V-Diet Log: Comments Welcome

This is my first post. I wanted to start a thread on my Velocity Diet as a means of motivation. Just 3 months ago I was 180 pounds. I am down to 158, but still have a few percent body fat to finish off. I am a long-time reader of T-Nation, so I figured what better way than Shugart’s V-Diet.

I am:
158 pounds
I will try to get ahold of some tape in the next couple days, but I have about a 38" chest, 32" waist.

Bioimpedence pegged me at 13% body fat recently, though I could be a little more or a little less. Either way, I am hoping to get under 10% this month.

My calorie range is 1250-1400 (non-training/training days). I will take 4 double-servings of Metabolic Drive (800 calories, 160g protein) on non-training days, plus 4 servings of GNC milled flax (320 calories, 20 fiber). At the end of the day I will either eat or add to my shake 2 servings of PB2 powdered peanut butter (108 calories, ~7 carbs, ~9 protein, ~5 fat).

This will put me at (non-training days):
1228 calories
65g carbs
~25g fiber
185g protein

I will also take triple strength fish oil and have purchased flax oil in order to get my essential fatty acids.

On training days I will add an additional double-shake and serving of flax bringing my totals up 285 calories, 5g fat, 14g carbs, 43g protein, 6g fiber.

So on training days I will consume:
1500 calories
79 carbs
228 protein
31 fiber

I will either take a NEPA walk or train on the eliptical for 30-60 minutes/day. I will also do the Waterbury advanced program in place of my usual routine.

*** Also, I am 23 Years old and living in the DC area, this wasn’t originally in the post.




End of the day:

1370 Calories
46g fat
55g carbs
17g fiber
184g protein

Feeling perfectly fine though I’m sure it will get much more difficult in the days to come. Did 45 minutes of NEPA walk. Tomorrow is my first day on the Waterbury routine.

good luck baby - only 26.5 days to go :wink:

I got ahold of some tape from my roomie and wanted to get my measurements in before too long (and before my work-out in a few minutes). Here they are:

15" neck
43" shoulders
36" chest
32" between belly button and nipples
33" ring around belly button (widest part)
14.5" upper arm
21.5" thighs
14.5" calves

Off to do my first Waterbury program w/ a 40lb weight vest.

I just finished my first advanced Waterbury session and am glad to say it kicked my ass. It’ll probably take all of my first week to nail down how much weight I can do for each part of the split since most of this is not part of my normal routine, but it did the trick anyway.

I used a 50 lb weight vest for all of my dips (which is unfortunatly as high as it goes, maybe I should invest in a belt). This was problematic b/c at first I was able to get 10+ reps. By the 4th or 5th set I was down under 5 though and my tris hurt pretty well. I think before next tuesday I will get the belt for my flexibility in adding additional weight.

I used weight vest with 40 for 2 sets, 30 or 2 sets, and then took it of of the last 3 on my wide grip pull-ups. Here I was also getting closer to 5 or 6 reps at first, but by the end, even without weight I could only get the 3.

Not sure what a good weight is for the overhead squats (first time doing it and didn’t search too hard on the forums). I started off with 85 for 3 sets, 75 for 1, then down to 65 for the last 3. This was probably the hardest for me because I don’t squat nearly enough. All the better I suppose. Any comments here would be helpful on what a good goal for my body weight should be?

Also did a half hour of NEPA on the treadmill with a 4% incline.

One more shake as soon as I finish this post and my nutritional totals will be:

1402 calories (on the money for training days!)
31g fat
60g carb
22g fiber
220g protein

*using with all my custom foods entered - another benefit of V-Diet: doesn’t take long to enter custom foods into calorie calculator

Good 2 days so far, not feeling hungry or irritable yet

Got caught up at work and couldn’t have my 2nd shake until just now. Since my first was around 7:30 that was over 4 hours and I was starting to get the hunger pangs. It sure made the shake taste great though.

I felt sore and skinny this morning after day 1 of the Waterbury and day 2 of the diet. I will feel a lot better after having a week under my belt and can’t wait to take some more pictures and do some measurements to see the difference. I have no doubt there will be a difference.

Anyone with similar starting stats completed the V-Diet? If so, what were your results? If you have an old thread, point it out! Thanks.

Day 3 Totals






You look to have everything under control. Stick to game plan and don’t stop squatting.

Good luck!!

Good luck man, you’ll be one shredded dude when you finish the diet.

Just had some dreams about food but woke up feelin (and looking) more lean then ever. Dreams were so vivid I thought I had cheated and was thrilled to discover I hadn’t. Even in the dream though I had stuffed a handful of chocolate chip teddy grahams in my mouth at a supermarket and then immediately spit them out (don’t ask). Apparently I have more willpower in reality.

If this is Day 4, then I can’t wait for Day 28, but I will. Having a vanilla/instant coffee/flax shake as we speak. Yummy.

Thanks for the encouragement guys!

Possible side effects of V-Diet that I have noticed (though clearly other factors may play a role):

Clearer skin:-)
Blood-shot eyes
Chapped lips

The eyes and lips are not severe but noticeable.

I have minor acne (a few here or there most of the time) but since starting the V-Diet 4 days ago, my skin has been smooth and any existing blemishes have healed at a quicker rate. I am wondering if maybe I eliminated a food from my diet that was causing it (dairy?). I think during transition I may phase dairy in and out to see if that makes a difference. i.e.: have some dairy, see if anything happens, if it does, stop dairy again, and repeat until I have a sense of my body’s reaction.

As for the blood-shot eyes and chapped lips: anyone else had this problem?? Probably dehydration I’m guessing. I will try upping my water intake.

Just quickly ran numbers because, well, it’s hard to get this massive lifestyle change out of my mind. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but if I am 13% bf and 158 pounds, which should be pretty accurate, +/- 1% bf and perhaps I’ve lost a couple pounds in the last 3 days from the V-Diet.

Anyways, these numbers would suggest I am only carrying around 20.54lbs of body fat. Does that include the healthy fat that shields my heart and organs?

If I drop to 146 and 6%bf
158 - 146 = 12 lbs TOTAL lost
20.54 - 8.76 = 11.78 lbs body fat

This would be a wonderful place to begin bulking for a guy at my height of about ~5’7(inmho).

I know the primary pupose of this diet is to lose lots of weight and minimize muscle loss. It would be really exciting to be a solid 146lbs with a mere 6% bf. I don’t really think I could maintain much lower than that. I noticed a lot of people lose 10 lbs in the first week. I wonder how much slower progress will be for me because my starting weight/bf% isn’t as high as some others with big losses.

No one responded before but I’m really curious about results for someone with similar stats to me??? Maybe I just haven’t combed the forums enough…

Loving the diet Shugart, thanks.

[quote]ib0841 wrote:

As for the blood-shot eyes and chapped lips: anyone else had this problem?? Probably dehydration I’m guessing. I will try upping my water intake.[/quote]

I agree its dehydration.

[quote]Intersweat wrote:
ib0841 wrote:

As for the blood-shot eyes and chapped lips: anyone else had this problem?? Probably dehydration I’m guessing. I will try upping my water intake.

I agree its dehydration.


The milled flaxseed and extra protein require more water than usual. I think the rule of thumb is you should be pissing at least 6 to 8 times a day however a man with a bad prostrate can do 6 pisses after a single cup of coffee ;o)

Just filled up and chugged a few jugs of water. That should do the trick. My eyes get dry quicker than usual due to contact lenses also. I have some chapstick at home. No big deal.

Another question I had was about the HSM, the first of which is approaching (saturday or sunday). I have read 300 calories which makes sense because that’s about what my flax/protein shakes run.

I know I can’t pig out but I have also seen some food porn that looks like it’s running closer to 500 calories for others HSMs. What is overdoing it?

What are the consequences. I would love to have a nice 8 oz filet a sweet potato and some broccoli or something, but I don’t want to ruin the diet. What is going on in my cells? They probably fill up their glycogen stores.

Won’t it also give me a significant metabolism boost since my body hasn’t had it in so long? Any commentary here would be helpful.

Did my second Waterbury routine (Wed. advanced), it kicked my ass again. My buddy did it with me and I think the feeling was mutual. He wanted to weigh in so I did too out of curiosity thinking I might be 1 or 2 pounds less in my 4 days.

Nope: 4 pounds lighter. 1 or 2 is probably water weight, but I am a true believer. Felt as strong as ever even though I’m still sore from Tuesday’s session and drinking all my meals. FUN.

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