V-Diet, I Have My Reasons

Day one of the V-Diet today. So per the suggestion of someone smarter than I am, I am posting for some additional accountability. (Hey, every little bit helps!)

After I had ACL reconstructive surgery a few years ago, I got back into weight training and was doing well until I got sidelined with a foot injury. Long story short, I used that as an excuse to reinforce bad dietary habits, and even though I have been very consitent with my physical training, my food intake looks alot like DeNiro’s when he was putting on the weight for Raging Bull!

Day One measurements:

Age: 46
Height: 5’11
Weight: 268
Body Fat (est.) 25%
Waist (navel): 48.5
Waist (Hugest) 49.5
Upper Chest: 49.5
Lower Chest: 52
Upper Arm ®: 17
Upper Arm (L): 17
Neck: 18
Upper Leg ®: 28.5
Upper Leg (L): 28.5
Lower Leg ®: 17.75
Lower Leg (L): 17.25
Ankle ®: 7.5
Ankle (L): 7.5

This is my Father’s Day gift to myself. I am expecting very good results from the program, and wish all of you the same.

Did I mention I have my reasons?

Those are some pretty cute reasons. Good luck to you.

Good luck!

By my calculations your Lean Body Mass is about 201 lbs, if you manage to drop a good amount of bodyweight you could look pretty damn good!

All the best I hope it works for you!

Thanks, I appreciate the encouragement!

They say if you have a big enough Why the How will come.

Day one went well, a couple of hunger pangs, especially when my wife was getting dinner ready for her and the kids, but I think they were as much mental as physical.

I slept very well last night and feel pretty good today, so something’s working right!

Do it! Those are great reasons.

Messed up the timing of my shake and supplements in relation to my training today. Toughed it out, but was getting pretty nauseous toward the end. Didn’t help that it mid-high 90’s here and no A/C in my garage (where I train). Stayed hydrated though, and felt much better after the Surge and an hour later after my shake.

NEPA was fun tonight, took a long walk with the fam, pushing my baby boy in the stroller.

Some #'s 45 sec rest between sets, a little longer between exercises due to set up.

Lat pull down, 130# 9,8,8,8,7
Inc Dumb Press 70’s 9,9,8,7,4,3 (was pissed I couldn’t get 7 on the last set!)
RDL 115# 8,8,8,8,8 need to bump the weight, but the heat was kicking in at that point
Barbell Curl 70# 8,8,8,8,8 need to bump the weight
Hanging Leg raise 8,8,8,8,8

Superset curls and HLR due to time.

I was watching an old Munsters episode with the kids today. Herman is dieting and almost makes it to the end despite the whole family begging him to eat. He finally loses it on his last day and breaks into his neighbor’s house and eats the whole family’s Thanksgiving Dinner. Thought it was extra funny as my kids kept offering me bites of their after school snack!

OK, so, my resolve increased 10 fold today.

After my son finished dinner, he asked me to cook him some more to eat. I asked my wife to get it as I was pretty hungry and really didn’t want to be hanging around in the kitchen. Her reply? “Is there a money back guarantee on the diet? It sounds like your will power is failing.”

Now, I love her to death, but WTF!!! I get hungry after having no solid food since Sunday, and now I’m a bitch? Never said I couldn’t do it, just said I didn’t want to do it. I had already decided to complete this challenge, but now, failure would result in my manhood forever being in question. So not gonna happen!

Anyway, blind macho rage aside, things went well today.

Front Squat 165 5,5,5,5,5 can bump the weight.
Close grip Bench 185 5,5,5,5,5 good weight.
Chins Body Weight 5,5,5,5,5 need to lower the weight, hence the diet!
Push Press 155 5,5,5,5,5 good weight.

Timed the shakes, training and supps better, stomach started acting up only for the last 2 sets of Push Press. Unusual for me to get nauseous when I train, but the body is adjusting, so I have to expect some issues (and it’s relatively mild).

Hope y’all are lucky like me and are finding your motivation increase as you progress!

Much Success.

Good progress so far. Here are the numbers. pix later:

Sorry for the bad format, can’t figure out how to set up columns:

    Day 1 ...Day 7 

Weight 268.4…258
Waist N 48.5… 47
Waist L 49.5… 48.5
U Chest 49.5… 50
L Chest 52… 52
U Arm R 17… 17
U Arm L 17… 17
L Arm R 13… 13
L Arm L 13… 13
Wrist R 7.5… 7.5
Wrist L 7.5… 7.5
Neck 18… 18
Thigh R 28.5… 28.5
Thigh L 28.5… 28.5
Calf R 17.75… 17.5
Calf L 17.25… 17.5
Ankle R 10.5… 10.5
Ankle L 10.5… 10.5

GREAT WORK…your kids are absolutely adorable!!
I look forward to following your progress…I am on day 2 and I have the anger keeping me accountable…2 years ago I was pretty fit and since then school, work, and life issues were excuses for me not to care about training anymore…however I am back to take on the challange. I can not stand looking at a stranger in the mirror anymore.
Congrats for taking on the challenge!

Been slacking on posting, but not on the program. This weekend presented challenges as we went away to the beach for the 4th, but I just pre-packaged the dry shake mixes and my hand blender and away we went. Not saying the holiday summer foods didn’t present a temptation, but seeing a couple of pix of myself on the beach was good motivation! Took my numbers a day early, but am happy with the results so far. Not satisfied, but moving in the right direction!

WT 257
Neck 18
upper chst 50 1/2
lower chest 51
upper arm R 16
upper arm L 16 1/4
forearm R 12 3/4
forearm L 12 3/4
waist Navel 46 1/2
waist hugest 47
upper leg R 28 3/4
upper leg L 28 3/4
calf R 17 1/2
calf L 16 3/4
ankle R 10 1/2
ankle L 10 1/2
wrists 7 1/4

Training has been pretty solid. So keeping steady! Hope things are going well with all of you!

Loved your comment on the V-Diet being a Father’s Day gift to yourself. My birthday was last week, and I said the same thing…this was a birthday present to myself.

Nice work and good luck.

Hope you are still sticking to the diet-fantastic first week. You completed the most difficult part! Don’t sweat your wife’s comments. You could probably think of a few for her…

Thanks for the encouragement! Serge, great present to yourself, great minds think alike! sobrien, she was prob trying to piss me off on purpose so I’d do better!

Staying steady. On the last week of Phase 1!

Yes, the 1st week was toughest, but not as tough as I thought it would be!

I did have to adjust some of my training weights down this week due to decreased rest between sets and tweaked a chronic shoulder problem. Nothing major, just annoying.

Definitely losing inches and tonnage. I didn’t take measurements this week, just weight and am down to 252. Roughly 2 1/2 weeks to go, including the transition.

Happy with the results, but under no illusions that this is anything more than a really good 1st step in the right direction. Kinda like nutrional rehab!

Yee Haw! Phase 1 in the history books. Very happy with the results so far. Hope to lose a couple more over the next couple of weeks as well. No cheating, stayed by the book on the workouts, even got the V-burn sub 40 minutes. Pics to follow.

Weight 268.4/249/19.4
Waist N 48.5/45.5/3
Waist L 49.5/46/3.5
U Chest 49.5/50/ -0.5
L Chest 52/49/3
U Arm R 17/16/1
U Arm L 17/16/1
L Arm R 13/12.5/0.5
L Arm L 13/12.5/0.5
Wrist R 7.5/7.5/0
Wrist L 7.5/7.5/0
Neck 18/17.5/0.5
Thigh R 28.5/26/2.5
Thigh L 28.5/26/2.5
Calf R 17.75/17/0.75
Calf L 17.25/16.5/0.75
Ankle R 10.5/10.5/0
Ankle L 10.5/10.5/0

Pounds lost 19.4 Inches lost 19

Two weeks of transition to figure out where we go from here. Paleo? Carb Cycling? Green Faces?

before 1

After 1

Before 2

After 2

Like I said, still have a ways to go, but it’s a good jump!

After 3

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