V-Diet for the Fame Competition

Hi all,

I’ve been training for the Fame competition coming up in my city and I’ve decided i’d give a shot at the Velocity Diet. I’m already starting Day 3 now and I wasn’t gonna write about it at first, but seeing the break-neck speed of the progress i’ve already made so far, I feel it’s worth documenting somewhere.

My stats on last friday’s mesurements we as follow:

Height: 164cm
Weight: 187,6 lbs
BF% (Jackson&Pollock): 17,29%

Chest: 5mm
Triceps: 6mm
Subscapular: 16mm
Midaxiliary: 12mm
Suprailiac: 23mm
Abdominal: 20mm
Front Thigh: 20mm

I’ll take pictures today and post them to be able to compare and grasp the magnitude of the progress. My goal is to go under 8% by 6 weeks for the competition. The plan is to go through the 28 days of the liquid phase, and then build up my HSM intake a little quicker than what the program recommends (over 2 weeks) so i’ll be able to flush water retention and carb up on the last day before the competition.

My training program is a little different and has more volume than the V-Diet program, as there are specific needs I need to fill in for symetry. I’m a Kinesiologist and Chief-Personal trainer at my gym, so I feel I can adapt the training accordingly, but if I screw up, Chad & Chris will get the right to say ‘‘we told you so’’


Keep us posted! And let’s see some pics!

Awright, here comes…taken this morning

Again, from the side


A third one, flexing

Not incredible, but bad either I think, for a former fat boy coming of from an hypertrophy phase. My posture sucks though, I have to balance equal shoulder height consciously…something i’ll have to work on for the comp…

I’m starting day 4…will have my breakfast shake in a minute. The 3 previous days were no sweat, althoug as I read here on the forum, nights are the hardest so i’ve try to keep myself busy in those hours.

Good luck!

There’s obviously a lot of muscle under there and not a ton of fat. Should be a smooth transformation to ripped!

What category would you compete in? I know that FAME does a lot of fitness and muscle model stuff as well as natural bodybuilding.

Natural bodybuilding

Well I’ve made it through day 4…only one shake down…PEANUT BUTTER!!!

Day 5 almost over, got 2 more shakes before I turn in. I took my pre-diet mesurements last friday and started the diet on monday, but we remesured my bf% this afternoon. I’m down 2,1% on the 7 sites formula, and down 3lbs.

I started 5 days ago at 187,6 and 17,21% bf, now I’m 184,6 and 15,19%. So theorically i’ve lost 3.9 lbs of fat, but lost only 3lbs, so I gained a little muscle while I was at it.


Good luck man. How are your legs?
Make sure to post pictures of “judgment day”. I know i will after my show. 30 days left. Can’t wait!


legs are fine. I have to reduce their training volume so not to look silly because they’re qyuite developped.

Good luck to you too. When’s your event again?

Well I’ve made it through days 5,6 and 7. I’m now attacking day 8 and I must say I feel much better today than I did yesterday. Week ends are HARRRRRRD. I think the HSM caused me more harm than good as I thought about solid food all weekend. Might be the fact that I’m not as busy on w-e han during the week.

So far so good though. Pics and mesurements coming friday.

days 8 and 9 were no big deal…can’t wait for friday’s mesurements.

days 10 was easier. I have to watch myself though for I’ve skipped my bedtime shakes for lack of hunger…just have my spoonfuls of peanut butter. I have to correct that. I’m on day 11 and pics and mesurement tomorrow…I predict a ‘‘holy shit!’’ moment…:o)

Nick: I wish you the best in your upcoming FAME competition. Judging from your pics, I have no doubts you will rock it. Like Chris said, you have a ton of muscle and very little fat covering it up; shreddedness should occur in no time.

Thanks for the words of support and I will def. await updates on your progress!


Looking good! You can do it!

And allow me to be a dork and say that I am excited you use metric up there. And commas instead of periods for decimal places. That one didn’t really ever makes sense to me though.

But I wish we’d get it together and switch to metric.

Okay that was my dork moment. I’m impressed that you are on day 10. I am on day two. I think I’d have already chickened out if I weren’t on the forum :slight_smile:

Hang in there, Hallo. I’m on day 12 and feel quite alive. It gets easier, honestly. Just make sure you get as much NEPA as you can to maximize and occupy your time.

Today is mesurement day, as my collegue will take my BF% and pics. I’m looking forward to it.

Don’t really have a choice to use metrics for BF %, by the way ;o)…plus, I’m Canadian…oficially, we’re metric here.

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