V-Diet in the Middle East

Hi all,

I was hoping to start my V-Diet a beginning of Feb but all my stuff is stuck in customs. Have been told it will be out this wknd.

Cannot wait to start. Have been following how everyone is getting on.

I’ll post again when Im ready to begin. To all who are in the midst:


Cool. Keep us updated!

My package will have cleared customs on Saturday which means I can begin at the start of the wk (Sunday here).

Will post measurements on Sunday with photos.

Bring on the V-Diet. I cannot wait!

Day One:

Its finally here. Woke up this morning to begin what should be a life changing 28days (+ transition).

Have weighed in at 222.8lbs. A little heavier than I thought but not surprising. I’ve been working on a show for the last month and with rehearsals and work have been eating out a lot more than necessary.

My cal intake is 1565 for non lifting days and 1878 for lifting days.

I’ll be doing the intermediate program because although I have been lifting for several years I am a little rusty!

Will post my measurements/photos later today once I am home from work.

Let the transformation begin!!

Front View

Side View

Back view

Just seeing those photos makes it very real. You can kid yourself al you want that you aren’t too bad but when you have your top off and see the results there is nowhere to hide!

Good luck man! Its a great journey, Im on day 38 myself and I have eraned amazing results!..Let us all know if we can help you with anything.

Day 2:

Woke up ok but have had a lingering headache all day.

Meal 1: 2 HOT-ROX 2 scoop Choc

Meal 2: 2 Flameout 2 scoop Banana (not so nice)

Meal 3: 2 HOT-ROX 2 scoop Vanilla with cinammon (very nice)

Workout 1 - Pull-ups and dips Bodyweight
Deadlifts - 205 - 225lbs
The side planks nearly killed me but I made it

Had some Surge before hand and then sank the rest as a lay in a pool of my own sweat (thank god I have a gym to myself).

Just working through Shake 4 with flaxseed in and looking forward to my choc with p/b later this evening.

Going to do my NEPA in an hour or so.

Does anyone know if swimming is ok? I have a pool at work and used to go in at 530 and do lengths? Don’t mind walking but would be nice to alternate.

Hope you are all doing ok on your V-Diets.



Been a grumpy bastard all day but stuck to the diet strictly.

My wife has made me go to the supermarket every day which has been quite painful and she is currently cooking sausages which smell fit!

Just about to have shake 4 of the day. I seem to be worst around lunchtime. I feel very low on energy but by 4pm I am fine.

Did 40 mins NEPA on treadmill. Incline 3% at 6kmph.

From what I’ve read others seem to get over the headaches etc after the 1st few days so I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be fine.

Day 4

Shakes going well. Not felt bad at all today.

Did workout at lunchtime. My legs are killing me, bloody front squats!

A1 Standing alternating dumbbell shoulder 35lbs

A2 Alternating forward lunge 50lbs

A3 One-arm dumbbell row 70lbs

B1 Overhead dumbbell triceps extension 50lbs

B2 Standing dumbbell hammer curl 35lbs

B3 Front squat 135lbs > 115lbs

Now like the taste of Surge.

Its a big challenge tonight. Going round to my friend Jamies with the boys to play cards.

Will take my 8pm shake with me. I know I can get through this.

Most other people have done a little intro about them so I kinda felt left out.

My names Paul, I’m irish (hence the name), 30 and have been lifting on and off for 8yrs. I’m currently living in Doha in the Middle East. Im a Performing Arts teacher.

Before I moved here I was training 5 times a wk and playing a lot of football. Moving to Doha kind of knocked me off track. I got married and we ate out a lot more than we should.

I played at training. Id sporadically go for about 3 or 4 months but usually before I was due to go home for summer. Its even worse cos I work in a school with access to a weights room and am a member of the rugby club next door which has olympic bars etc.

Going back to see family and friends was a good excuse to not train. I’d mean too but going out was far more fun and i kidded myself that it was only a couple of months in the UK and it wouldn’t really matter!!

I’ve just taken a new job in Singapore starting in July. I want to move there in the best condition of my life. I also realised that if I continued the way I was going, I would be really fat and thats not for me.

Like everyone else on here I reached a point where I said enough is enough and having lurked on T Nation for a long time decided to put my money where my mouth is (thats a big mouth) and kick start a new chapter in my life.

Reading everyones progress on here makes me know I have done the right thing. Although only 4 days in Im starting to think about after transition.

Coach T’s 12wk complexes program sounds interesting. I hope its out by then!

Well thats enough rambling. Off for shake 4 of the day. think I’ll have a choc banana mix.

I’ll be posting every day. Feel free to pop in and check on me.



Tough journey ahead but it is well worth it. Good luck! Check out my post if you would like as I finished the V-Diet awhile ago and have now moved to another diet in order to reach my goals.

It can be done, it is just a mind f*ck of a diet…keep going!


Hang in there! I’m early in too. What part of Ireland you from? I spent a week in galway. It was near my ancestral home.

Knuckles I am from the North near Belfast. Galway is awesome. I havent been there in years.

Made it through the boys night even when they ordered the big bucket of chicken! In fact if Im honest it wasnt really that bothered.

Got a big wknd though. Im djing at a formal dinner tonight, free food and beers. At a valentines party tomorrow night with all my friends.

Saturday is HSM meal and I planned it so it would fall on Valentines therefore my wife can’t complain that I abandoned her. We’re then going straight to the Rugby CLub for 6Nations game.

One of the things I planned at the beginning was not giving up my social life. I can change it moving away from drinking and unhealthy eating but I still enjoy watching sport and having fun.

This wknd is a biggie but after last night I am sure I can cope.


Made it through last night no problems. Didnt even crave food or alcohol which is a good sign.

The wknd has arrived and its about 30 degrees here so off to the pool. Its my 1st HSM tomorrow and I would be lying if I didn’t feel a little excited. (understatement!!).

I’m due a weigh in and measure too. I’ve walked past the scales every day and not hopped on yet so I’m nervous but excited about that too!

keep it up bro.
glad ya stuck to your guns even on the boys night out. even better you didn’t have trouble with it. good friends.

this weekend is my last two days before transition and all i can say is that i am amazed at the results.
enjoy that HSM XD


My wife it still asleep so I cant do my measurements yet but I have weighed myself.

214.2lbs down from 222.8lbs so thats a total loss of 8.6lbs.

Not bad for one week!!!

Great results after one week. Keep it up.

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