V-Diet is a Go


Just weighed mysf this morning: 153lbs; that’s down 6lbs from 159. The place I go for my measurements is owned by 2 former IFBB Pros. They say this is a safe and healthy way to drop weight, just over a pound a week. Its more difficult for women to drop weight because our bodies hold onto fat for baby making… I feel I look a lot better than the Initial pictures though and the guys at work have been asking me what workouts I’m doing. Lol
I’m posting the results from the bodyfat thing below. My.body fat went down just over 3 percent in 4 weeks…

This puts in perspective how I need to eat calorically from now on based off timing and calories.
It’s a serious reality check when you see how the west is conditioned to consume food. Its just getting hard for me to drink the shakes, I almost threwup the mid afternoon shake on the last sip yesterday.

My measurements all in inches:

Location. Day 1. Day 29. Total lost
Neck. 13.5. 13.2. - .3
Right arm. 13.4. 13.2. - .2
Right forearm. 10.5. 10.5. - 0
Left arm. 13.5. 13.25. -.25
Left forearm. 10.5. 10.5. -0
Rib cage. 34. 33. -1
Waist. 31.5. 29. -2.5
Hips. 36 35. -1
Butt. 39.5. 39.2. -.3
Right thigh. 24.6. 23.5. -1.1
Left thigh. 24.5. 24. -.5
Right quad. 19.3. 18.3. -1
Left quad. 19. 18.5. -.5
Right calf. 14 13. -1
Left calf. 14.3. 13.5. .8

… if you haven’t figured it out. My right side is the Injured side… thats why the skewed numbers in comparison to the left.



Here’s the bloodwork results I got done at the end of May and then again on the last day of velocity…


Great stuff all-around. The blood results are something not many people track or appreciate, but it’s legit.

And the pics (a little tough to tell with the different sizes and poses) do definitely show visible results, especially in the side pose.

Good work seeing the plan through.


It was hard, but not as bad as master cleanse. It’s all in your perception. Just follow the instructions. Your cravings are fake and theres not much required of you otherwise. You can fit a lot in a day & this is just a small part of it. Thanks for the support.