V - Diet Log for Frpmm

Today I am starting the V-Diet again. Just finished driving from NY to FL this past weekend with my girl friend as she is moving in with me to see how she likes FL. I have done the V-Diet before and saw great results went from 255 to 227 in the time i was on it. Kept it off and got down to 215 but since Sept with work and flying back and forth to NY every weekend i was a slacker and put some back on.

Got a cruise in 5 weeks so figured this is the perfect time to start back up and also since i don’t have to be on a plane every week for some time i will have no excuse on why i cant do this and get to the gym enough.

Starting weight 238lbs.
Goals get back down to 220.
Will take measurements tonight as i got back to my house last night @ midnight and had to go to work today.
Had one shake today already got 3 more with me for work. be back later to update

Did a 45 min nepa walk last night when I got home from work. Did not go to the gym yesterday was just to beat to even think about lifting a weight. Did go this morning. I know they don’t recommend strenuous activity in the morning without proper nutrition but i like to go @ 5am knowing i get it out of the way. Did some chest and abs was there from 5 to 6 15. Had some Surge while lifting then had a shake before i left my house. Stocked and ready to go for today as well. Will do a Nepa walk when i get home.

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