V-Diet Guidelines?



I noticed that your responses to some of the other posts, possibly based on their current weight and other possible underlying medical conditions, was that the V-Diet wasn’t right for the them. Instead, you recommended the 100 Carb Diet. I looked through the V-Diet program but didn’t really find any particular guidelines for determining who the V-Diet is right for or not. How do you figure out who it’s right for?

In my case, I’m a 38 year old male, about 5’10" and currently 215 lbs. By Navy standards (I’m active duty), that’s a bit too much. I have 10 weeks to lost as much as I can for an upcoming Physical Fitness Assessment. Would I be correct in assuming that the V-Diet is a good option for me, or should I look at some other diet first?

Another question I have, Chris, is regarding with training program to follow. The Beginner Programs states that, “If you’re new to weight training, or have been out of the gym for a few years, use the Beginner Program.” The Intermediate, of course, is for those who have been training consistently for two or three years, and the Advanced Program for those who’ve trained longer. Me, I’ve been out of the gym for the past year due to mission-related demands at my squadron (not that any excuse should matter)…but I had been training for many years before that. Let’s just say I remember Muscle Media before it became MM2K, and then jumped ship and followed the Testosterone crew, lol. Anyway, with all this in mind, which training program should I look into.

Also, I’ve been looking for the actually daily logs from Gus Pancho and Bartl’s transformations, but it keeps coming up with an error as though they are no longer there. Have they been moved or are they gone entirely? I appreciate any info you can provide, Chris, and thanks again for everything.


  1. You’re a perfect candidate for the V-Diet. Those who are “rejected” are done so when plugging their weight into the V-Diet calculator that builds your package and plan. It boots you if you’re too light or too heavy (it’s like 266+ for men).

  2. I’d start with the intermediate plan. You can always switch if it’s too little or too much. Just read through the whole plan and not just the workout sheets. The rest periods and set/rep guidelines are very important. Honestly, most people do the training part incorrectly.

  3. I think those have been removed, but you can find interview and articles with/by those guys in the archives.

If you decide to tackle the V-Diet, keep us posted!