V-Diet Lite - Not Losing Weight

I have been doing the V-Diet Lite version - 3 shakes followed by a HSM at night with a Finibar extra pre workout for 5 weeks but am not losing weight.

I lost 30lbs on the V-Diet a few months ago and hoped this would get rid of the last 10 - 15 lbs. I train vigorously (kettlebells) 3X a week and recovery workouts 3X a week.
Any suggestions for losing this weight? Do I need to do the full V-Diet again?

p.s. My HSM follows the transition phase guidelines and is about 400 - 450 cal - lean protein and veggies

The calories there should be low enough for fat loss for most people. Do a quick count and check.

You lost 30 pounds with the V-Diet, which is great! Are you sure you have 15 more pounds left to lose? Fat loss naturally slows the more you lose, but I would you expect you to lose some in 5 weeks. Are you only using the scale to judge progress? You could be gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time, which won’t show on the scale. Any tape measurements to go by? Pics?

Anything else sneaking into the diet? Alcohol?

You are good, Chris! You got me. I forgot to mention (!) that on the weekends I do drink wine with dinner - Fri and Sat night I split a bottle of Pinot Noir with my wife at dinner. I also eat HSMs on Sat and Sunday but according to calorie count of V-Diet - about 2000cal including the wine.

Is this what is slowing down my weight loss?
And I figure I need to lose about 15 more because I only see the beginning of abs - - not a six pack yet.

Alcohol does slow things down when the main goal is fat loss, but a couple of glasses per week isn’t a major roadblock.

You know, this could simply be a training issue. Your diet is spot-on for fat loss (even with a little wine.) If someone is already seeing some abs and their diet is already clean, then the answer is usually to train harder/better/more-often. Not sure what kind of kettlebell workout you’re doing, but are you doing any regular weight training? And what is a “recovery” workout?

Thanks Chris - The Kbell training is part heavy Kbells (swings, get ups, etc) and part heavy weight lifting - deadlifts, front squats, push presses – Not bodybuilding, but general fitness with some short, intense tabata stuff too. That is 3x a week.
The other 3 days is called recovery, which consists of an hour of light rowing or biking. I get one day off.
I would love to hear how you think I might augment this training and or diet.
Thanks for everything.

I’m personally no fan of hour long cardio, though your recovery workout may not technically fall into that category. The type of conditioning work at the end of this article is far superior:

I’d suggest more hypertrophy-style training. Build more muscle to permanently get the metabolism firing. Makes long-term leanness much easier.

So on the days I now do the light row, I can instead do more classic bodybuilding stuff…like bench presses, curls, etc? Should I be doing the heavy weights/low reps way? Maybe 4 exercises per muscle group, 3 groups per workout? (Ex: DO chest, back, triceps on one day…4 different exercises per muscle group, 5-7 reps with heavy weight)?

I suggest just choosing one of the programs written by Thibaudeau, Meadows, etc here on T-Nation. Any plan with the main goal of hypertrophy will do the trick since all these coaches know their stuff. The Reactive Pump plan is very cool.

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