V-Diet Lite - Me, Myself and I

I started doing the V-Diet Lite just over a week ago. I think Im on the right track- though any criticism is welcome. When I weighed myself last Monday I was 175#- as of this morning Im 170#. I estimate I need to lose about 10 pounds or so of fat.

A food log for what I eat is being kept at Fitday-

Counting calories is a pain in the ass and not something Ive ever done before- but it has kept me in check.
On a non-workout day I get about 1500 calories- 165g Protein, 65g carbs(25 which is Fiber), 55g fat. A typical day looks like:

7am 2 scoops Low-Carb Metabolic Drive
10am salmon on 1 peice of double fiber bread- 1oz raw almonds
1pm 4oz chicken breast with 2-3 servings of green veggies
4pm turkey breast
5or6 1 scoop MD
8pm 1 scoop of Low-Carb Metabolic Drive with Almond butter.
3 fish oil tablets a day.
(maybe 12oz of black coffee throughout the day)

On workout days I get about 1800 calories.

Post workout: 8oz chocolate milk with halfscoop of Low-Carb Metabolic Drive

For my training I use somewhat of a modified version of what Christian Thibaudeau wrote here

Basically 2 days a week are heavy lifting and 2 days are lactate inducing workouts(higher rep circuits). I haven’t been doing any of the running hes outlined since my calorie intake is low.

Even the lactate workouts by themselves seem a bit too much- Im thinking I need to increase calories on these day as only Circuit burned 350 cal in 20 minutes(according to my heart rate monitor). Or just do less.

Any opinions/suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

After doing some reading I think my carbs maybe too high and fat too low…? This nutrition thing is new to me. Under 1500 cal a day is pretty drastic. Normally I probably consume around 2500 or so.

P.S. Hopefully I haven’t posted on the wrong forum. I know this inst any where near as hard core as the full on V-Diet- I look like a bit of a pansy in comparison. :wink:

Editing this a bit- lowering the carbs and uping the fat. BTW, The Chocolate MD with almond butter is almost delicious! I can see myself craving that in place of a chocolate peanut butter shake.

I lowered my carb intake and up’d the fat. Today Ive felt pretty sluggish and tired all day. Maybe Im doing some wrong or the diet just caught up with me.

BTW, the Choc Metabolic Drive and Almond butter is almost delicious! Its nearly as tasty as a choc PB ice cream shake.

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