V-Diet Log (4/19 to 5/30) - Sweet Revenge

OK - So I’m all set to start tomorrow and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve really had it with my weight gain.

I’m fairly diligent with training, but I was sidelined for about 5 weeks in February - on meds that have weight gain as a primary side effect! UHG! Fortunately, my strength came back after just a few weeks back in the gym.

My problem is my diet and I feel I NEED to do the Velocity Diet to get my cravings/additions under control. Being an ex-smoker, I can recognize food addiction when I see it! Cold turkey was the only way that ultimately worked for me, so I figure the V-Diet is the closest strategy I can get to solve the food issue.

I’m telling myself its only 28 days (plus 14, but I’ll count that when I get to it).

I’m sure I’ll have plenty of extra time to post more later, but I wanted to get this commitment on-the-record now. BTW - I’m a female with PLENTY of chub to lose. One round of V-Diet probably won’t get me to my goal weight, but it should certainly make my clothes fit better. So, I’d like to thank the ever diligent Biotest Boys for keeping the way in front of us. The new 3.0 version with the video is great!

Hey welcome on board and get ready to rock!! I’m on the several months to goal plan as well. (and only a couple of days ahead of you.) Lets get it on! (MMA not porn.)

Glad to have you here, SR!

DAY 1 (A.M.)

Today was the first day that I’ve weighed myself since before I got sick in Feb. I’ve been afraid to. Here’s what happened in a single run-on sentence…regular lay-offs at work, super stressed, afraid of losing my job, picked up the pieces from some co-workers who left, in addition to my regular job, worried about investments, lost sleep, more work piled on that I can’t possibly get to, worked hard in the gym to relieve stress, more poor sleep, sub-par recovery, sky-high financial stress at work, acct. receivables off the charts, short tempers, felt like a nervous breakdown, go to the GP, diagnosis of pneumonia, put on antibiotics and prednisone, home sick for over a week, out of gym, gained 12 pounds (as I discovered this morning). What an fing adventure. Look on the bright side, at least I avoided the hospital.

So, I’m looking to the V-Diet to lose the 12 pounds and more. I am so tired of needing to lose weight. IT’S A SAD, STUPID, PATHETIC STORY! (Just like the smoker needing to quit) I just want it done already. Here’s the starting stats (gulp):

Weight: 194.4
Height: 5’6"
Neck: 14.5
Upper Arm: 12.5
Chest: 44
Waist: 38.5
Hips: 45
Thigh: 26
Calf: 15

I know I’m supposed to break it down finer, and I will.

Hammerhead - Let’s git-it done!
Chris - Thanks for the welcome. Your stuff rocks.

Good luck sweetheart!!

im on Day Seven and my advice go you is stay POSITIVE! kick butt!!

i was also tired of being fat! and boy did i make some excuses! but honestly there is no excuse - if u wana lose weight then work for it! the v-diet is a great starting point! and im definitely still going to have to do some work after the 28 days as well! x

Thanks Noreen! I read your journal yesterday and admired your visualization technique. I’ll try to come up with my own mantra today. Set to music so I can hum it. Does yours follow a tune?
(Nice pics too!)

Day #1 almost done. I just have ‘before’ photos to do and then my night shake. I felt mostly OK. I got very hungry about 1 hour before shake-time. Here’s a pic of my NEPA partner (hope it works).

That’s a good lookin’ dog! No doubt your NEPA partner will never turn down a good, de-stressing walk. I just started two days ago and have to say this is the coolest, albeit craziest diet ever - it’s got to be good! Best o’ luck!

Hey Redhawk. I agree this is one crazy diet. Stubborn circumstances call for extreme actions.

My pup is 1/2 golden retriever and 1/2 border collie. I got her at the local shelter and she’s is the best dog in the whole world. I’m kinda a snob that way.

Well I’m done with Day #2.
THE GOOD - I was happy to take HOT-ROX again. It’s been awhile and gave me a nice sweet buzz all morning.
THE BAD - Cold and rainy out, so no NEPA. I got a bit of elliptical in though so that should be an OK substitute. On a scale from 1 to 10…my weight workout was about a 7.
THE UGLY - I had waves of nausea from about 12 noon to 6 pm. And more ugly - I took my starting photos yesterday and there is no way in God’s green earth they are getting posted. Not now anyway. Maybe later when I have good after photos.

Day #3 Done
Somehow, I got all 5 shakes in before 6. Then, as my last meal, only a tablespoon of peanut butter. I guess that works. Also, did a 75 minute yoga class tonight.

Oh…I know I’m not supposed to look, but I weighed 3.5 pounds lighter this morning. That’s what I like to see. Instant Gratification.

[quote]Sweet Revenge wrote:
Oh…I know I’m not supposed to look, but I weighed 3.5 pounds lighter this morning. That’s what I like to see. Instant Gratification.[/quote]

Nice, isn’t it?

Just don’t start stressing if the numbers don’t drop consistently over the coming weeks. As you’ve probably read in other threads, this diet can get wonky at times. I lost 3 lbs one week then 7 the next.

The nausea can happen on occasion. Try some fiber tabs. It might help to get something in your stomach. They helped take the edge off for me somewhat.

Nice job with the progress! Get used to feeling better every day.

[quote]Sweet Revenge wrote:
I took my starting photos yesterday and there is no way in God’s green earth they are getting posted. Not now anyway. Maybe later when I have good after photos.[/quote]

Eh I hear ya. Just posted my pics too, but with my face blacked-out. Yeah they can be embarrassing, but we’re all in the same boat here and look at it this way: you want to show off dramatic effects, right? Post early so the change will seem extreme as possible!

Hey SR, how you holding up, it’s day 5 for you right?

OK, so Week #1 is nearly done and I’m calling ‘False Start’ on myself. Looking at Shugart’s 10 reasons to fail at the V-Diet, I come up with the following:

Reason #2: Don’t get enough supplies. Well, I had some supplies on hand and ordered more last Saturday. Then on Sunday, I got the pleasant surprise that my husband wants to do the V-Diet with me! Whoo-hoo! I didn’t say a single word to him about him doing it, just that I’m doing it. I suppose he realized he wouldn’t have much of a dinner partner. (heehee) He’s a smart man and jumped on board. So, we were both off to the races and quickly deplete my supplies at home and there is no MD delivery in sight. Uh-oh. I bought an armload of MuscleMilks, but we quickly burn through that as well and still no Biotest delivery. False start.

Reasons #5 & #7: It’s a weeknight. I’m invited to go to a fancy shmancy lecture and reception at Princeton Univ. after work. So after the lecture, and I’m STARVING, I see they have a spread of almonds, cheese, dates, prunes, raw veg, olives. I go for the almonds and veggies. Wait, is that an open bar? Red wine, please. No kidding, that guy in the corner is slicing up steak? Just one slice. OK, now that he’s dropped 3 on my place, he can’t exactly put them back on the cutting board. Add a tiny dollop of horseradish sauce. No roll, thanks. So, I’ll count this as my HSM. This is a semi-disaster, depending upon how you look at it. I didn’t know this event was going to turn into a party. I HAD to show face at this shindig for business reasons and who could (would) say no to all this irresistible lusciousness on this fantastic spring evening with the dogwoods and cherry blossoms in full bloom amid exquisite architecture and wonderfully entertaining company? Yes, I’m buzzing. The issue of my little remaining stash of protein powder is back at the office anyway. Not to worry, it’s nothing another red wine can’t fix. Reason to fail #5 ? check. False start.

So, I’m assuming the thing to do is to call this a V-Diet Lite transition week and ‘Do Over’ Week #1 starting tomorrow. I’m still mad as hell about my weight and I still MUST get results. I hoping someone reading this will learn from my mistakes. Preparation is EVERYTHING.

The Biotest supplies finally came Thursday night. BTW, I had Surge Recovery for the 1st time after my workout and thought it was AWESOME! I’ll post my re-start stats tomorrow.

Take any tough circumstance, your first week, anything and just find a way to turn it into pure anger and determination. Some situations can be unavoidable where if you don’t eat you look foolish, so why not use those times as reason to push yourself harder? It isn’t enough just to feel guilty - feel like you have to make amends. Everyone one of us will stumble whether on the diet or shortly afterward. Get in the habit of righting your wrongs and not only will you see results, but you’ll feel damn good about yourself too.

Week #1 (V-Diet Lite) - Week #2 (Starting V-Diet)

Height: 5’-6 inches
Weight: 194.4 - 191.5 (Down 3 pounds)
Neck: 14.5 - 14.25 (Down 0.25)
Upper Arm: 12.5 - same
Chest: 44 - same
Waist: 38.5 - 37.75 (Down 0.75)
Hips: 45 - 43.75 (Down 1.25)
Right Thigh: 26
Left Thigh: 27
Right Calf: 15.25
Left Calf: 15.5

I didn’t do right and left leg measurements until today. I am amazed at there is a whole 1 inch difference in my thighs. I had to measure about 5 times each to be sure, I thought I was measuring wrong! I do a lot of stop and go driving, so my right leg gets a lot more NEPA. That’s all I can think of.

Off to do my first V-burn challenge!
Will report baseline time (and 1st impressions) when I’m done.

V-Burn Challenge #1 - 33:46 And I am dripping! I don’t really know what to say about it other than I like it. I’m still catching my breath. Looking forward to improving next weeks time.

Today, I was having the strongest cravings for cucumbers and other raw vegetables. I would have done anything to go to the Whole Foods salad bar and get a small plate. With a dash of vinegar. Umm. Cucumbers and vinegar. (No I’m not pregnant)

Sweet- sounds like you doing well on you 1st (2nd) week :-). Ive been craving lots of veggies too which is encouraging. I’m also doing the diet with my honey and it really helps to have some one do it along side you. Happy V-Dieting!

I’m really missing the social aspect of eating.
No surprise – I’m always the one to round-up a lunch outing at work and a weekend extended family dinner. I mean, eating is the time to exchange business ideas in a friendly and relaxed way. It’s the time to share love, affection and our lives with family. The V-Diet is challenging a lot of my nurturing, maternal instincts in a big way.


Yes, my husband is somewhat doing the V-Diet with me, but even there…eating dinner out together after a long day was a big part of our relationship. He is not a 100 percenter. When he HAS to have a solid meal, he just goes out and gets one – without me. BooHoo. BTW…he’s down 9 pounds on his half-ass-V-Diet. More than me…typical. Oh well. Just had to ramble and vent a bit.

Overall, I’m pleased with my results so far. I’m happy to be getting ANY results. I could tell in my last workout that I’m flatter and tighter in my abs. And I’m looking forward to weighing, measuring and posting tomorrow.

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