V-Diet Log, Getting Back on Track

Hello everyone,

My names Chris, I’m 23 years old, and 6 foot even.

A little background, I was always a fat kid growing up. I started getting into lifting in high school, but it wasn’t until college that I really started packing on muscle. At my best physical shape, i was about 190 and 9% body fat, at about age 20. I have since continued lifting, but never really ever cut down on fat, just kept packing on mass.

Since I have graduated, I have let things go quite a bit, kinda eating whatever I want, and having a little too much fun. I have continued lifting the whole time but definitely not as consistently, so I have decided it was time for a change, and came across the V-diet.

I will try to keep this updated every day, but at the very least I will keep it updated several days a week.

So here are my before pics, taken today. I am currently sitting at 242 pounds, I will update with my measurements later. I’ve currently only had my first meal, and plan on doing some walking later on today, then starting the Friday workout tomorrow.

So far so good though, I am loving the simplicity of this diet, I also was in need of switching my workout program so I am excited to get that started tomorrow.

So first day is almost done. Walked four miles after work, going to try to start doing it in the morning as much as I can.

So far I’ve had three shakes, and two servings of tuna and some spinach for my hsm, I’ll have my last shake a little later tonight. Can honestly say I’ve felt pretty full all day. I know it’s going to get harder but for now I’m pretty happy, looking forward to starting to see some results!

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