V-Diet Journal for Vegas

So I put on 10-15 pounds after getting ready for a figure show but injuring myself two weeks out. Then I ate over the holidays and the rest is history. I’m going to Vegas in six weeks and need to drop quickly and it’s time to get back on it for a busy triathlon season coming up. I hate cooking and am not a fan of having to eat so I was really excited to see how easy this is!

Day one went easy per se, but it was weird not eating any solid food. I weighed in at 147 yesterday and was down to 144 this morning. I know it’s impossible to loose three pounds over night so I’ll stack it up to my sushi roll and salted margarita the night before. The workout felt like my old days with a trainer and kicked my butt! It wasn’t too hard but I’m not used to only a 30 second rest. I was out of the gym in about an hour with my cardio too. I needed the Surge by the time I got home.

The day went pretty well and I wasn’t starving between shakes. The last shake with PB was awesome and was like dessert before bed! I will look forward to that every night!

Just did cardio today and can feel my legs from yesterday… Here we go!

Nice, I’m kinda doing the V-Diet for Vegas too…I’m going twice this summer, LOL! I have a friend who’s doing an all female triathalon here in WA too, maybe you’ll be in it? 27 measly more days, keep it up!

wow another WA V-Dieter. I can’t wait to see your progress…I’m 5 days in. I have no Vegas plans but hope to look great in June when I have family come to visit that haven’t seen me for a while and for a vacation with the BF sometime this summer.

keep posting so we can cheer you on!

Whohoo, down to 143 today. I’m dying for some fruit flavor in my shakes! Will check out the FF SF coffee flavorings with all 0’s on the labels…

Awesome, be sure to keep us updated on your tape measurements as well.

BUT… stop weighing so often! You’re going to drive yourself nuts as natural body weight fluctuates (especially in females). Once per week, same time of day (morning), same scale, empty stomach, after bathroom visit. Dem’s da rulez.

Where do you work out (if you live in Seattle)?

Active, hang tough I started V-Diet Sunday the 22nd so were on about the same schedule I wish you great success and I look forward to hearing about your good results.

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