon as i land, i will drive to a store on my way home and get cold water and make my lunch shake:)
Going back home.

I enter clothes i did not wear in two years now :slight_smile:

Back home :slight_smile:
I couldnt’ resist and i had to weight myself.
I won’t count it as official scale weight as it’s mid day, so i will look tomorrow, but more than 6 pounds gone!
In my bathroom with the same lightning as usual, i can SEE difference, on my shoulders and arms, i see some definition coming!

Tomorrow, i will measure and weight myself to see the results so far.
All good All good :slight_smile:

Great job! Awesome to see it paying off!

Thanks for support!! :slight_smile:
And now i totally got used to the shakes and timing.
On day 9, i have to say it is rather easy. Frustrating to want steaks and veggies (which is good to crave for healthy food) tho :wink:

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