V-Diet Log 3.0 - 227@53, It's a Damn Shame

Well, time to fix this shit. I have been on this site for a long long time, and I have been in really good shape at least 3 times, but have always backslid (if that’s a word). Last time was in Feb-March 07, when I was at 197. Since then I have gained back 30 of the 43 lbs I lost to get there.

I am hoping that the V-Diet will help me not simply to lose the weight (which I know I can do anyway), but will help me change some eating habits as well. In addition, it occurs to me that if it works (which really means if I have the stones to make it thru 28 days)I will have a tool that I can use for shorter runs if I find that I am drifting back to my old ways.

So, here’s the starting point:

Height 5"1""
Weight 227

Neck 15.5"
Shoulders 48.5"
chest 43.5"
waist 43.5" OMG
hips 44.5" LOL + WTF + YSBAOY
L quad 25.5"
R quad 35.5"
L caf 16.5"
R calf 16.5"
L bicep 15"
R bicep 15"

Supplement wise, I already have everything here except the L, which I will take a pass on, and the HOT-ROX, which I can’t take, and some protein, which I just ordered. In addition I have Alpha Male, ZMA and some 11-T. Wish like hell that I had a bottle of MAG-10 as well.

The workouts are using Chad’s Huge in a Hurry format, which I have tried and liked, and which can be a bitch - but you are in and out of the gym quickly, a plus for me.

I have a commercial gym membership thru the end of April, and a pretty good home setup as well. Powerack, 400lb Oly set, fixed db to 60lb, lat machine, low row, lifecycle.

Support comes from my awesome girlfriend, and my equally awesome son.

Looks like it’s all on me…

Day 1 was not that bad! Am of Day 2, and I don’t really feel hungry. Just had my first shake. Soon, off to the gym for my version of NEPA:

30 min on treadmill - keep heart rate above 125.
Ab tri-set: Woodchops, back ext and swiss ball crunches

I find myself eager for workout 2 tomorrow,

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