V-Diet for the Record Books - Alex McCabe

It’s Time.

July 13th 2010

Tis’ the night before the V-Diet and oh boy am I excited. Like a freakin’ kid on Christmas Eve…yeah, that excited. My name is Alex McCabe and I am currently 6’3, 198.00lbs 22 years young. I am not happy with my current predicament…let me take that back; I AM DOWN RIGHT PISSED at the current “path” I’m on and am going to change it.

Here’s the Drill

I will log my progress twice a day: Once in the morning, once in the evening. - Not Rocket Science.

I will update on the progress, the challenges mentally and physically, and share my gawd damn wonderful thoughts with you all. I have learned through the many years of being alive to take criticism and praise the same, so please feel free to leave both. Also I will be finishing every post with a quote to keep me (and you if you’re on this journey) motivated.

Height 6 foot 3 inches
Weight Coming Tomorrow Morning
Neck 16’ 1/2
Shoulders 20 1/2"
Upper Chest 39"
Lower Chest 39"
Waist at Navel 36 1/2"
Waist at Largest 37"
Upper Left Arm 14"
Upper Right Arm 14"
Upper Left Leg 22"
Upper Right Leg 22"
Lower Left Leg 14 1/2"
Lower Right Leg 14 1/2"
Left Ankle 9 1/2"
Right Ankle 9 1/2"

This quote doesn’t need much deciphering.

“Don’t Tell Me How Rocky The Sea Is Just Bring The Damn Ship In” - Lou Holtz

The Journey Begins.

Rise n’ Shine everyone.

So I seriously felt like a kid on Christmas Eve… Sleep was light because I was so excited… Mental midget material I know but I feel very fresh and rejuvenated. I got that smile tho when that alarm clock sounded, the same smile I used to get on Game Days; The same smile I used to get on test days; that same damn smile I used to get when I had a challenge/ adversity in front of me.

I knew back then like I know now that I shouldn’t worry or fear this challenge because in facing it, this will only make me stronger (mentally and physically, smarter, better.

The pictures I will post are sad, downright embarrassing. I once contemplated not posting them…then laughed at myself. What better punishment and motivation to show everyone what lackadaisical diet and training I have done?

Weight this morning 194.76

Shake this morning = Downright wonderful

Chuck Knox, the great football coach once said, “Always have a plan and believe in it”.

Chris Shugart, Tim Ziegenfuss, Chad Waterbury and every individual at T-Nation/T-Muscle have all bestowed on me a wonderful plan that I will follow down to a T. DOWN TO A T. These experts (yes experts) not only talk about it, they live it. Though I have never met a single individual, I will have “blind” trust in them.

Hell if Michael Jordan set down and taught you something… wouldn’t you do everything he told you? He’s one of the greatest competitors and by far the greatest basketball player of all time. (Chris, Yes I am comparing you to Michael Jordan)

Day 1 Begins.

“Always have a plan and Believe in it”

Gawd Damn…


tits on a stick

P.S. Call me whatever names you want for this one, but this song will be BLARIN’ in my headphones today.

Yes the Live Version too…followed by Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Yes the Live Version)

Day 1 is in the books ladies and gents.

I timed the “meals” out very well and never felt a hunger. The HOT-ROX was quite nice and for sure gave me a little energy boost. All shakes tasted great followed by the wonderful supplements of Flameout and Fiber Choice. The workout was good but will definitely need some tweaking with weight. It was a small challenge but could have been a lot more, which it will be from here on out.

I work from 2-7pm at a Sportswear company where I sit in a damn chair and talk on the damn phone to damn customers. Not much moving around here but every chance I got, I made the most of it. The first shake I had at work was just shaken, not blended. The second…This is a funny story.

So this, Bless her heart (side note…whenever getting ready to bash on someone, a quick “Bless their heart” makes it okay to say horrible things about someone to others) So this very overweight worthless coworker comes strolling in as I’m blending my shake. She says, and I quote “OMG, turn that blender off it’s making to much noise. Why don’t you just eat normal and stop being such a freak.” This was said as she was getting out a snickers bar from the vending machine, carrying her coke. This is the same girl who used to laugh when I brought chicken breasts and “rabbit food” (baby spinach, broccoli, scallions, etc.) into work. Now since I know this girl to sit at her desk all day eating chips, talking about how she’s going to work out soon, how she will start her diet tomorrow, I didn’t even want to bother with a come back. I simply smiled and turned back around. (Okay, maybe not a funny story but…ahh nevermind)

All in all, I feel great, I feel determined, and am ready to knock out a solid day of dieting and NEPA tomorrow.

“If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven’t done much today.” - Coach Kryzewski

Hey there Alex - sounds like you are going great so far! I think in your before photos you just look like you’re carrying a little extra body fat, so I reckon that with the muscle it looks like you’ve already got, by the end of this you are going to look just as good as the model on the cover of the V-Diet! :slight_smile:

Oooh that co-worker sounds very much like a saboteur… clearly she is threatened by your choices, is down on herself for not having the willpower to actually DO something about her own situation. Perhaps next time she comments, you could say, “hey, would you like me to comment on the foods you are eating? What did you have for morning tea? Chips? Coke?”

May be harsh, but sometimes people like that just really need to hear the truth… and the truth burns like a mofo!

Alright Alright Alright

Day 2 of this adventure and it starts out great. My wonderful iHome (if you don’t have one and still wake up to an alarm…awakening to music gives me a much better feeling) woke me up to “Al Pacino - Peace with Inches” speech. I remember hearing this blastin’ in my head phones before football games in college. It reminded me of the beauty of competition, the pushing yourself to the limit, both with your body and mind.

HOT-ROX is pretty sweet, isn’t it? I’m still just taking 1 at time…this will probably change fairly quickly. Morning shake was cho-co-LA-tay. If I was 8 years old again and walking up to the local McDonald’s to get a “triple thick shake” and they “accidentally” gave me this; I would be more happy with this Metabolic Drive Low Carb Formula. Chocolatey Goodness is my new name for it.

I do have the urge to throw some weight around today but the V-Diet does not call for it…damnit. My NEPA will be focused and diet right on track. I have planned each shake out again and will have laser like timing…haha…“laser like timing”.

Thanks for the words “Happy”. Have you V-Deited, are you going to? And yes, “Bless her heart” but she for sure is. Hope everything is well in Australia. I’ve always wanted to play with a kangaroo.

Quote for the day comes from a situation I ran into last night(well 3am this morning). I leave my phone on during the nights. Some buddies went out to the bars and got PLASTERED. Yes they asked to go out earlier in the night which I politely declined sighting my reasons as “I Set A Goal”. They fired right back with “Man, you’ll get obsessed with it and have no balance in your life, you gotta have fun bro”. When I answered this morning he again repeated something similar to that. He was incredibly inebriated and a comeback was as worthless as the TV “The Hills”. When, yes when, they say this again I will fire back with a smile:

“First you must be focused, then you must be balanced”

But do they not know “this is fun”?

Nice quote man.

Just about to return home from a 4-day training class where I got a bunch of similar comments about “balance”.

The other one I like is more of a slogan than a quote: “Moderation in Moderation”

That one is borrowed from author Tim Dorsey, who created the character that inspired my user name, Serge Storms.

Great Day.

Mixed a few of the flavors today on the shakes. Strawberry Banana is looking like the front runner for the mixers. HOT-ROX sure does get the tone set…I’m still on 1 pill twice a day. No tough mental challenges yet and my body is feeling good.

NEPA - I throw on my shoes and head outside for my NEPA when I see my 92 year young friend Efrum. He’s walking about 5 yards an hour to his favorite park bench where he will more than likely indulge in 2 or 3 packs of cigarettes. I will usually offer to run him to the grocery store so he can stock up on the wonderful creation of bologna. Today was no different. I approached the bench to see if he needed a ride, which he, with two cigarettes in his mouth, looked up and smiled which meant yes. Now I usually hop in my car with him and run to the nearest store…But then it hit me…Why not walk to the store for him, grab his bologna and head back. Helping out a WWII veteran, a guy who fought for our freedom, and get some NEPA in? Now that’s a win win. He also wanted some eggs and two gallons of milk.

Eggs: $1.39
Bologna: $2.17
Gallon of Milk: $3.79 a piece
Helping out good ol’ Efrum while getting some NEPA: Priceless (You saw it comin’)

Day 2 down and excited for the workout on Day 3.

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence”
- Vince Lombardi

Get committed


Day 3

Very light sleep, just can’t seem to knock out some good REM lately. With that said, I still feel rejuvenated and energetic. I’m thinkin’ today will be the last day of 1 HOT-ROX twice…2 HOT-ROX twice will soon begin. The Chocolatey Goodness was my choice again and hasn’t disappointed…It’s going down right now.

I’d like to thank all the other current and past V-Diet’s for their logs. It has helped reading through them; learning tips and seeing their challenges.

I’m fuckin’ stoked for the workout today.

Fridays at work are the “Junk Food Town U.S.A.” or “Let’s Ruin Our Bodies Day!”. Every “Region” (We have 14) brings in bullshit to eat. Everyone walks around to each region and grabs what they would like. How funny would it be if I made a Gatorade 10-Gallon jug full of Metabolic Drive for my Region? (Side note…our National Sales Supervisor loves to hand out “Eat This Not That” book for the Reps when they travel) I’ll put a big sign on the Jug that reads “Drink this, Don’t Eat that SHIT”.

Well, my shake is gone so I guess I’m done for this log. Time to go have some ruthless fun in the weight room.

I almost dropped another Vince Lambordi Quote…gotta wait on that one.

“It’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it’s what you put into the practice”
- Eric Lindros (But I’m sure 1000 others have said something similar)

My take:

“It’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend in the weight room that counts; it’s what you put into the workout”

The mind games start.

Day 3 was successful but had it’s moments. The workout went great and my weight was more adjusted this time, challenging me more. The Surge Recovery tastes damn good and I’m pissed I just now discovered it. For the first time tho one of my shakes didn’t go down “smoothly”. I’m not a fan of vanilla and inadvertently put two scoops into my lunch shake. Halfway through it I was sturgglin’ but made it through.

I can see some slight changes in the mirror…and it’s only day 3. Staying positive and having my determination at one of its highest points is going to help me through the next few days. I anticipate that after the first HSM I will grind through the rest, however still having a few battles internally…I just gotta get through the first week.

Got a great sweat in with my NEPA and have been parking the furthest away from my job. Here in Manhattan KS the heat index has been hittin’ 110 so the sweat is a drippin’.

Work tomorrow 9-1 and then smooth sailing after that. I shall return tomorrow morning.

“You can do anything you want, if you’re willing to pay the price”
- Eddie Robinson

Hey there Alex! When you think you’re finding it all a little bit challenging, just remind yourself that if changing your body was easy, everyone would do it, and there would be no overweight/unfit people in the world! :wink: Hang in there mate… cheers, “Happy”

I also bought more vanilla than anything…unfortunately I have discovered that it is my least favorite Metabolic Drive flavor. I took Chris’ advice and bought some flavor extracts to mix things up a bit. These can be added to vanilla to make things more interesting. I added a quarter teaspoon of peppermint extract to chocolate MD last night and it tasted just like mint chocolate chip. The extracts will definitely help with the monotany.

Thanks for the suggestion. This will be the first thing on my list of to do’s. I’m going to stick with chocolate shakes in the morning from here on out. I’m looking forward to some mint.

Just a tad bit late gettin’ to my wonderful log. No internet currently at home and have been crazy busy at work.

Sleep still hasn’t been up to par but I believe the V-Diet is only playing a small role in that. Messed around with the combinations of shakes yet again this morning. I believe I will be sticking with Chocolate from here on out when I rise and shine.

Had a dream last night about Chipotle; woooo weeee that doesn’t sound half bad right about now. These next few days will be fun as I have to run to Kansas City until Tuesday/Wednesday. After work I plan on weighing out all essential “meals” and supplements and contacting a few buddies to make sure I can get into a gym. If I get back on Tuesday I will prepare my HSM which I am still undecided on.

So far so good up to day 4. I’ve been reading a lot of the other current logs and it seems the same for them. It’s a struggle at times but

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it”
- Moliere

P.S. I’m trying to find a great story I remember my college football coach telling us. It’s a great motivator but I’m not successful in finding it on the net. If it’s no where to be seen, I’ll type my own up.

Very late getting to this. Gotta get some sleep so keeping it short.

I headed back to Kansas City early in the day and ended up at the Royals Game. This was quite a challenge as any and everyone was handing out beers, dogs, burgers…you name it, they had it. Kept my discipline and have my head held high.

Workout tomorrow is going to be intense…Can’t wait.

“Think big, believe big, act big and the results will be big”


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