V-diet log (Gothic90) Starting: 10/22/2011


This is day 1.
I’ll be taking measurements shortly.



Local Pen to Paper is out of measuring tapes.
I’ll see if I can get one in the city center tomorrow.


Day 3.
Measurements are up:
height: 5’9
weight: 207lb

neck 15"
shoulders 20"5
UpperChest 42"6
LowerChest 38"4
Waist-Naval 40"5
Waist-Fattest 41"1
Hips-Fattest 42"2
Upper-Arm L 12"
Upper-Arm R 12"
Upper-Leg L 25"2
Upper-Leg R 25"5
calve-L 17"8
Calve-R 17"8
Ankle-L 10"1
Ankle-R 10.2


First HSM day.
Actually had to look for clean food in the local store.
Made pan-fried salmon w/ brocolli.
Sit there and eating for 20 minutes is not something that I am accustomed to…
Still yummy, though.


Yeah that first meal is like heaven…the diet get easier …imm loving it :slight_smile:


Put too much flaxseed in today’s dinner shake. Result was … unpleasant.
Regardless, finished today’s workout. Yay!

At the beginning of the diet I can only plank hold for less than 30 secs.
Now I can do that for 50 secs.

Probably still not good, though.


13 days into the diet.
Upper Chest: 42"4
Lower Chest: 38"4
Waist-Naval: 39"8
Waist-Fattest: 40"5
Hips-Fattest: 41"5
Upper arm®: 12"5
Upper arm(L): 12"7
Upper leg(L): 24"2
Upper leg®: 24"2
calf L: 17"
calf R: 17"4
ankle L: 10"
ankle R: 10"2


Today’s weather is awesome so I am doing v-challenge outside.
A bit more tiring, maybe because the ground is not perfectly flat, but a lot more fun.


Keep up the good work! Yeah the v-burn was a lot harder than I thought it would be initially!


Tonight’s side plank holds were unsuccessful.
My shoulder muscles were pretty much destroyed in the previous shoulder exercise, and was extremely painful…