V-Diet for the Fat Boy

Hi guys, I need to loose some weight, Here it goes ,

BMI : 23.2
Weight : 71.9kg 158.5 lbs
Bodyfat % : 19.4%
Muscle % : 40.9%

Resting Metabolism : 1689 Kcal

The above details have been provided by my gym, Obviously with Clothes on, but i will use the same clothes when measuring.

My Aime is to loose 11lbs and i would be super happy.

After i finish this diet, i will be going onto the Beast body building program on Tnation.

Yh Lets Get it on

So MY Calories are

non-lifting days:1200
lifting days :1500

I will Add pictures Tommrow - I am gonna Love MY Body After this . YHHHHHHH

The V-Diet is not for those weighing only 158 pounds, unless you’re a female.

Edit: I just realized you’re the same person as this:

My advice stands: hard training, healthy eating, no need for the V-plan right now.

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