V-Diet Lifting

I am an ESS major with many years experience playing pro football. I was a o-lineman at 302 lbs on a 6’2" frame. I have dropped 70 lbs and seem to be maintaing which I am happy with. I saw another kid ask this but I am finally excited to drop “football” lifting and be introduced into the bodybuilding community and am in love with my new program I created. That being the case can I stay on it and try V-Diet out? It is a 6 day split.

For best results, use the V-Diet workouts suggested. People have had success using other workouts of course, but it can get tricky. For example, 6 days a week of lifting means you’ll need a lot more Plazma. But it’s doable. And while people can gain muscle on the V-Diet plan, it’s primarily for pure fat loss. A “bodybuilding” workout might be too much given the low calories of the V-Diet. But if you use Plazma for every workout it should be fine.

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