V-Diet Importance of Protein Scoops

Hi Chris - This is a question from my wife and i don’t know how to the details to her. She is wanting to remove scoops from her drinks because she is feeling extremely full, bloated, and wants to lose weight quicker then her 2 pounds the first week. I am telling her not to, but my reason is “…because that’s what I said”. Basically i don’t have a reason (of course wife’s don’t listen to that), so of course she doesn’t listen. This week she has removed 3 scoops per day giving her the feeling that this V-Diet is working.

The feeling of hunger and less bloating is what she is looking for as a sign of the process working. Her HSM is also on the very low end of the spectrum, but i am worried this is going to back fire. Can you help me with an explanation as to why the full serving of powder is important? Anything else you can provide will be extremely helpful as well! I really appreciate you and T-Nation’s help with this!

Check the answer in this thread out:

Have her use less water than called for in the shakes. We don’t want her dropping calories too low, but it could be just the liquid volume bothering her.

As for faster fat loss, well, that’s of course what everyone wants, but she needs to re-read the V-Diet book and check out the parts about muscle loss, the variability and unreliability of scale weight, etc.

If she’s already done the recommended adjustments in the V-Diet ebook – subtracting one scoop for the day, having the lower end of the HSM allotted calories etc. – then anything more is just going to cause her to lose muscle then rebound and gain more fat back.

Honestly, her “less is better” thinking process and scale weight obsession is what leads to eating disorders or at the very least a lifetime of having more body fat than she’d prefer.

And she needs to know you don’t have to have a feeling of starving for a diet to be working.

There’s not much more I can say except that the things she doing or thinking have a 100% chance of backfiring. We want her to get to lose fat and build some muscle and stay that way for life. Not lose a lot of “weight” unhealthfully and gain it all back and then some.

Trust the process. The V Diet has been around for years and we know what works and what does not.

Hey Chris- thanks for taking the time to answer my question. My wife’s response from reading your post was that we are both to bossy. Ha, she’s a character. We are going to start reducing her water in her drinks and hopefully it works for her. I think it will because reducing the amount of water in her will make her feel less full.

Thanks for sending this link. It’s always helpful to see other peoples same question and the discussion around it.

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