V-Diet Log After First Week

V-diet log

I am a 36yo male, 66in, 155lb, who has above average overall fitness, good strength standards and relatively lean; 15%-18%bf for last five years. My weight has been constant for 5+ years as I don’t participate in swing diets or jump around between training programs. I started the V-diet one week ago because I have never seen my abs, and wanted to see if I could lean out around my waist just a bit more. Based on the description of the program it seemed I was a candidate. High levels of physical capability are required for my profession and I train like an athlete. Last 3 years I have followed modified 5/3/1. My nutrition is clean and appropriate for my expenditure.

I highlight this not to describe myself but looking at all the posts of other people trying this diet or thinking about starting it there is an enormous trend of trying to modify, tweak or add to. The first week of the v-diet has been a challenge for me and I am not a fitness newbie. I am not yet convinced I have made a good decision and I am not sure what is going to happen over the next 3 weeks. Time will tell.

If you want to start this program, then start it. Buy the exact stuff, do the workouts exact, and don’t think you know better than the prescription. The diet for me has been hard enough, and you will need discipline supported by the simple implementation. You have all the time in the world after the diet to go back to your way of working out.

-Start + 7 days,
–Overall I have not been overly hungry although I have been adjusting to the lower carbs. I have felt haziness and had slight headaches, lack of mental focus, and physical fatigue. The fatigue and decrease in mental focus is real. I have modified many habits to just focus on this diet.
–I have had increased flem and developed a slight sore throat
–I have been doing the intermediate workout. My RM are about right from prior but delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) has increased.
–I have had black coffee in the morning and afternoon.
–For dinner I ate the same every night for simplicity. 500-700kcal of eggs, fruit and some oats. Next week I will switch it up to chicken, steamed V, and couscous.
–Finding time after a 10hr workday and the energy to do the NEPA walks have been a challenge. I exercise in the morning from 0600-0730. On weight days I fit in a 30min walk before the workout, the workout took me ~ about 45min, and then after a short cool down I need to ready for work. On my non-lift days I have been drained and didn’t have the fortitude to do the NEPA. I am hoping after my body adapts to the change in carbs I will be able to get in all my NEPA walks in the coming weeks, DOMS will decrease, and my energy will increase. I expend significant energy at work so we will see. Obviously need to hold to the program like I have said but I don’t want to push it so far I fall off the wagon or can’t perform at work.

If you want to be hard, you have to do hard things! Best wishes on your endeavor. I will be back in another week for an update.

Start +14 day.

Change in body weight is minimal although I have clearly lost fat around my waist as noticed with my pants.

Much of the fatigue of the first week has gone away although the DOMS is still there. Minimal hunger although I have been clearly a bit more irritable than usual. My bowel movements have decreased although I have not had any constipation.

Some light headaches and haziness continues I assume from the lower carbs as my body adjusts. The last 7 days have been less server than the first.

The intermediate workouts feel good and the different exercises from my normal routine are a nice change.

NEPA walks are good although continue to be a challenge to fit in on the workout days.

The superfood does not dissolve well so I stir that and then add the protein powder.

HSM has been salmon and steamed veggie.

14 more days. I have to admit I am starting to crave food. Especially at the movie theater, yesterday watching everyone have popcorn. It was nice to stay disciplined and not get one for myself.

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