V-Diet Log. Crouse


Started my diet today, I’ll be taking measurements and weight tomorrow as I need to pick up a scale and tape measure at London Drugs.

Here are my measurements:

Height: 5’8"
Weight: 178lb
Neck: 16"
Shoulders: 44"
Chest - Upper: 36"
Chest - Lower: 35"
Waist - at Navel: 29.5"
Waist - at largest: 35"
Hips - at largest: 39"
Upper Arm - L: 15"
Upper Arm - R: 16"
Bicep - L: 13"
Bicep - R: 14"
Upper Leg - L
Upper Leg - R
Lower Leg - L: 17"
Lower Leg - R: 17"
Ankle - L: 9.5"
Ankle - R: 9.5"

Hey, haven’t been to active on this thread since I use my “Starting V-Diet” thread in Ask Chris section. But I’m on Day 7, feeling great. Didn’t make it to the gym yesterday(monday) since I was travelling the entire day. I did my circuit on sunday, felt absolutely great. Had some turkey for my HSM on saturday was delicious. Going to the gym today to make up for yesterday, can’t wait to pump.

Hello, just a quick repost of what I did on another thread.

I’m on day 8, I’m still the same weight as I was day 1 (~178lb); however, my waist at largest is 1-2" smaller and my biceps are close to half an inch larger (I do EZ barbell curls 25 on each side everyday tho) also my pecks feel absolutely shredded like muscle cleavage hah. I’m hoping my glutes tighten up and that my love handle area and belly are completely demolished by end of week 2/ mid way of week 3.

Overall I’m noticing a lot more muscle definition, I almost broke the diet yesterday by eating a salad (even tho that could technically been my HSM). Although the thought of eating even a few leafs of lettuce with some smoked salmon on them made me feel so guilty and shitty that I felt sick to my stomach even considering chewing on it.

HSM is today, I picked up some spaghetti squash and turkey sausages, I’m thinking of cutting the sausage up, getting some healthy marinara and making a sort of pasta dish out of them.

Nice work…i am on my 4th day…

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