V-Diet for Those With 100+ Lbs to Lose?

I want to see if it’s healthy and effective for those who are obese and have more than 100 lbs to lose. I mostly just want to use this as a good kickstart at losing the weight. Please give me your opinions.

Go for it! You’ll (most likely) have a lower daily caloric intake, higher amount of protein, better exercise on a very strict program. It’s a fantastic way to kickstart a weight loss campaign of sorts.

No, the V-Diet is not for you at this time.

Lots of training and eating plans here at TMuscle though. Use those, then use the V-Diet to break a plateau or bring home the final results.

Having been there, done that, I’d say that you can find far better ways to lose the weight than the V-Diet. The V-Diet is a sledgehammer you use when you keep missing with the little hammer. I mean, that’s greatly simplified but I think you’ll hit whatever implement you use at the moment.

I lost over 220lbs in a year and I did it primarily through dietary changes. With 100lbs to lose I think you’re best setting a goal of losing 50-70lbs with dietary and lifestyle changes, and then if you like hitting the V-Diet.

The V-Diet takes extreme discipline, I think if you haven’t tried changing your life first and succeeded then you’ll have far less chance of completing the V-Diet. I did it twice and succeeded twice, but I think it was all the work I did before to become mentally strong that helped.

Good luck! As Chris said, the rest of the site has HEAPS enough info for you to lose weight.

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