V-Diet In Afghanistan


I am starting the V-Diet for the third time in 4 years. I have had success before, but the first time I did it I did not use Biotest supplements I mixed and matched my own and did lose fat but I ended up very skinny and I did not keep with the workout program.

The second time I tried it there was a shipping error and I did not receive the package until several months later and it did not have everything still in the package, but Biotest did refund my money for me and has very good customer service.

So I was able to do about 20 days of the diet and had good results, I also stuck with the workout program/nepa walking well to.(you can see these results in prior posts) This time I am in Afghanistan and will not have any distractions from the diet, the food is terrible and there is absolutely nothing to when the workday is done. My My starting weight is 245 and goal wight is 200. My schedule will look like this:

Sunday: Nepa walk to work
Monday: Nepa walk to work and full body workout
Tuesday: Nepa walk to work
Wednesday: Nepa walk to work and full body workout
Thursday: Nepa walk to work
Friday: Nepa walk to work and full body workout
Saturday: V-burn challenge

The Nepa walk to work is about 2.5 miles and I may walk back as well, have not decided yet.

Meal break down:
Meal#1(7am): 3 scoops protein, 2 scoops super food, 1 serving flax seed
1 Flameout, 1 fiber pill

Meal#2(11am): 2 scoop protein,
1 Flameout, 1 fiber pill

Meal#3(2pm): 3 scoops protein
1 Flameout, 1 fiber pill

Meal#4(5pm): 2 scoops protein, 2 scoops superfood, 1 serving flax seed
1 Flameout, 1 fiber pill

Meal#5(8pm): 3 scoops protein, natural nut butter
1 Flameout, 1 fiber pill

Workout days add 2 scoops Surge workout recovery.

I will also be taking a multi-vitamin, that is my entire stack.

I couple questions for T-Nation or Chris Shugart.

1.)My multi-vitamin serving size is 3 tablets, should I spread it out during the day like the Flameout?
2.)I was thinking of taking Superfood 1 scoop with 4 shakes instead of 2 scoops with 2 shakes, will this matter?
3.)Anything I am missing?
4.)Is there anything similar to Carbolin 19, that is not a stimulant that I can take? Can not take HOT-ROX or other stimulants it messes with my liver to much.
5.)Since I am in Afghanistan I am taking Doxycycline, a very strong anti-biotic that helps prevent malaria, will this interfere with the diet?

Here are the before pics they are embarrassing but its motivational, and a reminder of how far I let myself go.


I will post measurements tomorrow




here are the measurements and my exact starting weight that I did not get chance to post the other day.

weight: 250
waist at largest: 44
waist at naval:43
neck: 16
arm L: 16
arm R: 16
upper leg L: 28
upper leg R: 28
lower leg L: 22
lower leg R: 22
ankles: 9
chest upper: 44
chest lower:40


My workout day, which was yesterday, my shakes went as normally scheduled. After my last shake of the day I then went to the gym and after had Surge, there shouldn’t be a problem with this should there?

Also if anyone could add there input from the questions I posed in the first post of this blog, it would be much appreciated. FYI on day 3 i weighed in at 242.


After week one dropped about 10 lbs but took pics and I do not see much of a difference. I have not broken my diet once and I am following it to a T. I feel like I am in taking to much protein or something is not right. May just be in my head but I am going to pay extra attention to detail this week, and hopefully drop another 10 lbs but it just seems so far away. I am going to keep at it and eyes on the prize. Overall I have not been hungry on the diet at least not like I thought I would, I do feel a lot better as well but that is just do to the fact i let myself go so far that its hard to come back. Here are some details from this past week.

Workout days I had all normal shakes for the day then went to workout and had my after workout shake before bed, is there any problem with this?
My nepa walks are at least 30 mins and are from 2-4 miles.
My HSM was 3 plain lobster tails, asparagus, large green salad with a little vinegar dressing. I think this is right on par with what I should be in-taking for the HSM.
My shake timing is 730 am 11am 2pm 5pm and 8pm

Any suggestions questions complaints please post. CS would be good to hear your thoughts.


End of week 1


End week 1


end week 1


I have lost 15 lbs in 13 days, well ahead of schedule.


awesome job!


end week 2 front


Wow, that’s a lot in such a short period of time, even with the V-Diet! Nice!

Now, keep in mind that fat loss naturally slows the more you lose. So the diet is still working; just don’t expect that big of a number in the next weigh-in. It’s all about tape measurements anyway, not so much scale weight.


At the end of day 14 I have lost 16 lbs. Have not broken the diet, but need to pick up the intensity in the weight room. That is the one thing if i had to pick that I have not given 100% in. I have done all workouts and reps, but it has sort of been going through the motions. The main focus this week is the weight lifting workouts. I will also increase my nepa as well from 2 to 4 miles. Thanks for the support Chris(cs) and I feel you man the key is fat loss not numbers on the scale.


end week 2 back


end week 2 side


One week left of the 28 days. Week 3 went well i am right around 230 weight wise which puts me at 20 lbs which is great. my goal is 20 more lbs of fat so hopefully i am adding muscle weight to my frame so if i do not reach my goal weight i will still lose the amount of fat i want to lose. I will post week 3 pics tomorrow.


Been thinking about you, please be careful over there!!! And keep up the good work.


Your week is almost up, and you’ve made huge progress. Fantastic job!

Along with Paula, I would like to thank you for what you do.


Great progress. Be safe over there.