V-Diet for Women

I was looking into the V-Diet for about a 10-15lb weight loss. the calories seem high to have weight loss results. is this recommended for a women looking to loose about 10-15lbs and maintain a weight of about 115-120lbs??

Read through the V-Diet and fine the calculator where you place weight and sex. That will give you plan (scroll down) for your weight.

Dozens of women have completed the V-Diet. You can read about their results Diet Logs, and Before/After Photos forums.

Yes I did read through everything, when putting in a weight of 120 it calculated with a response that the plan was not good for me…I just need a little more info, Thanks

Probably not the best plan for you then. How tall are you and what is your experience level in the gym? Maybe we can help you get a plan together or suggest an alternative.

What is your height? !20 lb minus 10 or 15= 110-105 lb. For a BMI of 20, which it relatively thin, your height must be 5’ for 105 lb. If you are 5’4", your BMI will be 17,8, so underweight!!!

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