V-Diet Log for KitKatMed

And so it begins…I am a 37-year old full-time student. I asked my brother about losing 10#, and he turned me on to this diet. I want to be leaner and stronger, so this seemed like a perfect fit.
Weight 177
Height 66.5
Neck 13.75
Shoulders 45.75
Up Chest 39.5
Low Chest 34.0
A Waist 32.5
B Waist 40.0
Hips 43.0
Arm L 14.0
Arm R 14.0
Up Leg L 25.25
Up Leg R 25.50
Low Leg L 15.5
Low Leg R 15.5

I start the diet tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Day One
First shake at 10am. Ooooo…they are sweet! I loved the flax seed, though–gave it some texture. Had some green tea afterwards, and it was wonderful to drink something without any sweetness. Did the intermediate workout at noon and really enjoyed it. I am going to feel it tomorrow, though! 2nd shake hard to get down. Made my 3rd with a bit less water and chugged it. I don’t miss chewing, but I do wish those shakes weren’t so sweet.

Anyone have any suggestions for decreasing the sweetness? I tried cinnamon, and that helped some, but I would appreciate any other suggestions.

Off to do NEPA on the treadmill as it is crazy cold here.

Int Workout
Step Up 30#: 5 x 8 each side
Row w/ dumbbells 25#/25#: 5 x 8
Push press w/ db 20/20: 8-8-8-4-5-4-3
DB curl (no BB avail) 15/15: 6-6-6-6-5-5-6
Rev crunch w/ 8# med ball: 4 x 10

Day Two
Swimming at 6 am–that was hard. My shoulders are dead. The flax seed shakes are hard to get down. Yesterday I say I liked it; I have changed my mind. I have discovered some okay flavor combos–ban/choc and van/straw. Yesterday I only got in 4 shakes, and today will probably be the same. I am not hungry at all and have trouble making myself drink 5. Perhaps that will change. I have not experienced any mental or GI disturbances as others have reported. Very happy about that!

Day Three
Today was a bit tougher. A little bit lightheaded and stomachache almost all day (so far). Did the workout today–those walkouts are killer. By the end of this I hope to be doing them from “real” push-up position instead of from my knees. Still not hungry and very few cravings. This diet will cure me of wanting diet soda–the thought of drinking one just makes me ill. And coffee doesn’t sound good either–that kinda makes me sad. I have lost 6 pounds already–mostly water/glycogen, I know, but very motivating to push through.

Only got down three shakes. Just couldn’t do 4 and 5. Not good, I know. I ate my pb from the spoon–it tasted so good–salty, not artificially sweet.

Int Workout
Deadlift (w/ db) 35/35: 5 x 8
DB bench press (no decline) 25/25: 8-6-6-6-4-4-4-4
Lat Pulldown 60(?–no #s on weights): 8-8-8-6-6-4
Hand walkout from knees: 8 x 5 (these were REALLY hard for me)

Day Four
I just wanted to eat meat today. Actually anything salty. Perhaps I could suck on a few roasted almonds and not actually chew them? Okay, okay. Won’t do that, but I will eat my pb from a spoon again. The shakes just make me gag today. Did some NEPA–walked to the store to buy more tea. I am going through tea like crazy–love me some antioxidants!! My upper body is crazy sore today. I will try to drink down at least 4 shakes today–5 isn’t going to happen. And, I will stop eating pb without the shake tomorrow. I can do this!

Day Five
Shake 1 went down smooth. Upper body is still sore. Did the V-Burn and it took me 48m 11s. Damn it was hard. I didn’t do the clap pushups–did 3 on the first set and then just couldn’t do anymore. I will add more claps each time as I get stronger. My upper body is super weak. I have no problem with lunges, squats, or any other leg work, but aside from my triceps, my arms are weak, weak, weak. Part of the reason I am doing this, though, right? To get stronger and leaner. I did the V-burn in front of a mirror as posted by another user–very good motivation–thanks for the suggestion whoever you were.

HSM today. A beautiful piece of beef tenderloin, some pork chili verde, brussel sprouts, and a glorious salad. Took my time and enjoyed every wonderful bite. Healthy real food is awesome.

Day Six
Workout followed by NEPA at 8am. I really like working out in the AM. Shakes are going down easier today–perhaps that is b/c I had real food yesterday??? Hmmm… Speaking of real food–I felt like I was still full this morning. Didn’t really want my first shake at 5:30AM, but I had a meeting, so I forced it down. Worked out for the best, really, b/c then I got to do all of my workout afterwards.

Front Squat 70#: 4 x 5
Chin-up (assisted–94#): 5 x 4
DB bench press 25/25: 4 x 5
Ab wheel rollout: 4 x 5

My legs and abs are going to be sore tomorrow. I did the NEPA afterwards b/c the workout seemed so short. Hope that’s okay.

I might actually make 5 shakes today for the first time ever as I was up early and won’t be going to bed until late. We’ll see.

Amazing how the HSM rejuvenates…

Day Seven
Drank only 2.5 shakes but managed to eat 4 tbs of peanut butter. I really need to start putting the pb into the shakes. Too tempting to eat it. Did 50+ minutes at swimming this time. Slower pace really helped.

Day Eight–Msrmt Day
Pounds lost: 7 Inches Lost: 8
Weight 177------------>169.4
Height 66.5
Neck 13.75 ----------->13.75
Shoulders 45.75 ------>45.0
Up Chest 39.5 -------->38.0
Low Chest 34.0 ------->34.5
A Waist 32.5 --------->31.5
B Waist 40.0 --------->39.0
Hips 43.0 ------------>42.25
Arm L 14.0 ----------->13.75
Arm R 14.0 ----------->13.5
Up Leg L 25.25 ------->24.25
Up Leg R 25.50 ------->24.5
Low Leg L 15.5 ------->15.0
Low Leg R 15.5-------->15.0

Rev Lunge 30/30#: 8-8-8-5-5-3-3
Row w/ BB 20# + bar (don’t know how much the bar weighs): 8-8-8-8-4-4
Push Press w/ BB–bar only: 8-8-8-5-5-4-2
Barbell curl–curl bar only: 8-6-6-6-6-5-3
Rev Crunch on slant board–about 30 deg: 10-10-7-7-6
Even though I don’t know how much the bars weigh, I can tell you that they were heavy–workout was challenging.

Goals for today: put the damn pb in the last shake of the day. It WILL happen!!

Day Nine
I succumbed to the peanut butter monster again. Had only 3 shakes and had a couple of servings of peanut butter–and no, the pb did not go into the shake (however, I did put it in the shakeon day 8!). Swam for 50 minutes, got home, started to make a shake, and pb just sounded so much better. A moment of weakness, to be sure. I must be working too hard at swimming–will try a different approach next Tues/Thurs (my swim days).

Day Ten
Instead of pb, I opted to eat the calories in almonds. I was at school, and needed something portable. Won’t eat any pb today. Workout was great.
Deadlift 50# + bar (still don’t know how much that bar weighs): 9-8-8-8-7
DB Bench press 25/25#: 8-8-6-6-5-5-3
Pull up 100# assist: 8-7-6-5-5-5-4-4-2
Walkouts: 6-6-6-6-6-5-5 (an improvement from last week when I was only able to do 5 at a time)

My shoulders are dead. I am very thankful that tomorrow is NEPA only day, and I am going to walk. My arms need a break.

Still have 2 shakes to drink today. Must drink them. (I have never and probably will never reach 5–I don’t know how the rest of you do it.)

Day 11
Body was very tired, so I did absolutely nothing. A complete rest day. Really needed it. Drank down 4 shakes and 3 tbs of peanut butter. Putting the pb in the shake is just sacrilege. (I know, I know–am I really doing the V-diet or not? But it works for me.)

Day 12
3 shakes, 2 tbs of peanut butter, and a fantastic HSM cooked by my brother: grilled pork chops, roasted sweet potato, salad, and broccoli and purple kale w/ shallots. Yum, yum. I enjoyed every beautiful, savory bite. And discovered that I really like broccoli stalks.

Did the V-Burn workout and knocked 10 minutes off my time!! Did the workout in 38.26 AND did 3 clap push-ups each round! I feel so much stronger in my upper body–in only 12 days–incredible!! I am also down 10 pounds so far. Just goes to show that all of my previous diet efforts have been truly half-assed.

Day 13
3 shakes, 2 tbs of peanut butter and a workout. Don’t know why I only got in 3 shakes…I did feel really full all day yesterday, though. That real food just messes me up.
Front Squat 60#: 4 x 5
Lat Pulldown 70#: 4 x 5
DB bench press 25/25#: 4 x 5
Ab wheel rollout: 4 x 5
NEPA: 45 minutes split betw treadmill and elliptical

Day 14
Swimming at 6 am. Damn that is early. 3 shakes and 3 tbs of peanut butter so far. Tomorrow is measurement day–can’t wait! Short and sweet this week b/c I have a test on Friday. Normally I would have eaten bags of candy and multiple orders of takeout (when I stress, I eat). Not so this week. Talk about changing habits. Whew! It is very different, but much healthier and easier to concentrate. But I will wait until after the test to make a final judgment.

Hey Kitkat,

Whilst I love eating PB off a spoon, mixing into a choc Metabolic Drive shake makes it like heaven! But you really need to blend it and I always include a couple of handfuls of ice - I use 2 scoops of choc Metabolic Drive and about 0.6L of water. Turns out very creamy and smooth and tastes almost like a choc-peanut candy bar! (do you guys get “Snickers” bars in the States?)

Nice job on the 10lbs lost so far and it’s only halfway, that’s fantastic progress and it must really motivate you to go all the way and finish strong!

@ dan81–I don’t know about it tasting like heaven…I have tried it. You are right–it is good, but pb is so much better off of the spoon. That is my 2nd weakness in this diet (first is only drinking 4 shakes). I will work on it!!

Okay–it has been a while since I have posted, so time for catch-up. I had a major test today and did fine. This whole week was a struggle b/c I had gotten into the candy/takeout mode during test week. This week–only shakes! I am so proud of myself…I DO have discipline. Imagine.

Day 15
I continue to eat PB off of the spoon. 4 shakes today and a good workout. I love Wed’s workout!
Rev lunge 15/15#: 8-8-8-5-5-6
Bent over Row DB 25/25#: 8-8-8-7-6-3
Push Press DB 20/20: 8-8-7-5-5-4-4
DB Curl 10/10: 9-8-8-7-6-7
Rev Crunch on floor w/ 8# med ball: 9-9-9-7-6

Total pounds lost: 10 Total Inches Lost: 12.75
Weight 176------------>169.4 ---->166.4
Neck 13.75 ----------->13.75 ---->13.75
Shoulders 45.75 ------>45.0 ---->44.0
Up Chest 39.5 -------->38.0 ---->36.5
Low Chest 34.0 ------->34.5 ---->34.5
A Waist 32.5 --------->31.5 ---->31.5
B Waist 40.0 --------->39.0 ---->38
Hips 43.0 ------------>42.25 ---->41.5
Arm L 14.0 ----------->13.75 ---->13.5
Arm R 14.0 ----------->13.5 ---->13.25
Up Leg L 25.25 ------->24.5 ---->24.5
Up Leg R 25.50 ------->24.5 ---->24.5
Low Leg L 15.5 ------->15.0 ---->15
Low Leg R 15.5-------->15.0 ---->15

Day 16
4 shakes, fantastic NEPA on the trail–gorgeous weather. Highly motivated. Not missing the pizza or Chinese or candy. Very focused on studying. I love my new habits. They will stick. If I can make it through test week without real food, I can do anything!

Day 17
Shakes + peanut butter + workout. NEPA on the trail again–it is beautiful down here in Texas.
Deadlift 80#: 9-8-8-7-8
incline DB bench press 20/20: 8-6-7-6-6-4-3
lat pulldown (~60#??): 8-8-7-7-6-4
Hand walkout: 8-7-6-7-6-6 (these are getting MUCH easier!!)

Day 18
Somehow I only fit in 2 shakes and peanut butter today, along w/ an HSM of beef fajita salad and a small bowl of green chile stew. I obviously did not eat enough because Day 19 was hell.

Day 19
Very weak today–did V-Burn and it took almost 48 minutes. Just couldn’t do it. 3 shakes, a handful of almonds, and 2 tbs of peanut butter. Probably not enough food. I was having some major cravings today–for McDonald’s, pizza, whatever. That is why I ate the almonds–I figured almonds are better than burger and fries any day, right? I didn’t think I was going to make it through the day. Lesson learned: very important to eat enough calories on a daily basis to fight crazy cravings.

Day 20
Much better today. 4 shakes, 2 tbs of peanut butter, a fantastic workout and 45 min of NEPA. So, so, so glad I did not give in and eat fast food yesterday. Not even worth it.
Reverse Lunge 25/25#: 8-8-8-6-5-5
Lat Pulldown: 9-9-8-7-7
DB bench press 25/25#: 9-8-6-5-5-3-4
Ab wheel rollout: 4 x 10 (these are SO much easier–I am impressed with my progress)

Only 8 more days!!

Day 21
4 shakes, peanut butter. NEPA of swimming for 50 minutes and walking for 50 minutes. I am trying to increase the NEPA to burn more fat.

Total pounds lost: 10ish Total Inches Lost: 17.0
Weight 176------------>169.4 ---->166.4 ----> 165.8
Neck 13.75 ----------->13.75 ---->13.75 ----> 13.5
Shoulders 45.75 ------>45.0 ---->44.0 ----> 43.0
Up Chest 39.5 -------->38.0 ---->36.5 ----> 36.0
Low Chest 34.0 ------->34.5 ---->34.5 ----> 34.0
A Waist 32.5 --------->31.5 ---->31.5 ----> 30.5
B Waist 40.0 --------->39.0 ---->38 ----> 37.25
Hips 43.0 ------------>42.25 ---->41.5 ----> 41.5
Arm L 14.0 ----------->13.75 ---->13.5 ----> 13.25
Arm R 14.0 ----------->13.5 ---->13.25 ----> 13.0
Up Leg L 25.25 ------->24.5 ---->24.5 ----> 24.5
Up Leg R 25.50 ------->24.5 ---->24.5 ----> 24.5
Low Leg L 15.5 ------->15.0 ---->15 ----> 14.5
Low Leg R 15.5-------->15.0 ---->15 ----> 14.75

Day 22
I think I will drink 5 shakes today. Holy cow!! It is truly a miracle.

Front Squat (bar + 60#): 9-8-8-8-7
Bentover Row BB (bar + 20#): 9-8-7-7-6-3
BB Push Press (bar): 9-8-8-6-5-4
BB curl (bar only): 8-8-8-7-5-4
Rev Crunch (incline): 10-9-7-6-6-2

NEPA of 20 min on bike and 20 min on treadmill.

On the bright side, I have only 1 week left of shakes only. Hallelujah.

Day 23
HSM; no workout

Day 24
4 shakes, peanut butter, 50 min swimming for NEPA

Day 25
4 shakes, peanut butter, NEPA of treadmill/bike/stair stepper for 1.5 hours (split up)
Deadlift 70# + bar: 8-8-8-7-6-3
DB bench press 25/25#: 9-7-6-5-4-4-3-2
Lat Pulldown 70#: 9-8-8-7-6-2
Hand walkout from knees: 10-10-10-7-3

Day 26
4 shakes, peanut butter, V-Burn in 38 minutes.

Day 27
4 shakes, possibly 5 since the day isn’t over yet, peanut butter. NEPA: 40 min swimming, 20 min treadmill.
Step Up 40#: 9-8-5-5-5-5-3
Lat Pulldown 70#??: 10-8-8-7-7
DB bench press 20/20: 10-7-7-6-5-5
Ab wheel rollout: 4 x 10

Definitely much stronger than I was before this started. Lost a good 10#–not just water/glycogen, but fat. Possibly a bit more…will see in a couple of days. I am ready to eat real food again, but glad I did this. Will post before/after pics after transition.

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