V-Diet for the Anti-Terrorist (V-Diet Log)

Hello, my name’s Matt and I’ll be posting my V-Diet log on a number of websites because I believe I will have phenomenal results. Of course I have to pay homage to the one website that started it all, T-Nation. I’ve been a T-Nation lurker for a good 4 years or so, absorbing mass amounts of information from the articles and I even bought TC’s book about a year ago.

I am a Master-At-Arms Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection specialist and Law Enforcement officer in the United States Navy (don’t let the title fool you, I’m just an E-4) and I’m serving on a Naval base in South Korea. I hit my physical peak before I joined and for 2 years my schedule interfered with my fitness. Well not anymore.

Yearly I go on a watered down version of The Abs Diet by David Zinczenko ever since I went on it full bore when I was 16 and it was the only slim-down method that worked. I was in the middle of my yearly slim-down when I learned about the Velocity Diet. When I saw that virtually no one on the program DIDN’T get phenomenal results, I decided to undertake the program. I will be taking the program under the following changes:

  1. My Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday workout schedule will be changed to a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday schedule. I have am hour of mandatory Physical Training every Tuesday and Thursday, on those days I will be employing a “2-a-day” schedule. I will go do my mandatory stuff, go to bed, wake up 6-8 hours later, and do my “Velocity Diet” workout and go to work if I work that day.

  2. Due to this physical volume, I will be taking the Surge-laden post workout shake once, and a mixed half-scoop Surge and Metabolic Drive shake after my mandatory training on those days.

  3. I also might add 1 Gatorade a day on the days leading up to my semi-annual Physical Readiness Test, for a total of 4 days. That’s coming up on the 24th or 26th of April, I’m not sure which.

  4. I will be doing 10 minute runs on my off days in addition to my then 20 minute NEPA (Non-Exercise Physical Activity) walks. These NEPA walks will only be on my non-workout days. These walks will not be at an increased pace.

I walk a lot during my patrols during work with 20 pounds of equipment, and whenever I walk, I walk conciously, exploring every little nook and cranny with my Vibram 5 Fingers, trying out every little piece of exercise equipment here in South Korea. I also do a ton of recovery work, constantly stretching and doing any number of things from joint rotations to finger gripper exercises. My NEPA walks do no need to be at an increased pace.

My goals for this program is to lose 15 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle. I want to clearly see my abs and my target weight is 170 pounds. During this program, I have side goals of achieving the full splits, stop nail biting, and attaining the white teeth I’ve always desired. I have a number of books to read as well. The reclusiveness this diet semi-requires will afford me a number of opportunities I hope to take advantage of.

With all this in mind, the sixth of April 2009 was my first day of “The Velocity Diet”, and I will be covering my progress as often as possible. Know that I am in the U.S. Navy and so my coverage may have explicit language in it. My full coverage is in my blogspot at It doesn’t have any advertisements there so I gain nothing from you going there, but it’s your choice.

My first day on it went a little like this:

I had gotten off work that morning and stayed awake for a while. I got pissed off at my game and called my friend and talked to him for a while. I began to wonder when this new schedule change is going to take place when it was finally the time the phone place opens. I went out in town and fixed my phone and checked my mail, carting 2 huge boxes home. I finally got home and opened the packages.

My first couple of weeks of Biotest supplements were there, along with my backup Magic Bullet blender sytem set. I had ordered a backup one in case mine burnt out from all the blending. I read every label. My schedule is soon to change to a classic 8 hour schedule that’ll allow me more time to sleep with my rampant workout schedule looming.

Suddenly I realized it was nearly 1100 and I needed to sleep if I was going to get to the gym on time for it to open. Like I said before, I’m night shift right now. I drank my last slimfast shake and was off to bed.

I awoke late at 2000 and decided that I would do a 2-a-day with the workouts since the gym was probably closed already, knowing either way it’s going to be a major pain in the ass. I took my HOT-ROX Extreme pill with a good 8 ouncer of ice cold water and began boiling more water for later. At 2030 I took my breakfast shake. I had crammed the ingredients into the Magic Bullet mug and crammed 3 ice cubes on top.

Big mistake. When I blended the mixture, it was thick as mousse, and extremely airy. The Metabolic Drive reminded me of another smell. My first protein powder was this exact smell. Some 60 dollar tub that didn’t last me too long way back when I was 16. Eventually I just combed the bargain bin in GNC.

Anyway, I didn’t know what hethen God I insulted, but the first shake tasted horrendous. I downed it as quick as the extremely thick mixture would go, and it hit my stomach like a ton of bricks. The mug was also hard to clean afterwards. It took me a good 5 minutes to scrape it clean. I spent the next several hours trying to digest it.

That HOT-ROX made me jittery. It was like a mega-gulp of coffee. around 2200 my eyes were getting tired and I decided to take my NEPA walk. About a year ago, I would alternate blogging, video gaming, Synaptic Facilitation and NEPA walks around the city of Chinhae in South Korea to keep me awake through the early hours on my off days.

Of course, the base closed around midnight so I had to hang around certain places to just keep me afloat this way. I took a different route this time, walking through the dark alleyways and through a glorious Elementery School campus. I tried out every little piece of equipment, from rope swings and obstacle courses to the balance beams. These little bastards must be training for Ninja Warrior.

I couldn’t balance on the beams, so I got mad at them and left. It was 40 minutes later before I got back on base. This moving meditation left me feeling peaceful about this place, instead of spiteful towards it. Korea will endure.

At 1130 I took my second shake even though I wasn’t hungry. I vacuumed out my vents and my eyes felt better in my room. I turned up the heat and opened the window, then turned on the fan. I was gonna blog about this dammit, no matter how long it took. The second shake went down rough too. I didn’t mix ice with it, so it was runny. Metabolic Drive is an airy protein powder anyhow, and protein’s not the only thing in it.

It’s definately designed to be mixed with plain water though. Very effervescent. I made a mental note not to order chocolate everything next time. Like another poster said with the Fiber Choice tablets, they do taste a hell of a lot like Sweet Tarts. If they’re really sugar free, why are they so damned sweet? I pondered on this for a while.

At 0120 I was already jonesing for solid foods. For some reason I really wanted some hot dogs with cheese and ketchup. I never eat hot dogs. At 0200 I took my second HOT-ROX tablet to keep me awake. I didn’t sleep well with all these possibilities going through my head. At 0230 I took my third shake.

I mixed the plain water with the 2 scoops and 2 ice cubes this time to keep me fuller longer. This time it came out just perfect. I congratulated myself and drank the hell out of it. I thought of my results and flexed in the mirror.

At 0300 I began to notice that I was pissing alot. I mean alot, like once every half-hour. I piss alot anyways since I down 2 quarts of home brewed unsweetened green tea every day but I doubled my expulsion of fluids. I was also pissing clear for the first time in a while. I had my first fart of the day around this time (I’m normally extremely gassy).

It smelled how a Silent Hill game would smell if you were there the whole time. At 0500 I had my dinner shake just as described on the site. Again it came out like a pile of chocolate mousse, but this time I could stomach it. I thought about how this diet may not be so bad. I start noticing that my heart feels like it’s going to explode every time I piss. It’s only when I piss.
My resting heart rate climbs to about 75-80 beats per minute.

At 0625 I finish another shake. The all natural peanut butter didn’t make it taste any better. I decide that I have to be starving for this crap to taste good. At 0640 I go do my mandatory physical training, it’s not too hard, mostly recovery work, some sprints, I shouldn’t be too sore. I look at the back of the Surge tub after I down my shake at 0815, and realize how bad it is that I’ll be gulping it down twice a day.

I decide to split some combination of Metabolic Drive and Surge post mandatory workout, so I’ll only get about a half a scoop more metabolic and Surge per 2-a-day. Then I’m off to dreamland, I got a workout to do when I wake up!

Awesome thread man…very excited about this one…should be a very entertaining read…keep on it brother…

Well wow!

It’s great that you are blogging your thoughts now, because it will all feel different within a week. In a good way. You might even start liking the nut butter. Don’t quote me on it, but…we’ll see :wink: Glad you got started.


Welcome and awesome descriptive post. I agree with you on the taste of the shakes. Damn heathen Gods.

Do you actually like the taste of peanut butter? Because either way the shake tastes like crap. So I just enjoy the PB on a spoon. Yumm. Its a delicious treat.

Im actually afraid that if I mix the peanut butter with the shake, later on the PB will remind me of how bad the shakes taste. I would then start to cry if that happened.

[quote]laujik wrote:
Welcome and awesome descriptive post. I agree with you on the taste of the shakes. Damn heathen Gods.

Do you actually like the taste of peanut butter? Because either way the shake tastes like crap. So I just enjoy the PB on a spoon. Yumm. Its a delicious treat.

Im actually afraid that if I mix the peanut butter with the shake, later on the PB will remind me of how bad the shakes taste. I would then start to cry if that happened.[/quote]

I do the same thing with the peanut butter. It’s a great way to end the day.

I can’t recall how much water the Metabolic Drive calls for, but I always use 16-20 oz of water in all my shakes so it’s as thin as possible. Doing that lets me chug the drink in 10-15 seconds. Get it done, and move on. It’s worked for me for two weeks now, and I don’t plan on changing it.

One other thing: Powerade has a product called Powerade Zero. Plenty of electrolytes but with 0 calories. I’ve used it a few times on this V-Diet journey to replenish myself from tiring basketball games and V-Burn challenges. It sure beats drinking something that’ll add 150 calories to your diet.

First of all, I forgot to say how the Surge shake tastes. It tastes kinda like if you mixed like 8 of those old hot chocolate packets into some hot water, then dumped sugar all over it. I have no idea why it’s so damn sweet, but I can barely stand it. It also doesn’t make me feel any better until like 2 hours after I drink it, and by then it’s usually time for another shake.

I take like a 12 hour dirt nap and wake up at 2045, way too late to go to the gym. I take my HOT-ROX and water and wait 20 minutes before I drink my first shake. Another airy hard to clean monsterpiece. I can stomach it this time. I piss and moan and make excuses before I finally just decide to do the first workout at home. I warm up with 5 minutes or so of Dance Dance Revolution (X!), 7 pullups, 30 seconds of situps and 30 seconds of pushups, then I do the workout.

The workout is pretty vague for descriptions. It says it’s not a circuit, but I sure as hell ain’t about to do straight sets. I decide on an A-B split, supersets. I drag out my 100 pound sandbag and don my 30 pound backpack and do my 5 Front Squats, jump out the window and do 5 weighted chinups with a wide underhand grip on a tree branch outside. I jump back in my window and do this 3 more times.

I couldn’t find any straight up benches, or I would’ve filled up my angry 2.5 gallon water jugs (8 pounds per gallon, 20 pound dumbells, 40 pound bench) and did the dumbell benches that way. Instead, I decide on one armed pushups, 5 per arm. I was breaking records in DDR when I felt like crap and hadn’t done it in like 3 months, and now after not doing one armed pushups for about a year, I actually feel great doing them and crank out good floor to lockout presses going to technical failure on the fifth rep.

I alternate these with my ab wheel rollouts, which I do from the knees. these are harder than I remember them and I have to break form alot to get the 5 done I repeat this superset 3 more times, laying on the floor ignoring the rest time and finally cool down the same way I warm up, except instead of DDR, I stretch. The whole workout even with the DDR took me about 30-35 minutes start to finish, and I immediately decide I like it.

I take a 2 scoop Surge shake after my workout and I don’t like it any more than I did before. I follow my workout shake with a hot/cold contrast shower ala Mike Verstegen Core Performance, ending with the “cold” cycle, flexing as the cold hits me hard. I step out of the shower and headbutt the wall. At about 2345 I take my second shake and it comes out an airy mess. Again, I can stomach it. These shakes are starting to grow on me. I go about my daily ritual of going around plaing random clips of ammo under things in case of possible zombie attack.

I design a self destruct sequence for the base I’m in, and hide the keys to doors in hard-to-get-to places, especially if you need another key to get to a key. I think of how perfect the base is for a possible site of a Silent Hill game. Deep fog rolls in, and I sprint for my room.

At 0030 I crap out the Basilisk from the Harry Potter series. It’s important to note how solid your logs are during a diet, and this one’s about as solid as they get. I feel great until it won’t flush. At 0200 I do my third shake not counting the Surge. It comes out another airy mess. I’m taking these close together since my bed time’s probably going to be 0700. I gotta shop tomorrow. At 0300 I take my second HOT-ROX, ignoring the warning on the label. I start boiling enough water to fill the grand canyon. A zombie busts through my window and I kill it with a rock. Then I realize it’s just my neighbor. Then I realize it didn’t happen. I start blogging furiously.

At 0400 I take my dinner shake. Another airy hard to clean mess. I’ve developed a method for cleaning it, and the shakes begin to grow on me. This one is like 3 times better than the 1st one I made, with no change in ingredients. I begin to feel the slightest tension headache coming on, and I remember the warning label on the HOT-ROX caplets. I ignore it and press onward. At 0500 I prepare 2 days worth of shakes in little ziplock baggies making a giant mess. I don’t work too far away from a water cooler at any point in time at work, and I work the next 2 days. I spend about an hour and change cleaning the hell out of my room for inspection.

I take a hot shower and get out to make my last shake. As I down it I feel the strong urge to vomit all over everything I own. I lie down and remember what I learned during boot camp “You can quit everyday, but you have to keep going”. I brush my teeth and climb into bed.

Well it’s me again. Sorry I haven’t logged in a while, but my whole Security department crashed and burned on some test, and we were punished with INFINITE work. It was a huge mess and it’s probably not over either. Anyways, onward and forward.

It all came crashing down Friday morning, when my upper chain of command heard the test results. It had been a good couple hours since my last shake of the day, and yelled at us for a good couple hours. Whenever I got home, I was so hungry that ANYTHING solid sounded delicious. I crawled out of bed and tried my best to make a good healthy solid meal. A half a thing of canned corn, a piece of provolone cheese, half a small container of roast turkey, and a whole slice of multigrain whole wheat bread (with some water, all eaten separately) I was completely full. Normally this would be an unsatisfying snack. I slept like a baby, imagining that it’d all be OK. It wasn’t, but I wanted to share that experience.

Thursday’s modified workout didn’t come about because of a haymaker training schedule and the fact that my mandatory training was filled with pushups and sprints, the worst things the Navy can do to you (besides deprive you of inhuman amounts of sleep). Saturday’s modified workout (I keep saying “modified” to re-iderate the fact that the days have been moved) was delicious, like most forms of cake. I was dead tired from having less than 5 hours of sleep, so I came home and screamed the lyrics to “The Stroke” by Billy Squire while ironing my uniform. After that was over, I put on my Vibram 5 Fingers and sprinted to the gym, screaming things like “Outta my way, I’m on a diet!”

I got there before it opened, so I reversed the schedule. I did a lap around the ball field, then did my pushup, 7 pullup and situp warmup, and decided to do the A-B split of “neutral grip pullups” and “hand walkouts” first. I reached failure in both around the eigth rep, which was perfect for 4 sets. I couldn’t find a neutral (or what I’d call “hammer”) grip location, so I did “mountain climber” pullups on several objects (a tree branch, the side of a pullup bar bracket, an open door) (note: “mountain climber” pullups are the ones where you put both hands on a pullup bar of surface real close together but stacked kinda so you hang the same direction the bar is headed, in line with the bar or surface, then pull your head up on either side of it so your head doesn’t hit the bar).

For the last set they finally let me in the weight room so the last set was legit (and easier because I didn’t have to improvise). I loaded up the bar with 225 pounds, thought about how weak I was, then banged out 8 rep sets of deadlifts A-B split with 8 rep sets of decline benches with two 70 pound dumbells. I left at 0730, even though my workout had taken 40 total minutes. I walked home, the whole walk and sprints and improvisations making this an hour long endevour. I thought about how people just need to slow down as I watched the sun rise.

Sunday I got off because of Easter. I went and ate my first (official) Solid Healthy Meal (I know, I technically had 2 this week, sue me. I defend 2 countries simultaneousy and my work schedule violates all known labor laws). I had a “Healthy Sailor”. 2 pieces of grilled chicken breast, lightly seasoned, some rice (usually subbed with mashed potatoes and gravy, this time I subbed it with a baked potato since they don’t have sweet potatoes here at the base eating facility.

They gave me the rice AND the potato) and a pile of steamed mixed vegetables (notably missing this time). I had a salad while I waited. Very little actual iceberg lettuce, a bunch of broccoli cloves, green peppers, onion slices, crumpled boiled egg bits, and a little vinegar and olive oil. It was… actually delicious. I was VERY surprised about this. I was feeling pretty shitty because one of my friends stood me up, so I concentrated on eating as I downed a breast and a half of chicken when it arrived (mindfully), didn’t touch my rice (it was steamed sticky white rice, not long-grain, whole grain or even brown) and ate probably a fourth of my baked potato (mostly the skin, where the nutrients are). I could’ve gotten a dessert dish of mixed fruit, but I was feeling shitty, so I left.

I finally worked out at like 0100 Monday morning (which isn’t technically Sunday, but it also isn’t Saturday like the real workout). I warmed up with some Dance Dance Revolution, pushups, situps and my 7 pullups and got to work. I found it impossible to keep my glasses on during half of these movements (remember: I’m on the “Intermediate” program), which was frustrating, to say the least. I kept having to find them to check out what my next movement was. It was a horrific experience.

While not being hard, the workout was annoying, and I wished I was during something less functional the entire time. Also, I had to ride my shorts up to be able to do the one legged deadlifts (I couldn’t NOT wear shorts, I had to keep the window open to cool my room down) and my thighs kept cramping up. I cleared it all up with some quick foam roller deep tissue work after my cooldown, then a hot/cold contrast shower. In fact, no workout since I started this venture has been what I’d call “hard”. This was the only one I’d consider “annoying”.

Some quick notes here, I began mixing my shakes with in a 32 ounce container, which gives me an ungodly amount of liquid, makes them shaked, then stirred when they need to be blended (shaked in the container, then blended one mug at a time in my Magic Bullet). It also has the double effect of making them more palatable, and strangly, I think it makes me pee less, though I don’t really notice my Velocity Diet-related habits anymore.

The Surge shake tastes good with enough liquid in it (though grainy), it makes me feel better right away, and some shakes are nearly (dare I say) downright enjoyable now. After I noticed my extreme lack of energy, I realized I was pretty used to pill-form stimulants by now, and doubled my dose the the highest recommended (2, taken twice a day). I can now stay wide-eyed awake through most the day and I sleep fine. I’m very pleased with the diet now, and though some days I wonder how I"ll make it, other days I just know. Tomorrow I’ll take after 1 week result pics, stay tuned for those.

Sorry I haven’t logged in a while (again), I just got back from being grounded for a week (grounded in the military is a hell of a lot worse than being grounded at home). We’ll see how it goes, here are some week 2 experiences I have to share with you:

First of all, my home schedule is far different from my work schedule. Besides being a 12 hour shift, my work schedule forces me to be surrounded by McDonald’s and other ridiculously unhealthy foods. If I took a month of leave in my room, I would go partially insane, but I could complete this diet effortlessly. However, I press onward.

First experience: Whenever you get hungry (like whenever someone brings in 3 bags of McDonald’s and the smell refuses to leave the car) drink like 3 glasses of water and see if it’s still a temptation. Secondly, if the shakes aren’t palatable, you’re probably doing one of 2 things: Not adding enough water and not mixing flavors.

In the middle of the week I was ready to give up on this diet, and so were my supplements. I ran out of Superfood. That afternoon, before I made my fourth shake, my second shipment arrived. Raspberry Surge, Banana Crème, Vanilla and Strawberry Myoplex, a veritable ocean of flavors to refresh the diet.

I beg you to order different flavors when you pursue this diet. Now even on my work days, the diet is literally no problem. If I get especially hungry, I make a Strawberry shake. I’ll mix flavors to get Chocolate Banana. On work days, I’ll wake up and take my 2 HOT-ROX pills at 1620, and then my first shake around 1650.

I’ll down my second shake at 2000 and my second set of HOT-ROX at 2345. I’ll shoot down my third at midnight and my fourth around 0300. I’ll finish off the day with a fifth at 0700 before bed unless I gotta go workout first. I usually lose a bunch of energy before my second set of HOT-ROX. I’ve gotta try spacing them out more and ignoring the warning labels.

During the first couple days of the week, my friends ordered Korean food. I figured that now would be the best time to try and get used to disgusting, but strangely healthy foreign food. Needless to say, this was a bad idea. Kimchi is rotten cabbage that has been fermented in a number of spices in a giant pot underground.

It’s spicy, gross, it smells, and it’s spicy. I ate about 8 pieces of the stuff, and it hit my stomach like it was made of concrete. I got worried, and tried to balance out this solid healthy meal? with some soup, which had crap scraped from the bottom of the ocean in it. I forced like 2 bites of white rice down before the wish-wash really hit me.

I went home (unbeknownst to my colleagues, still at work) and lay down for an hour, moaning and trying to calm my stomach. I fell asleep, woke up, and trudged back to work.

I was excruciatingly hungry the next day and I decided to do the Stewart Smith thing and eat some solid healthy meals leading up to the day before my next physical readiness test. I’ll eat a solid healthy whole-wheat carb heavy meal before bed for 3 days before the Physical Readiness Test (PRT).

My first day was yesterday (I haven’t logged on for so long that it’s now week 3), and I had a simple meal of whole wheat spaghetti with chunked light chicken for meatballs in a vegetarian mushroom loaded spaghetti sauce, which I put a light sprinkle of mixed cheese on. It was delicious.

Before I ate it I downed a small bowl of pure steamed broccoli, which was delicious. It took me a good 40 minutes to eat all of it, and it was the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. Funny seeing that it was hardly cooked, I just microwaved it after I boiled the noodles. I’m having the same meal before bed today, then tomorrow. I should add a glass of Gatorade too just to be safe. My PRT scores should soar.

I skipped my workouts during last weekend, I was just too busy. Blah blah blah, yeah I know my results won’t be as earth shattering without these highly important (and easy) workouts. I’ve done a good 6 of them, when I should’ve done 8. Well, 9 now. I skipped my workout Tuesday as well because I had to go to work.

My walks (when I do them) are becoming 2 hour long endeavors. I’ll start walking, get curious, and end up lost until I make it back to base. Thankfully, I’m sorting out a ton of problems with them. I’ve done about 3 or 4 when I should’ve done around 8 or 9. Oh well. It’s gonna be a win-win when my results come about. Either the mods will say “Look! That’s what you get when you don’t follow the workout word-for-word!”, or they’ll say “See, the workout even works when you’re as lazy as this bastard!”

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.

Alright guys, putting several theories to the test, I just got in the results from my Physical Readiness Test. The United States Navy Physical Readiness Test consists of 4 events: The Toe Touch (touch your toes, you pass), 2 minutes to do as many situps as you can, 2 minutes to do as many pushups as you can, then a mile and a half run. Well, the results are in:

I touched my toes of course, then I got 106 situps, and 90 pushups. I only had to get 105 situps and 87 pushups to ?max out? for my age group. I did the extras for the hell of it. The situps were a 20 situp improvement from last PRT, like 3 weeks ago. I also did about 10 more pushups. Then there was the run. Thankfully I had made a playlist for the run, but my wireless earphones kept slipping down, so I had a shipmate push me along every time I slowed down. Shouting beautiful locations helped me to not stop, and my new slew of motivational quotes kept me going as well.

My time was 11:15, a 30 second improvement. To ?max out? on my run, I would’ve needed a 8:30. My final PRT score will be a 90, ?Outstanding Low?. I improved my rank about 6 grades from my last PRT. I would like to thank Stewart Smith for making ?The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness? and Chris Shugart for making The Velocity Diet. Nevertheless, my journey is not complete.

Here we go. The 3 days preceding the PRT had me replace my last shake with whole wheat spaghetti and meatballs, with chunk light chicken as meatballs. I ate it with a little cheese sprinkled on top, which made it delicious, and kind of like risotto. I drank a small Gatorade every time I ate this meal as well. Before I’d eat it, I’d eat a small bowl of either steamed broccoli or mixed veggies. The morning of the PRT I ate 3 oatmeal pancakes (oatmeal, 4 eggs, a scoop of myoplex, and some berries thrown into a blender, then cooked to make pancakes) held together with all natural peanut butter and honey, and I had a Gatorade, 3 aspirins and a cup of coffee. This combination of ingredients had a energizing effect on me, and led to my high PRT scores. This was in place of my last shake (I told you I worked night shift).

I regret to inform you that I didn’t work out at all this week, and I still look better than the lot of you. No really, you all suck. Just kidding. I may have cranked out some random pushups and situps this week, but otherwise I just left it to the wayside so I can kill the PRT. I’m still having no trouble with the diet, even after the PRT date and I’m back to all-liquid.

I do get hungry sometimes when I space out shakes, but if I wait an hour after my 8 ouncer and HOT-ROX, I can usually push through just fine. Besides that, check out my photos from the beginning of this week, they were taken after my 8 ouncer and HOT-ROX. You guys will hear back from me after I take my beginning week 4 photos. Talk to you then!

I want to apologize for not updating in a while AGAIN, but I’ve been extraordinarily busy over the past few weeks. Here’s my week 3 stuff, overall.

First of all, besides my increased Physical Readiness Test results and my 3 days of getting to eat food, nothing about week 3 was good, and I’d say the same about week 4. It was horrible, and I had a horrible incident co-regarding which I’ll detail below. First of all, get yourselves a shaker bottle people. There’s nothing worse than chugging periodic lumps in a shake that doesn’t taste like roses anyways. Second of all, the incident.

Whoever said that sex was better on the Velocity Diet must’ve been smoking something. Besides the decreased energy (to extremely low levels on days), I also had a problem with my long dong silver. It wasn’t rising to the occasion. There were parts of this diet that I didn’t even think of girls, I became nearly asexual. I didn’t have time to think of girls when I was barely surviving. Well when the opportunity came around, I couldn’t get it up. It was embarrassing, to say the least. Very few people recover psychologically from that kind of crap. Here’s what I did about it: the blog I made about it will be in another post. That day I had one beer, and I skipped most of the rest of my shakes because I was trying to get her to fall asleep (Gasp! One beer! The devil you have you in his blubbery claws!). I achieved the look I was hoping for, that look of King from Tekken.

Later since I couldn’t shoot that memory out of my brain I got wasted on pure rum and ate half a pizza. It was a healthier Southwestern pizza and I couldn’t taste it (A half a pizza?! The devil will have you in his blubbery claws!). I don’t even remember my “Solid Healthy Meal” for week 4. All I remember is that everything about week 3 and 4 sucked besides my PRT scores. Week 5 went by much smoother I’ll have you know. More about that later, I don’t think I worked out very much in week 4, maybe 2 good sessions, that was it. I no longer care about this diet but I’ll be on it until the bitter end here in about a week. Anyways, here’s the blog I wrote about that night, entitled “Toy Soldiers”.

(By the way, I hate blog cross-pollination, so I’ll try not to bring my rants into my workout logs, but this incident was because of this diet, so it’s OK.)

I’m perfectly healthy, I’m 21, she’s sexy and all over me. Why isn’t my dick working?

“It’s like I have limp-dick-itis, or something” -Johnny Utah, Newgrounds contributor.

It’s intensely embarrassing, and you don’t know when it’s going to happen. Suddenly, your dick stops working. Due to 4 years with an un-satisfiable ex-fiance, I’m multi-orgasmic, can go on for hours, and come out of the bedroom to the sound of applause usually. I enter with a cape. There has been no one that I’ve bedded that hasn’t thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Until now.

She doesn’t say a word, just grinding and pushing and trying everything to get it up that doesn’t morally degrade her. Honestly, I could say I’m embarrassed, but that would be an over simplification. I’m mortified. The same kinda thing happened to me when I tried to screw that chick from A School, except for a second then, I was ready to go. I just lost it because she wasn’t giving anything back. You know, sexing at attention? Warm-corpse fucking?

I’m going to be perfectly honest. Unless a girl outwardly just turns me on, I mean everything she does is sexual, then I usually don’t start my seduction routine with a Woody Nelson. Instead over time I slowly gain one as the competition heats up, or I grind one out on the bed while she’s too busy getting eaten to notice.

Even when my ex fiance of several years would be missing for a day or 2, I often would watch a little porn or jerk off, then I’d be bald and impotent by her next visit. There was a lot of sexual things about my ex, and she managed to deal with me every time. I need a combination of senses to come together in order to pull me into the sexual experience. I’m mostly all about the girl.

“What’s the use if I can’t just… stab my wife in the vagina to prove I love her?!” -Johnny Utah

I kiss the neck, make out, pull up the shirt, get the nipples, move down the body, take off the pants and underwear, tease, feast, give the first orgasm, blah blah blah. It’s a process perfected over 4 years. Sex as routine: That’s my sex life. Sometimes the flow is interrupted. Sometimes they mouth my genitals first, sometimes they don’t want me to mouth them, sometimes I accidentally sit on her rubber fist, anything can happen. It’s a terrible process, simply because the fact that it is a process. Sex is all ins and outs to me, based entirely on the girl. Girls can tell when you’ve given up on their pleasure and started going for yours. You stop being creative, just thrusting and grunting angrily. It’s weird.

“What’s the use of a hot bod when he can’t even get it up?” -My own mother

The truth is, those with exceptionally low body fat aren’t good lays. A six pack may turn you on, but if that’s all he/she’s focusing on, chances are they can’t get “in the mood”. When women get real low on body fat, they can’t properly lubricate themselves, and men can’t get the blood down there, when their body’s too busy trying to survive a possible famine on no reserves. There’s a reason that there weren’t too many rape cases during the holocaust. Other possible causes of blood dispersion may be big meals, or just plain being tired. There are tons of reasons for impotency in both women and men.

“That’s when she saw me for what I really am. A skinny bald man with a limp dick.” -Neil Strauss, professional Master Pick-Up Artist and writer

Sex is a full body experience for me. I know what I want. I want love, I want family, and I want a secure future. If a girl isn’t giving me at least one of these experiences/possibilities, I can’t get into it. I get attracted to women more when they care about me. When they express an interest in my well being, or do something for me. Take care of me. If a woman shows an interest in me ahead of time, she becomes more sexual in my mind, a better life-partner. She’s already submitting to my male energy, by providing me with offerings, and it makes me want to repay her.

Whenever I first made love with my ex fiance, it had been nearly 2 years in the making. We had both cared a lot for each other. Whenever I got with the chick in A school, she had expressed more love and care in me in 2 weeks than my ex had in several years. Whenever I went out with Stephanie, she had expressed more interest in me than Salvador Dali expresses in his paintings. Whenever I got with my buddy’s ex, she had already talked with me on the phone, was all over me at a party, and send me nudie pics ftw :3

Even when the Changwan incident happened, the girl provided me a place to stay and catered to my needs specifically, taking care of me first. I can’t just give and give, even if it is my male role. Eventually I’ll have nothing to keep giving. So came yesterday’s epidemic.

Whenever a woman’s been around you too long, chances are she’s leapt into your fantasies a couple times. Most guys jerk off a good once a day to couple times a week. Most girls do it a bit more often than that. A guy’s fantasies may involve something that has happened to him, a good porno that he watched, or something that he imagined and wishes would happen to him. A woman’s fantasy could involve any number of things, they’ve got whole organs dedicated to sex, so their experience is explosive, multiple times more pleasurable than ours. It’s really a beautiful thing to watch. If you haven’t witnessed a woman’s orgasm, trust me. You’re missing out on some art. Their whole body tenses up, and they just give up, giving into you. Screaming and hollering, they shake and contort like they’re trying to escape from the experience, like their body can’t stand so much pleasure. That experience gets even more elusive and exquisite as they get older.

Sometimes a woman can’t live up to her fantasy. Most times a guy can’t live up to his. A guy’s fantasy involves nothing really unusual in sex most the time, just a hot connection and a quick end. A woman may involve whole conversations, lifestyles, even children and career paths. A man’s fantasy is a pamphlet; a woman’s is a small book. Read a Romance novel once and see how intricate it just may be. Nevertheless, sometimes a woman still can’t live up to her fantasy self, bumping and grinding in the wet dreams of somebody in the brief throws of pre-slumber ecstasy.

It’s not her fault most the time. Mostly a woman can’t do much to a guy to outwardly disgust him. Burping, farting, bragging and de-clothing just to reveal a body only a mother would love, most men would still go for it, even if they wouldn’t admit it. The stars just aren’t aligned. The guy had a big meal, he’s sick, he’s always been impotent, he’s got E.D., he’s not really human, etc. etc.

I crawl out of bed around 3 A.M. to try again. I go into the bathroom and look at myself. Most of my sexual experiences leave me with some bumps and bruises that drag the sexual experience on for a couple weeks, remembering every twist and turn. I look like I’ve been mauled by a bear. I have huge scratches and hickeys next to bite marks, far worse than when I’ve actually had sex with women. For a moment, all I can think of is how much weight I’ve lost this diet. I look exactly like a miniature version of King from Tekken (sans the tiger mask), right down to my little baby fat above my pants line. I’ve got a picture of him with my face over his hanging in my room, and I’ve completed my subtly-programmed goal of attaining his exact body type. Try as I might, even armed with my usual fantasies and no distractions, I’m unable to get any harder sitting in someone else’s bathroom by myself. I go and give up again, something I’m used to doing by now.

In “Man’s Search for Meaning”, Viktor Frankl touches on the fact that humor makes terrible situations much more bearable. He should know: he’s survived 4 concentration camps during the Holocaust. Whenever you’ve failed your role as a man, either to protect or to serve in your righteous nature, you may feel a bit down, to say the least. Sometimes it’s more than a bit. Castration can bring a man to suicide, whether it’s literal, metaphorical or even psychological. I’ve known rape victims that can’t return to work because it’s all they can think about. It affects the rest of their lives. I’ve known impotent people who can’t hold down a job. I’ve known people who just aren’t popular with the ladies who have ended it all because of their troubles.

Whenever I gave up on sex a second time, I crawled back into bed. She was still so wet that her juices were running down my leg just sitting beside her. I prayed: “God, please give me wood.” My prayers were yet unanswered. I pretended to fall asleep, feeling lower than I’ve been most my life. She woke up, rolled away from me still obviously upset, and kicked me lightly. She decided I was passed out drunk (never mind the fact that I’d only had 1 beer the whole night), and let out a fart she had probably been holding in the whole night. It was so loud it would’ve made me proud if it had come from me. She grunted, rolled back over, and farted again for good measure. She kept letting out little “pssssssts” all night, while I sat terrified, hoping I wouldn’t have to smell it. I didn’t dare move to let her know I was awake, and she didn’t decide to wake up until 0630.

She woke up, felt around for the controller, and turned on the TV. She’s always relied on the TV to distance herself from people, and to make sure that she doesn’t have to sit through awkward conversations, touchy-feely things, or listen to her own thoughts, heart, or other feelings. Constantly distracting herself from how angry and disappointed she is in the world has kept her alive for so long, it’s just not like her to go against instinct. She didn’t re-clothe, but when I hugged her she was cold shouldering, still obviously upset. Whenever your dick fails to work, what do you say? “Hey, sorry my dick didn’t work.” “Sorry about last night. I was holding in a fart.” “If you still like me, hang up and try again. I need help, I;ll dial an operator.”

She wasn’t giving me the time of day. She tried to revive conversation a bit. “I’ve been reading this book.” She gave me a book. I stared at it. She took it away. I quietly slipped on my clothes, kissed her hand, and left. I went back to my room and started to wonder about all this. Why it happened, what to take from it, what to do in case of future dick problems. I couldn’t come up with anything, and I didn’t really feel like crying about it, so I went over to my friends for a while. Better luck next time?

Well I’m in the middle of week 6 so I might as well tell you how week 5 went. First of all, Blammo! Look at my pictures! I look incredible! Now I don’t think anybody looks at this diet and says “This isn’t going to work”, but look at my ridiculous results! I look like a cover model! I know you’ll all be saying: “Photos are subjective!” “You were flexing!” “You had better lighting/got a tan/got a better camera!”

Well too bad, because this isn’t a simple before and after shoot, this is a rampage through one man’s wholehearted suffering through a generally unreasonable diet plan, and you’ve seen me progress along the way.

I’m deeply sorry I didn’t find a tape measure in Korea to take my measurements, and I didn’t record my weight, and I didn’t have anybody take bodyfat calipers to me. Too damn bad. This is what you get, and since I’m not selling anything, I could really care less.

Also note that I totally cheated, not only on this diet and workout routine several times (by not working out at all some weeks and eating solid food several times during the program), but also in the photos when I wore my bracelet, watch and necklace. Trust me, I was in a rush to get somewhere and I don’t take pictures of myself often.

You guys will see the final photos next week when I end this horrible diet and immediately go on Joel Marion’s “Cheat Your Way Thin” Diet. “Why Motley why? Why would you go on another diet when you’re this skinny?” I want something sustainable.

The “Common Rules for Eating” or “CRE’s” as I call them, always state that you shouldn’t eat simple carbs, only complex carbs or whole wheat/whole grain. They say “only lean protein”. They say “only long-grain rice”.

They say a lot of things that are simply unrealistic, and it’s a mind killer to have to live by these shitty rules all the time. It’s fine if you never go out and you only cook, or eat at fancy restaurants, or buy all your meals specialty, but I get fed what I get fed, I’m military. Sometimes I either eat what they got or go hungry.

“Cheat Your Way Thin” is an easily sustainable program that I just might get away with the rest of my life if I pull it off and it offers results. With my knowledge attained through such valuable implications as “The Abs Diet” by David Zinczenko, I can really put a whuppin’ on a good hard diet program my whole life and never lose my results you see here today. It’s time for me to really step forward, and I’m glad everyone is here to watch me move on in this crazy workout/diet phase of mine. Well, here we go: Week 5!

Week 5 was pretty gnarly. I got to eat a “Healthy Sailor” (2 chicken breasts, vegetables, rice) or an “All-Day Omelet” (an omelet with toast) once a day with a big salad and some soup. This predictably made me far happier and restored some of the energy I’ve been lacking the whole diet.

Also, eating solid food has become akin to driving a race car. I must confess that I controlled my in between meal hunger with beef jerky this week, eating a whole bag spread out through the week. Like I said before, look at me. I don’t need this diet anymore; I’m just stubborn and need the energy. Well, I didn’t work out a single time besides my basic mandatory physical training twice a week and I decided to start on the Navy’s Delayed Enlistment Program running protocol, that’s described in the Delayed Enlistment Program book.

I should’ve gotten this done before I joined, but since I still suck at running I decide now’s better than never. Plus I had the energy this week. So I ran 2 minutes and walked 3 minutes for a total of 20 minutes 3 times during the week.

Besides that, I didn’t do shit week 5. People like to see strict adherence to a particular diet and exercise program, and see what THOSE results look like, but in all reality, they know they probably won’t be that disciplined. Well here I am, a worse-case scenario of laziness and non-specific adherence to a diet program with those type of results. This is what you can do even with the minimum.

This diet works. It’s not sustainable by any means, but the effect is permanent and sometimes you gotta do something drastic to cut MASSIVE amounts of weight and body fat. So next week we’ll see my long-term official results. I’m really excited about it and I hope you guys liked this phase of my workout log.

Impressive results dude.

[quote]Matthius100 wrote:
You guys will see the final photos next week when I end this horrible diet and immediately go on Joel Marion’s “Cheat Your Way Thin” Diet. â??Why Motley why? Why would you go on another diet when youâ??re this skinny?â?? I want something sustainable.

I did Marion’s “Cheat to Lose” Diet, which seems to be recently revamped as the “Cheat Your Way Thin”. IMHO, the success of Marion’s program depends on how well your body processes carbs.

If it’s anything like his first plan, you’ll start off with a cheat day, then a week of no carbs, a week of low GI carbs, a week of high GI, and another cheat day. Maintenance after that is two days of no carbs, two days of low GI, two days of high GI, cheat day, then repeat.

The problem which came up for me as a FFB, I can’t have a cheat day on a regular basis since it’ll completely put a stop to any progress. I ended up going on the V Diet a second time because of the weight/fat gain from doing “Cheat”. I also got burned out from doing his HIT cardio recommendation for his plan.

Other people have done it and managed to look great (must be nice!) so it can work for some people. Just something to keep in mind for yourself as well as anyone thinking about what food approach to take after the V-Diet.

Well kids, it’s been an incredible journey. “It’s been 6 weeks you dickhead!” Comes the reply. Anyways, here’s my result pics above, amply demonstrated in a variety of ways. I look incredible and the V-Diet made me LOST MY HAIR!!! Just kidding. I heard and heeded the recommendation that diets are sometimes needed to supercharge fat loss, and I fully agree.

The cause and effects? Well, besides my lightness and feeling, I’m a tad more limber. I naturally make healthier choices without thinking about it, though I still have my junk food cravings and such. This is probably because of the amount of cheating on this diet. Will I ever buy Biotest products again?

Well, by product I’d say: Mostly yes. I probably won’t buy as much Flameout because I think Prograde Nutrition may have a more economically efficient product (for me), but I really don’t place high value on fish oil anyhow. I will definitely invest in a ton more Surge Recovery, because it’s a damn good product. It takes the lead out, it makes me feel better, and it makes me recover a hell of a lot better than just foam rolling, hot/cold contrast showers and massage/stretching techniques alone.

I might buy more L-Leucine later on in life, simply because it lasts forever, but I definitely will NOT be buying any more Superfood or Milled Flax Seeds. Unless I find a way to integrate these ingredients into a nice healthy oatmeal pancake meal, It’s just not worth it to me. They ruin every shake, especially water ones. Usually I get most the nutrients in Superfood when I eat a nice fruit sorbet anyhow.

Also, I know it’s not cool of me slamming Biotest’s supplements when I’ve just gone through this program and I’m sorry and if you moderate this thread I’d be fine with it, however my words are truthful.

Onto my other goals for this program and concerns with the last week: Well, I think I met my goal physique-wise really, I look fine with my little extra pooch and baby fat above the waistline. I’m closer than ever to doing the splits, though I confess I didn’t really work on it much during the program.

My teeth are not exactly white, but ain’t yellow either, so that’s a big improvement from them being different shades of green. Due to what I consider the “Common Rules for Eating”, the last week was exceedingly difficult to find 2 good “Solid Healthy Meals” every day of the program. No sticky white rice, vegetables before main course, reasonable carb source, etc.

All these things are nearly impossible here. I challenge you: go to Korea and find non-special order good carb sources such as sweet potato or yam in a restaurant on the southern tip of South Korea. Or just attempt to find, order and cook these such things as part of a full meal without a kitchen on military wages.

Nearly every “Solid Healthy Meal” I’ve had during this diet has sacrificed something to be “Healthy” according to V-Diet standards. I sacrificed the carb portion entirely, I got an unhealthy carb instead, I didn’t have vegetables at all during the meal, I didn’t have fruit afterwards (vegetables are semi-abundant in Korea, just not in large quantities or dark colored varieties,

fruit is added in really odd ways to dishes, under special order) I overloaded on fat (they have a gnarly little place called “Mr. Pizza” where they have pizzas with sweet potato dough and grilled chicken and vegetable toppings, which is actually their specialty. Being body-conscious as I am, I know it can’t be that healthy despite the ingredients because I constantly want to take a nap after 2 albeit filling slices. Plus, it’s still pizza) or something of the sort.

A “Solid Healthy Meal” or rather commonly known as a “Square Meal” is ridiculously difficult to find, especially if you’re looking at it through the lens of the “Common Rules for Eating”. In American culture, fruit is a snack. You never see much fruit at a restaurant, and while normally military bases have every meal “buffet style”,

I only have a restaurant on base, which is a low-grade American-style restaurant, even out in Korea, fruit isn’t necessarily part of the meal unless it’s included in a salad-type option, which even then is often a side dish that you have to pay for that could be a meal on it’s own, or at least cost as much. In addition, their vegetable use is odd, to say the least.

Thousands of little side-dishes are served up with nearly every traditional meal, ranging wildly from types of soup, little fish, tiny amounts of vegetables, rice, different types of kimchi and whatever sauces they want to throw in there, among other things. It’s never enough vegetables to actually serve as a portion of the meal, and it’s odd how it manages to fill you up, so long as you eat the rice and main portion of meat.

Most of the time, they want you to combine the side dishes, rice and meat portion onto a leaf and roll it up, dip it into whatever sauces, and eat it whole in one bite. The combination of flavors is sensational, but just not appropriate through the eyes of the “Common Rules for Eating” as I call them. To remedy this, I’m going to begin treating sticky white rice as a viable carbohydrate source.

I have an honest belief that it’s not all that bad. In addition, I’m going to treat fruit as Americans commonly treat them: like snacks. Sorry, the guys down at T-Nation all try and justify their often verifiably insane observations by pointing to our ancestors, well our ancestors ate large portions of one food at a time, making an entire meal out of say, berries for instance.

Just berries, just nuts, just meat. Why not live in this manner? What harm will come of someone having unequal meals in unequal quantities of balanced nutrients? I know we’ve gone far in culture and nutritional science, but we haven’t cracked “the code” by far. I used to just try to get all the “12 Power Foods” of “The Abs Diet” by David Zinczenko in a regular day, and often I’d get at least 10 or 11 in, missing out on just 1 or 2.

I had a meal that was all about protein, like a 6 egg scramble with added meat and cheese, covered in hot sauce. I had a “bean meal”, that was just beans, because it filled me up. I had a 6 pack in 6 weeks. Was the result as dramatic as this program? No. I didn’t have that much to lose. Did I still get the 6 pack of my dreams back them without doing all this work? Yes. Would it work again? An astounding no.

With all that revelation on the wayside, I’d like to fully thank the Biotest crew and especially Mr. Shugart, for his dedication in creating an amazing program. I’d like to say that I’d personally back the claim that you just can’t do this program without the proper Biotest supplements. You just won’t see the results.

The Biotest supplements are nutritionally stiff, backed to brim with extra shit. You know they always say a more expensive protein just has more shit in it besides protein, and they’re right. Go ahead, see if you can save any money buying the attached BCAA’s that are listed on the side of Metabolic Drive Low Carb formula with a store-bought protein.

One of the cheap 5 pound tubs at GNC. Will you save any more money, time or energy buying the Glutamine, BCAA’s and whey separately? How about just buying giant flanks of steak and eating them instead, I’m sure that will go over well. What about Surge Recovery? Do you even know what’s in it? Have you ever FELT better post-workout after a different drink, food or supplement?

So I say this to you, oh doubter of the Velocity Diet: Go. Go do something else. You don’t want this as badly as you think you do. There’s not a single person that’s even half-bored their way through this short diet that hasn’t gotten phenomenal results. It’s not going to be cheaper any other way to get this level of results.

I’ve seen many book programs and even video programs that didn’t offer such incredible tutelage as Chris Shugart’s program here. Pages of material, online support, the freedom to say whatever the hell you want about it, and full video coverage of exercises and routines, among other benefits. After all this, let me ask you this: What’s really keeping you from attaining your physical goals?

Is it the program, your body type, the gym and your location, or is it YOU? Decide how much you want it. Act. Thank you.

By the way, does anyone know where to go for the regular workout log thread, or is this the only one? I don’t wanna start posting a new one if this is the only workout thread forum, everyone’s covering their V-Diet shit.

[quote]Matthius100 wrote:
By the way, does anyone know where to go for the regular workout log thread, or is this the only one? I don’t wanna start posting a new one if this is the only workout thread forum, everyone’s covering their V-Diet shit.[/quote]

Go to the T-Nation Forums link and click on “Training Logs”, it’ll be right above the Velocity Diet section.

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