V-Diet from Japan

So I’ve tried the V-Diet before with other proteins and supplements and failed miserably. The protein I used was too sweet and had little servings. It’s hard to find a protein that’s similar to Metabolic Drive. I’ll be honest I’m not too keen on spending near $600 to start this, and it seems more like a pitch to buy Biotest supplements but I’ll try it out. I’ve seen the results, and it seems like it would be worth a try. I have yet to order, money is a little tight so I might just do the “bill me later” approach and get my stuff in.

I’m concered my supps won’t get here in time though. I leave Japan in Mid August, I figure it’ll be a few weeks before I can get the stuff in, but 11 tubs of Metabolic Drive must be heavy. I’ll order tonight none the less, if it gets here late I suppose I’ll save them intact and wait till I’m settled again.

Alright so a little background info on me, and why I’m doing this. I’m 22 years old, in the military and currently in Japan. I go back stateside in August and I’ll be seeing my family again for the first time in 2 years. I want to go back looking pretty damn good, least a lot better than I am now with new found confidence in my ability to overcome my worst habit yet. So I really want this for myself first and foremost.

Secondly I want to do this for my mom, I’ve been chubby my whole life except for when I was a really young kid. So I’d like to change myself completely this time around. I was in Korea prior to here, and when I went back home they noticed I had been lifting pretty heavily. Still I had plenty of fat so I looked strong but bulky.

Third, I’m leaving soon and my awesome girlfriend and I will be parting ways sadly. So I’m hoping the last time she sees me I’ll be in pretty good shape, and who knows how things will go. hehe. I’ll be putting in my order for the V-Diet supp kit.

Alright so just dropped nearly $600 on this stuff, Christ this better be worth it. Hoping this gets here before July, but that’s being optimistic. I will post pictures and measurements the day I start.

Dude, I just ordered my own supplements too. That $100 shipping fee is a bitch, huh? I expect to start my V-Diet towards the end of July 'round about the time school lets out. I’ll be curious to follow someone else doing the V-Diet over here.

Looking forward to following your progress!

$100 shipping? I didn’t pay that, it was free, and hell it should be if you’re paying that much at once. I plugged my info into the V-Diet page and it showed my daily shakes and supps guide and underneath it added up all the supps I’d need for the V-Diet and I just ordered that package. It was $586 total, free shipping. I’m in the military, so maybe that’s why I didn’t pay any shipping (APO address same as US).

Hopefully this gets here soon, I won’t start it till the first week of July. My girlfriend is coming down to see me, hopefully for the 4th of July. Seeing as how we see each other once a month at best, and I haven’t seen her in a few months, I don’t want to be doing this diet. Afterward I’ll start. Should be interesting.

Alright so I finally got my supplements, I’m surprised they got here so fast. I got a huge box in the mail, and it was pretty heavy as well so I figured something that big would have taken close to a month to get here. I’m impressed Biotest, even more so since the customs paperwork didn’t say what was in the box. :smiley: So my girlfriend is thinking about coming up to see me for the 4th of July, so I’ll probably start on the 6th of July. If she doesn’t come, then I’ll start on the 1st. Can’t wait!

So after much thought I’m going to start tomorrow with the V-Diet. I figure If I do spend time with my girlfriend it’ll only be a few days and I can make those up later on. I just want to get started. I’ll post pics and measurements tomorrow morning.

Alright so I’m on day one. Woke up and took one HOT-ROX pill, honestly I don’t really feel it at all. So I might just double the dose from here on out.

I’m probably going to change my workout routine, I’m going to workout in the evenings as opposed to the mornings. I figure Surge (which is mostly sugar it seems) will put me out, so I’d rather take it in the evening so I can sleep well later.

Now my concern is, I’m in the military and we have mandatory PT sessions. Mon Wed and Fri we have Pt that usually consists of some sort of calisthenics then a run of 3 miles, or sprints. This is in the morning, now I plan on lifting in the evenings after work, and have every other day off.

I’m going to be doing P90X since I want to workout from my home and I have everything I need there. Should I just do 3 days a week? or should I do 3 days of lifting (mon wed fri) and LISS on the other days? Thoughts?

Height 5’ 8"
Weight 194.8
Neck 14.4
Shoulders 45.5
Chest - Upper 41.4
Chest - Lower 40
Waist - at Navel 38
Waist - at largest 38
Hips - at largest 38
Upper Arm - L 14.4
Upper Arm - R 14.4
Upper Leg - L 23.5
Upper Leg - R 22.7
Lower Leg - L 15.5
Lower Leg - R 15.4
Ankle - L 8.8
Ankle - R 9

I have a cheap digital bodyfat scale that I’ll use to roughly gauge my BF levels, right now it has me at 26% bf, pretty high so I’ll see how low I can get using this diet.

So I’ve had my first protein shake, included L Leucine, Superfood flax meal and chocolate Metabolic Drive. Used the blender and honestly I expected it to be a lot thicker, but it’s a decent consistency. Doesn’t taste bad at all, quite nice, not overpowering and the flax adds a nice little nutty flavor to it. I’m sure over time though I’ll grow to despise these, but it’s not bad.

Keep on trucking man. What part of Japan are you in?

[quote]Therizza wrote:
Keep on trucking man. What part of Japan are you in?[/quote]

I’m in Northern Japan, in a small city called Misawa. Actually I live just outside Misawa in a place called Oirase town. It’s in Aomori. Anyways decided to make today my last cheat day, had to pick up some things from the store. Bought a case of Tea’s tea green straight, I believe it’s 24 bottles. Also picked up like 4 gallons of water.

Misawa is a joint air base, right?

That’s right, we have Navy and some Army as well as the JSDAF (Japanese Defense Air Force). Anyways, today is my official first day of the V-Diet, I’ll post pics later just don’t have time right now. I’ll post my workout routine as well. It’ll be weird with my mandatory PT sessions but there’s nothing I can do about that. Just took 2 HOT-ROX and it’s definitely working a lot better than the one pill I took yesterday. So I’ll take 2 from now on. Well off I go to PT, bleh.

Alright so I suppose it didn’t bother me that much before, but these shakes are ridiculously sweet. I almost threw up on my second shake. Is there any way to make these less sweet? More water is my only thought, but I’ve already been adding 20oz and it’s still damn sweet. This is going to be a long month.

So on my third shake, I know I’m updating this rather often today but I have time to do so. Needless to say I’m quite tired, almost drained. I have a tough workout tonight, I’ll probably take a quick nap prior, pop some HOT-ROX and have at it.

Alright, so I might have to mess around with what works for me best, but I’ve had 3 protein shakes today. I workout after I get home from work. I usually get home around 1700, but I have a little time issue.

See I figure I can take some HOT-ROX (on an empty stomach) but don’t want to take a protein shake before my workout (1800), so do I take the Surge after my workout, then follow it by a protein shake an hour after that? Then have my last shake right before bed? I’m not sure how far out I should time these shakes. Maybe I should have one right before I get off work?

I had one in the morning, one for lunch, then one around 1400 or so. I think I need to have 3 shakes total at work, but maybe someone else can give me some advice so I’m not chugging 3 or 4 shakes around my workouts.

Alright on day two, slept pretty good overall. Woke up at 3 in the morning feeling pretty refreshed, not sure why, but this has been happening for a few days now though so probably not due to the diet. Had Surge after my workout last night, had the regular flavor, I was expecting to puke when drinking it but it’s not bad at all. Tastes kinda like pineapple. Amazingly enough for the amount of sugars it has in it it wasn’t as sweet as the Metabolic Drive shakes.

So today has gone by pretty good thus far. I woke up pretty refreshed yet again, I wake up earlier now and often times just stay in bed till my alarm goes off. Took my HOT-ROX and had about 20 oz of distilled water with some cell food and went off to PT. Now I was worried about doing PT on this diet considering it’s usually fairly cardio intensive, but I felt great so I went. Well needless to say today was “sprints” we didn’t do that many (6 200s) but it was definitely kicking my ass. I did one really good sprint in which I pretty much came up the rear and passed everyone, but that was a mistake, I was pretty light headed and had to take the rest of the time to recover slowly running. Probably shouldn’t go all out like that, but it’s nice to know that the diet hasn’t zapped me completely. Had a Banana cream shake, I love this flavor, it’s not that sweet and tastes better overall than chocolate. Had I known this i would have ordered mostly banana cream flavor. I’m doing much better today, the past few days have been pretty much hell, but today I’ve seem to have adjusted well now.

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