V-Diet: How Long Off in Between?

im no stranger to the V-Diet, if i remember correctly, i lost about 20 lbs last time i did it. anyways, i plan on cutting sometime around may for 12 weeks and was wondering how long do i wait until i go back on the V-Diet?

my original plan was to go on the V-Diet for the first 4 weeks, switch into a carb cycling diet that includes solid foods for the next 4 weeks, and for the last 4 weeks jump back into the V-Diet. would this be good or is there a better protocol?

for what its worth i’ve been carb cycling for a little more than a year now, so low carbs is nothing new to me.

Also, i will be cycling various steroids, clen & t3 during this 12 week period. i should be in between 10-12% BF before i start and im hoping to be a nice ~5% when im done.

any input/suggestions would be great!

oh and i figured id share a little trick that helped with my cravings. i love hot sauce so i would assume it only works for someone who likes hot sauce.

when id get cravings for food i wasn’t suppose to eat id take a swig of some Tabasco - sense i love hot sauce my craving moved from the food to the hot sauce. but because it was so hot the craving would die rather instantly leaving me with zero craving.

i thought this was worth sharing and really did help me. give this a try!

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