V-Diet Log for Seabs

Today marks the first day of my V-Diet, I ordered my sups on Saturday night, received them yesterday. I decided to start today because I have spent the last 4 days or so preparing to do this, and have been anxious to get this ball rolling.

A little about me before I post my starting stats. I have always been athletic, I’ve played Ice Hockey for almost 20 years now but never really had to get on a strict lifting program for it. I’m a big guy (6’3 240 lbs) and have always tried to justify to myself that I have to be big to do what I do in hockey. The thing is, I haven’t played full check hockey in about five years…

About four weeks ago I had a real eye opener when I was looking at some pictures from my birthday. My face was chubby, my eyes were sunken in, and I basically looked how I’ve felt for the past few years, like crap. I’ve always lurked around these forums and saw that Waterbury had put out a book through Men’s Health called Huge in a Hurry. I picked the book up and started on his 3 week introduction phase.

Then while looking for diet recommendations here, I stumbled along the V-Diet. I noticed that the workouts have the same type of format and progression as Waterburys book, and that the shake diet would actually be cheaper in the long run then my grocery bill has been, so I took the leap.

Today I’m already two shakes in, but this morning right after I woke up I took all my measurements and photos. As for the stats:

Height - 6’-3
Weight - 241.2
Neck - 17.5
Shoulders - 50.5
Chest - Upper - 42
Chest - Lower - 38
Waist - at Navel - 44
Waist - at largest - 45
Hips - at largest - 43
Upper Arm - L - 14
Upper Arm - R - 14.5
Upper Leg - L - 27.5
Upper Leg - R - 27
Lower Leg - L - 16
Lower Leg - R - 16
Ankle - L - 9.5
Ankle - R - 9.5

The pictures I will get uploaded tonight, new camera and have to get the software on my computer still.

So here we go!

Welcome Seabs. You are going to love it. I got my stuff on a Thursday and decided not to wait till the Monday since I wanted to start right away. So good choice on that.

You will probably throw some good weight around in the vWorkouts. Get ready to shed some fat dude!

You’ll find there is a lot of people that are going to help ya through this.


Welcome aboard, Seabs!

Thanks for the support Matt! I look forward to the challenge this will bring, and the foundation it will help build for the rest of the goals I want to achieve. And thank you Chris!

As I mentioned, here are my starting pics. I can’t believe how much I’ve let myself go. If I ever get to the point where I want to cheat, these will definatly get me back on track.

(need to figure out how to post pictures…)

In the “Fast Reply” box click “go advanced” and there will be a place under the text box where you can browse to upload photos and video. Keep up the motivation!

CLick on the Advanced button right underneath the box that is on this thread page. You’ll see the browse toggle there. You can only upload 1 pic per post- or copy and paste them all into paint for a side by side…

Otherwise, happy shaking

Welcome! Looking forward to a nice progression :wink:


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