V-Diet is a Go


Day 10- Monday! Everything was good. I did all.vanilla and water today. Stuck to my plan
6am Plazma & HOT-ROX
6:30- front squats- 65 × 10, 85 x 6, 6, 6, 6, 6
Db bench: 70x10, 80 x 10, 8,8,4
Lat pull, 120 x 8, 8, 8, 8, 6, 2
Walkout to handstand yo walk back…
6pm: dinner- chicken (335), portabello(25), 1/2 cup black rice(110), lettuce with oil & vinegar.(100)
570- yay!


Tuesday 11- I did my nepa walk early and did a lot of driving
Same same for shakes.
Dinner: baked chicken, steamed carrots, steamed green beans, salad w/oil and vinegar salt and pepper.i remembered my flame out today. Picked up salmon for dinner today.

Weds, day 12:
Plazma, with berry(yum) added turmeric and guggul herbs inflammation
Rear squat ( leg up on bench) 60# db x 10,10,10,10
Injury progression with the reps. It did suck. We have a prison gym at work.
Bent over row: 35#x10, 40x10, 45x10, 50x10… I could go up more! Next time, heavier- used caution. I get back spasms sometimes
Push press: 65#x 10, hold 1 hand handstand for 40 seconds, then back & forth til I hit 40 reps
Curl- did cable curls, slow on the negative 50#
Reverse crunches: 10,10,10,10
Protein and water. I feel good
Having a spike in appetite due to PMS a bit. It’s getting hard. Upping the lettuce intake since low calories. This is when I think will be the most difficult.


Day 13, I was up at 6am
6:30- Nepa walk :45 mins uphill at 5 degree incline at 3.5mph.
Had my shake and vitamins st 8am. Loading out.diving equipment at work.( we do that a lot)
Shake at 1130 & 3:30.
Dinner was salmon, sauteed carrots, green beans with portabee.mushroom, and 1/2 cup steamed sweet potato.


I just weighed myself again bare this morning. It said 158. I hope that’s because my “lady time” is near. I have always had issues losing weight in pounds. I feel and look leaner in my face and back. Ive stuck to this to a T… aside from.the initial couple shakes with almond milk in the beginning and forgetting my ame out on two occasions. I’ve been weighing my food and when I’m hungry, I add lettuce or steamed veggies… what do you think ( only.perspn who reads and approves these?) :smiley:


How are your measurements compared to the start? If you look/feel leaner, who cares what the scale says?


I’m not gonna do that. I know for a fact that I get super bloated during my period, so measuring right now isn’t the best idea. I always have visible fluctuations in my breasted and lower abdomen. Let’s wait for lady time to pass… my skin looks amazing, so that’s enough motivation already.


Well, day 14 was not bad- plz remember that I have to go ez on the deadlifts on account of my injury… so 155 it was. A little plazma and hot rox pre workout.
155 deadlift, 10, 10, 5,5,5,5
Incline db press: 70x 10, 80x 10, 8, 8, 4
Lat pull wide grip- 120 x 10, 10, 8, 8, 4
Hand walk out from toes. 5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5. I do a variation of this. Just a bit harder because I have to go light on the deadlifts :slight_smile:
Diner was at 7, salmon, mushrooms, large salad with mixed lettuce and balsamic 2 tbsp.
Here are my half way pics in the same swimsuit. I notice my waist is starting to taper down. Bit :slight_smile: yay!



Well, I’m at 154 this morning. Yay! I recorded a round of my weekend workout, but I cant decide over DMX ot Evergreen Terrace. I did miss a shake yesterday because I was out running around like a crazy, but I had a big salad with my dinner.
Chicken, salad, purple games x 1 cup and steamed broccoli. Yes, I was starving!!! And I didnt yo yo bes til 2 because I was drawing for some clients. :smiley:


Congrats on making it half way. It’s all downhill from now on, right? :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks… I just looked at my post. Typo, purple yams and go to bed til 2am… lol!!!
Yesterday wasn’t too bad.
My workout
Front squats- 65x 10, 95 x 10, 8 6, 6
Bench press- 115 x 5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5
Pullups- 10,10,10,10
Hanging leg raise- 10,10,10,10
I sauteed carrots, green beans, garlic, purple yams and chicken with roasted tomatoes and a salad.

Rode my bike to work this morning, so nepa walk is today’s transportation. It’s less than 20 each way a d Flat as fuck… I’m in Florida.


Just saw my bike post… :20 minutes each way, not miles… hahaha.
Today was reverse lunges 30# x 10, 10,10,10,10
Bent over row: 35# x 10, 40 x 10, 45 x 10, 10.
Push press- 65# x 10,10,10,10
Curl- 20#db, x10,10,10,10
Reverse curl, 10,10 10,10
… ok, so I’m a little sore from physical therapy. I’m feeling significantly more weak & I think it’s because of my lady cycle. It’s been difficult sticking to the diet, especially with the hormonal fluctuation. I feel like I need more sleep and I’m a lot more hungry. Before this, I felt great! Been looking at follow on trainings. Shortcut to shred looks promising & I’m considering extending V diet 4 days… :slight_smile:


Oh crap… so… I think I might have made a mistake, but I’m not sure. I need a response on this asap… the flame out. I’ve been taking one pill with each of my shakes totaling 4 pills throughout the day. The bottle says theres 4 pills in a serving… I just noticed I still have a fair amount left in bottle 1 & I’m more than half way done w/ V diet… Is this suggesting I take 4 pills with each shake, or 4 total in the day for 1 serving??? No way My supply would last the month … but. Help???


4 total in the day for 1 serving. There is a sample layout in the v-diet e book if you ever need to reference it.


I did. Thanks, I feel like a jackass.i saw it after I logged in at work. And today’s nepa walk will be my time I spent in a dry suit with leaky gloves in 34 degree water. I’m already sleepy as hell.


Deadlift- 135 x 10, 155 x 10,10,10
Incline db press- 70 x 10, 10,10,10
Pull up, 10,10, assisted -50, 6,6,6,2.
Toe walk out 10,10,10,10

Dinner- Sole fillet, (135) coconut oil 2tbsp. To cook with ( 234)quinoa with mushrooms,(150) salad with balsamic.(120) - over a bit 640.

I skipped the PM shake. That evening shake puts me over my daily metabolic calories required. I bounced it off my initial.body fat analysis… sorry.


I weighed in at 154 yesterday morning. I did a ton of yard work, filled in a fire pit and built part of a fence. My dinner was chicken w/ quinoa and garlic & mushrooms and a salad with balsamic.
My one complaint is I’ve been running low on the superfood. I’ve been doing half dose the last week and I ran out today. I’ve also missed 4 days total where i forgot to pack it for work. There isnt enough superfood to do the velocity diet. I’m going to double up on my multivitamins.i meant to call biotest, but I was at work late. Anyways…
This morning:
front squat- 85x- 10,10 10 10
Incline bench- 85x 10, 10, 10, 10
Wide grip lat pulls- 120x 10, 10, 8, 8, 4
Toes walk out- 10, 10,10,10


This morning was nuts with an hour and a half of physical therapy, and it hurt. I realize im.not going as heavy as the program calls for and I feel like a lite bitch because of it, but I have to work around some injuries. I’m going to up the set/ rep count when I taped off. Maybe concentrate on isometric to gain physique. Theres always another way and I’m having a lot of fun planning my next moves in regard to my lifestyle change post V diet.


Same morning routiene with the supplements…
Reverse lunges- 30#- 10 x 4
Bent over rows- 35#-10 x 4
Pushpress- 65#- 10x 5
Reverse crunches 10 x 5i superset this with the pushpress. I was on a time crunch for work
Curls 15# db…
I discovered a veggie spiralizer. I ate a zucchini (33 cals) a yellow squash (32 cals) codfish (189)
I cooked this in coconut oil and olive oil. 100 +100
265, = 465 calories. Round up to 500. I’m so full…


Yesterday I had physical therapy. I do get to sweat in there and it really isolated my hips and glutes. We moved a lot of scuba tanks around also. All was the same on diet. Dinner was:
Monk fish: 5oz (180 cal) It was good… i ate more than a serving… cooked tbsp coconut oil (170)
Broccoli: 50
Sweet potato: 114
514 calories total.

No bed shake this week… again, I tweaked it. This diet doesnt have me at a deficit of I even take half the shake. I am in the parking lot of the body fat place now. I’m getting it measured in about an hour & having my fasting blood drawn afterwards. Tomorrow will be officially 28 days complete & I will take pictures & measurements. I am also extending this through Tuesday to top off the week of no bed time protein
I’m switching to veggie protein after because I’m cutting sucralose and going to a whole food diet… I will write more tomorrow. Thanks for all the support


I did 40 minutes uphill nepa walk. Feeling a little under the weather. Coworkers are all under the weather & I’m a little stuffly… needless to say, I didnt fo my lift. I’m pounding water and vitamins. Hopefully, I can beat it. I’ll finish strong tomorrow with pictures and measurements.

Dinner was:
Steamed broccoli: 50
Portabello mushroom:30
Steamed sweet potato: 100
Coconut oil: 234
Total: 420 calories