V-Diet 'Lite' Thoughts

Hey Chris,

I was wondering if you would/could chime in on something for me. I’m considering doing something I’ve not ever really done, which is to attempt to lean myself out beyond where I’ve been for the last, roughly 5 years, which is probably around 15% BF. I’ve never gotten it tested or anything, so I don’t know for sure, just a speculation.

I was curious if, as I’m already decently lean (but I’m looking to hit maybe 10%), the following idea is something you would recommend. I don’t think I need the V-Diet full bore, based on where I am currently, so I was thinking of this as an alternative. I already eat healthy, wheat & dairy gone from the diet as much as I can control it, lots of lean meats, quality fats and carbs (I was on I3G from April til December, but money issues are stopping that. I have one bottle left to use in February, after the following idea that you’re about to read through).

I am thinking that for 3-4 weeks, in January, I would do 3-4 MD shakes during the day while at work (this would make preparing my meals for the day to take with me beyond simple and save me some time), then peri nutrition (PLAZMA during, MAG-10 after), then a large, solid meal after my workout consisting of a good blend of protein, fats and carbs and then possibly a snack or another MD shake before bed, with some nuts sprinkled through here and there (almonds, cashews and walnuts).

Are there any qualms about this idea? Are there any thoughts you could add to this, or suggestions you could make around it? I’m coming off doing some HDL lifting for a little bit too long, so I was a little burnt out, so I am also planning my gym sessions to be bodyweight for most of this ‘diet’ session, with a good bit more conditioning work tossed in than I’ve been doing (with heavier sleds for legs to keep them up), as a bit of ‘rehab’, then the plan is to start Reactive Pump, 5/3/1 or possibly go after one of the old Indigo programs to try to gain some size.

Thanks for the time and opinion, it’s greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need any further details from me.

Looks like a solid plan! It would easy to adjust as you go along too: simply alter the size of the final meal or nighttime snack. I like it.

I’d also suggest some Predator Conditioning to really ramp things up:

Awesome, thanks for the quick reply on a Saturday, Chris, I appreciate it. And thanks for the link for the conditioning. I’ll check that out shortly here this morning and likely incorporate into things and see where it goes.

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