V-Diet Let's Go!

Well first off I’m new to here but here’s a little about me and how I ended up here. I’m a PT based in the UK. About 5 years ago I decided enough was enough as I was sick of where I’d got to in life. I was a 260lb fat doorman who struggled to climb a flight of stairs. My health was in a poor state and my safety and those I work with was as well as my lack of fitness was affecting my job. I started my turn around with training my first half marathon, which I finished.

I relapsed into my old ways and nearly 4 years ago I decided I needed a total lifestyle change. I signed up for my fitness qualifications and started on my journey to become a PT. On my early stages at workshops I was the only fat guy in the studio and I really needed to do something. I did the whole low carb thing and shed some weight losing about 20lbs. Over the past few years I’ve got down to 207lbs but recently gained a few after a couple of events this summer namely my first ironman and an ultra marathon.

I’ve never been into weight lifting as such until recently the only knowledge of weight lifting was bodybuilding which I’ve nothing against it just doesn’'t make me tick. I just enjoy ultra endurance. I’m now adding more strength training in without the focus so much on hypertrophy. My problem at the minute is the amount of high GI based foods used in ultra events I get into a cycle of craving and really struggle to get back on the wagon. I’ve always struggled with sweat foods as it is.

Anyway last night I started reading Dan John’s book and came across the V-Diet. It kind of goes against what I preach to my clients but what I’ve read and peoples results speak for themselves so I’m here to be open minded and give it a try. I’m most interested in seeing if the change in food tastes holds much water for me.

As I’m on a tight budget I haven’t bought any of the recommended products but I’ve tried to match them with a similar alternative so maybe I’m setting myself up for an epic fail but I’ve spent my months food budget so not a lot of choice but to soldier on. I intend to update this log regularly and I’m starting on Monday once my delivery of supplements arrives.

I’ll also upload my start pics and stats on Monday as well. So here goes…

Hey! Good luck! I am also not really into bodybuilding. I am more into this for looks. Stick to the program though. If the products you got this time don’t work, then save up so you can buy the right products and try it again. I am sure you will still see good gains in your goals, though.

[quote]New Beginning33 wrote:
Hey! Good luck! I am also not really into bodybuilding. I am more into this for looks. Stick to the program though. If the products you got this time don’t work, then save up so you can buy the right products and try it again. I am sure you will still see good gains in your goals, though.[/quote]

Cheers Mate, Well my supps just arrived. I must say slightly daunting that thats going to pretty much be my fuel source for the next month. Looking forward to my next healthy meal already.

Well just weighed in this morning. 15st 3lbs or 213lbs or 96.5kg if you prefer with a body fat measurement according to my scales of 25% but I usually take that with a pinch of salt as I find it inconsistent from one day to the next. I’ll be taking a full set of measurements later today with some pics as well so I’ll update this post then. Time for my first shake and get the rest ready for the day!

Start - 15st 3lbs (213lbs/96.5kg)
Body Fat % - 23.7%
Waist - 90cm
Abdominal - 96.5
Illiac crest - 99.5
Hips - 107.4
Thighs - R61.5 L61.5
Upper Arm - R31.5 L31.5
Chest - 103.5

-updated body fat calculation using tape measure, this is my preferred method and the one I’ll continue on with-

Well thats the first day over and nothing much to say really. I missed out on one shake as I forgot when I was at work. I still had 5 though as its my training day. I’m thinking it must be the fat burners I’ve got for first thing in a morning. I don’t drink a lot of caffeine but when I do it really works.

I’ll probably have to get some more shakes though as the one I ordered doesn’t have casein in it and is really thin with water. Oh and the super greens powder I got reminds me of the dried fish food you give to gold fish! I guess it serves me right for going cheap but we’ll see how it goes.

I also survived a trip into the supermarket to get my peanut butter and coconut oil without raiding the shelves.

I haven’t really felt hungry but I did find myself trying to bite the froth on my last shake of the day so maybe i’ll get some chewing gum tomorrow.

Well i seem to have messed up my update for yesterday. I posted a new thread instead of replying to this one to update it. And my before pictures have landed straight on before/after forum so. I’ll keep updating this log now I’ve sussed out how to post correctly. And I’ll hopefully my before pics will show up with this post on this log to keep everything in one place.

The morning started with two fat burners and like a stated before I’ve had to go for a cheaper brand of supps but they seem ok on an empty stomach. This morning I had to train my PT clients and it was their run day but it ended up being run/walk as one of them is recovering from their first 10k at the weekend. So that’s an hour of NEPA covered for today.

I missed a shake yesterday but I’m trying to space today’s out so I can have more when I’m working tonight. I’m a p/time lifeguard at the local pool and it is so boring. My biggest vice was the occasional trip or two to the vending machine on my breaks so if I can time my shakes so I have one just before and one whilst I’m there I can look forward to my peanut butter shake when I get home before bed.

Also at work tonight I’m going to increase my NEPA by making sure I patrol more on the pool then I normally would and including walking there and home I could be looking at some serious NEPA for today. But so far,

20mins cyle
60mins run/walk with my PT clients
20mins cycle home

Still to do
15mins walk
maybe 60mins around the pool
15mins walk home.

Not sure if doing to much NEPA will be good or bad. I’m thinking probably good as long as I hit the minimum for the day.

I’ve also found out black coffee with no sugar isn’t half bad! already dropped the sugar weeks ago so was half way there.

Congrats on your motivation and goals! Just keep in mind, the V-Diet really is meant to work with these specific supplements. At the VERY least, the Metabolic Drive protein. They work, every time. So, you may wind up feeling hungry, some side effects from the fat burners, etc., that you may not normally feel with the Biotest stuff. Just something to keep in mind if you’re trying a program without the specific recommended supplements.

thanks for the heads up robstein, The only issue I found so far is I ordered whey without casein but I’m faring up ok so far but expecting tomorrow to be more difficult.

I had a hard time earlier today but that was just holding off on a shake because I was planning on having more tonight to deal with work. I got through it ok but feeling fine now. Using a supp. with casein in tonight with my peanut butter. It’s like a meal now!

I’ll keep updating my progress so hopefully I wont be another one to drop of the bottom of the forum half finished. But we’ll see its early days yet and I’m expecting hard days. I’m in it for the challenge as much as anything if that makes sense.

I’ve just checked the Biotest website for here in the UK and it appears they dont carry the Metabolic Drive on the site and the Surge Recovery is double what you guys pay in the US according to the conversion on google. Unfortunately as good as it may be I couldn’t even afford to try the V-Diet plan any other way. Fingers crossed I’ll do fine and hopefully see some results if not optimal.

Day -4

Well its day 4 but only just. Yesterday got a bit challenging about mid-day I was feeling pretty weak physically at one point. I changed a shake to a casein based one I had left and used a little more than I should of but it was the end of the tub and wouldn’t of been enough for another shake. That shake was great though really thick after shaking it up. I got through the day though.

The hardest part so far is Wed & Thur are my long days up at 6am and not home until 9-10pm so I’m sparing my shakes early on so I can have them later in the day. I need one at about 10pm so I’m not in bed on an empty stomach and fasting is always easier in the morning. Having my training yesterday helped with my extra shake though.

I’ve weighed myself every day but I’m not looking at my BF% until monday. I weighed in after the first day and hadn’t lost anything but the previous two days weigh ins have shown I’ve lost 2lbs per day so far. So a total of 4lbs. Down to 14st 13lbs from 15st 3lbs on monday.

I’ve changed my training programme from the one recommended purely because I want to work on my compound lifts at the minute. So Mondays session was,

50reps - Front Squat, Deadlift, Chest Press, Military Press, Bent over rows, These where all done at about my 7-8RM weight and took a number of sets each.

Yesterdays session was the same lifts for 20reps and was a fair bit heavier then monday.

Tomorrows session I think I’ll do similar again but go for a heavy dumbell and work unilaterally for the same/similar lifts. But I’ll be doing the v-burn challenge at the weekend like everyone else.

Things I’ve noticed so far,

  • I cant ride my bike as hard as I could even if I tried. I got one good burst beating a red light this morning but had to back right off. The endurance and sustained power is not there. Probably the lack of carbs.
  • I get really hungry around mid day so I’m having a black coffee with coconut oil. Not on the v-plan but with my change in supplements I have the calories to spare.

I’m getting plenty of NEPA in as I don’t have a car and cycle or walk everywhere anyway. today will be 40mins cycle minimum but may double if I decide to go home later. So if not I’ll get a walk in but I do have a Kettlebell session I need to coach & partake in tonight so that must count for something.

So here’s to another good day I hope.

Yeah man! Keep it up!

Day 6

Well I haven’t dropped off the radar or off plan. Had a busy couple of days…

Thursday & Friday been and gone. Those were two days I was dreading as they were both long days. 6.30am start and 9pm finish but surprisingly went pretty well. Thursday I was at my studio all day catching up on all sorts and as it wasn’t a training day I had to make 5 shakes cover a lot of time. I’ve found I can easily extend my overnight fast until about 9-10am easily. And like I said thursday was pretty uneventful. I had to go to shop for handwash etc for the customer toilet and I left with only that. Although there was a little demon sat on my shoulder as I was walking back, I’ll be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted.

Friday was a bit more difficult. Again up early but I was at a promotion event for my business. Remembered my shakes all prepared but forgot my water and had to go until 2pm without a shake. I did have my post-workout shake earlier on at about 8am so I wasn’t at a total lost but I did double my shake and have an extra thick shake at 2pm. One of the stands near by gave me a pre workout drink to try. I was thirsty it was free but I wish I’d of checked the label and googled some of the shit in it. I should of know by its name “extreme speed stack” it tasted like chemical warfare in a bottle and I was wired! This was being given away by another gym and I thought we were in the health & fitness industry. That stuff isn’t healthy! At work later on when I was lifeguarding at the pool I was sweating ridiculously and actually started feeling pretty ill. That passed though and enjoyed my strawberry/peanut butter shake when I got in. I actually enjoy that concoction, not a big fan of the summer fruits one I got though.

I’ve decided tonight is going to be my healthy meal. It was going to be tomorrow but its my step-dads 50th this week and not wanting to be a social leper I’m going to join them and I’m looking forward to it, I have to say. I actually found last night harder with the thought of my meal coming today though. It would probably be easier for me to just go without the meal every week but actually thinking about it I wont pass up. I’m already thinking what to have next week. But tonight will be chick pea starter (we can have starters right?) well it won’t make much difference on the grand scheme of things i would imagine. Main will be a nice hot and tasty madras but sans rice or naan I’m gonna keep the carbs down.

Next week I’m thinking steak with spinach, stringless beans and asparagus. I actually want three greens on one plate!

Well its day 7.

But my one HSM meal didn’t really pan out. We ate out at the local indian restaurant and to be honest I rarely eat out, it was a 50th birthday celebration and well, I decided to enjoy the occasion with my family and enjoy it. The night panned out with a pint of my fav. beer cobra and that was followed by two more. At the meal I ate a mixed tandoori kebab starter with chickpea’s and for main I had a lamb madras curry. I didn’t order rice or naan bread but a few mouthfuls did come my way though. Oh and we finished with an indulgent chocolate birthday cake which looked like a bonfire when it came over with 50 candles in for my stepdad.

So yes it was an epic fail in some respects but these occasions are to be enjoyed. I wouldn’t say it was a disappointment but I’ve got up this morning and got back on my shakes. I did weigh in at 15’2" so a 4lbs increase but my first two days of weight loss would likely of been water weight whilst waiting for glycogen depletion. So really I’d only lost 1lb of actual fat I recon. It’ll probably take a couple of days to deplete back down and get back to fat burning but I’m having an extra day before my next (or maybe my first) HSM which will be exactly that.

Even though I went wild last night I’m not craving sweet stuff today. I noticed a lot of sweetness in my meal. I actually ate the onion in my starter which was well cooked and taste very sweet. I always finely dice my onion so never noticed how sweet they can be. But anything that was sweet really was that. I’m interested to see what next weeks meal tastes like but I’ll wait until next sunday.

But here’s to another week

Well its day 9 and I’ve decided that’s it for me!

I started the V-Diet with the goal of seeing it through but I don’t like the effects its having on my mood. Yesterday was a low day mood wise and everything at work last night wound me up. Yesterday I felt depressed and its not something I like, a few years ago I was often up and down for weeks at a time although I never sought a diagnosis for depression I personally believe I was. That’s exactly how I felt last night.

I came home last night and put a precooked meal (home cooked) out of my freezer in the microwave but I didn’t like being defeated in a challenge so I put it back and had a shake. Avoiding making a rash decision I waited until today to see how I feel. Regardless of the end result if you dont enjoy the journey is it really worth it.

I’m feeling better mood wise but I cant help thinking about the plan and the thought that essentially eating a high protein diet spares muscle tissue so a diet that matches the protein content but also offers much more nutritionally is a better approach. I know its being said and I’m expecting replies to the tune of I should of used Biotest products but will the equivalent price of $85US Its extremely pricey and I wouldn’t of being able to afford the whole plan anyway.

The V-Diet has served a purpose for me as it has given me a kick in the direction of really putting some effort into improving my body composition. I intend to continue with my resistance programme as I’m actually quite enjoying it. But I need real food.

One thing I am missing is cooking, I enjoy getting my big pan out and batch cooking my meals. I will be maintaining a high level of protein but I need my fats also. For me food is more than fuel, its a pass time as well. I love learning new flavours and meal ideas and four weeks is a lot of sacrifice.

I never was a big fan of supplements but now I see they’re very useful in reaching a goal but for me should remain supplementary to a healthy diet. Although for a busy day if I’m in a bind for time I will make sure I have my shakes packed to get me through over popping to the shop for a flapjack of what ever.

If anything my 9 days on the V-Diet have made me evaluate my eating habits and I know where I’ve been going wrong. But it just isn’t the right way for me.

My weight this morning was 15st I lost some weight and I have honestly seen some improvement in body composition. I measured on monday and my waist was 0.5cm thinner and I’d gained 0.5cm on each thigh so it does work.

I also need to keep my distances up in my swim/bike/run and I don’t like not doing these things.

I’m not slating anyone who wants to do the V-Diet but think it through its not the only way to hit your goal. I will still be working on reaching my leaner better body comp and maybe in a few weeks I’ll update this thread with a progress update if its not frowned upon.

I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you, good luck continuing your efforts! Just something to keep in mind, your judgements of the V-Diet aren’t completely accurate, because you didn’t do the V-Diet. It’s a program meant to work with specific supplements, at specific times. With your situation, you weren’t able to get them, which is completely understandable, but realistically this program cannot be replaced with other supplements and must be followed strictly. That’s like taking one of CT’s or Meadow’s 12 week workout plans, doing it for 4 weeks, skipping workouts, replacing exercises, and saying, “well this program doesn’t work. There are better ways to build muscle.”

The Metabolic Drive protein is prefect for the V-Diet, and people who follow the program correctly often say they are always full and have trouble eating all the shakes. The HOT-ROX are better than any other “fat burning super stack” you’ll find, Superfood to help focus and curb cravings, etc. For people who follow the program correctly, it is an extremely effective, efficient and awesome way to lose fat.

You can definitely accomplish similar nutrition with food. If you keep your meals to lean protein, good fats and no complex carbs, drink only water, you will be in good shape. Check out this article by Chris, it may be perfect for you:

Good luck!

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