V-Diet For The Anti-Terrorist, Part 2

Oh hey

I signed up for my original account 600 years ago under my website’s email address, then I stopped paying the server bills so I can’t recover the password for my old username. Which is fine by me because I wasn’t too attached to it.

I went through The Velocity Diet back in 2009 when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth while I was still Active Duty in the Navy. Back then I was a Master-At-Arms Anti-Terrorist Force Protection Specialist and Military Police, but you know what they say about long titles- the longer it is, the less important the job. I was a gate guard for a military base.

Now I’m a Cadet with the Army hoping to graduate to become a full-fledged waste of space instead of just a partial one. It’s an honorable goal I know. Whatever. It’s been nearly 10 years and the big fitness test is coming up so time to lose all the weight I gained on my failed GOMAD bulking cycle that knocked me off kilter for nearly a solid year. Time to do V-Diet again.

Today I got my materials. I knew it was going to be delivered today so I got up excited and waited for the Fed-Ex guy, tore open the packaging and… what’s this? Bags rather than bottles? You guys cutting corners? I bet you’re gonna say you’re saving the Earth huh? I’m not buying it. The components of the diet have been boiled down to smaller (and cheaper!) components AND I get a solid meal EVERY DAY! I’m happy. Time to dive in.

Couple caveats: I’m gonna run the 1987 study of T3 and T4 while I’m on the diet this time, I’ve got 40 pounds to lose to get back into the military’s ridiculous standards. I MIGHT take a low dose of DNP while I’m at it (200 mg every other day, same dose as the 1987 study). I’m gonna take some Adrafinil in the background to keep everything nice and legal with my semi-military status and that’s it. Aside from that I’m taking all the recommended supplements in the back of the book and… hoping for the best. I’ve got until the end of summer semester 2017 to get back in shape and earn my degree, so I’m passing classes, this is step 2. Once I lose the weight I can then get back in shape for the APFT and get going. I could probably pass right now with some aspirin and Stew Smith’s carb loading protocol but my low back started killing me after I gained a bunch of weight during my failed bulking cycle. Ruck marching with a neutron star on my back probably didn’t help much.

So the other caveat is that I’m in physical rehab. They keep me and beat on me twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour and a half. Seriously, it’s a workout. No massages, no relaxation, all exercises from the moment I walk in. V-Diet workouts are short so I just… kinda did both today. I feel alright.

I’m doing the advanced workout and I did Friday’s today, which means I’ll have to do Wednesday on Saturday… or maybe I’ll just start to cycle through them? Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll do Monday’s on Saturday, and the V-Burn on Sunday. While waiting for my packages today I went ahead and made my HSM: 1 1/3 cups of frozen broccoli and a can of green beans, drained, straight into the Copper Square (no cooking spray required!). I started my rice in the microwave (normal white jasmine rice and water) and threw it all in the pot. Then once everything was nice and hot and coming together, I cracked 3 medium eggs in there. A little sea salt, pepper and some oregano, thyme, and parsley and the meal was done!

1 1/3 cup frozen broccoli: 50 calories
1 can green beans, drained: 70 calories
1/2 cup rice: 103 calories
3 medium eggs: 60-72 calories each

403-439 calories piled onto the plate. I forgot how big a low calorie meal could be! I forgot today was a training day, or I would have added more eggs or rice. Or both. I’ll be at a caloric deficit for the day a bit, but I’m not too worried about it. I was eating cookies, cakes and candy last night knowing this diet was coming. Re-reading my old log under the other username made me think this wasn’t going to be so bad, as I remember my last run was painful, but apparently I got used to it.

I sat down and started eating mindfully. The meal looked terrible but the flavors were subtle, and I was picking up on them bite by bite. It was really good, strangely. Then I remembered that I had to go grab free food from these military food people and go to my physical rehab appointment, so mindfulness went out the window and I raced out the door to the car gobbling down the rest. So I did my thing, got home and did the workout with some Plazma. I was disappointed that this version of the V-Diet doesn’t have Surge in it, which always made me feel like a million bucks. Oh well, Plazma is good.

Third Caveat I guess: My rehab specialist said half my injuries come from uneven musculature so she has me doing all my movements one limb at a time. So I gotta do the workouts that way or else she’ll know and I might get injured again, which I can’t afford right now. So today’s adventures was Bulgarian Split Squats, Close Grip Dumbell Presses one arm at a time on the Swiss Ball (who owns a bench?), and my bent over rows and push presses were one arm at a time. I don’t know anyone who does 8 reps at a time of one-armed chinups, sorry. Aside from that, I’m gonna be strict of this and update as often as I can. Tomorrow I’ll get my before measurements as best I can, see you then!

P.S. Bags instead of tubs? I’m still disappointed. C’mon guys we all like tubs better.

Edit: Posted in the wrong forum first, and was redirected to the right forum. User Chris_Colucci had this to say:

"There’s a V-Diet Support forum2 where the log would be better suited.

And the bags cut down significantly on shipping fees because they’re lighter and can fit more per box, which keeps costs lower for everyone.

Also, being disappointed the plan uses Plazma instead of Surge Recovery is like being disappointed Skull Island used a CGI King Kong because the black and white original looked good for its time. Surge is fine, but Plazma is light years ahead of it.

Also, what’s your height and weight?

Also, skip the drugs."

I don’t know, Surge always made me feel like a million bucks but Plazma doesn’t modify my mood any. I don’t know what to say. But I knew there was a good reason you guys were getting rid of tubs, but I still would have liked an option. I would’ve paid extra!

“Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter”

“Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter”

I was entombed in my blanket like an old mummy and my cat was walking on my chest and walking off over and over to try to wake me up. I rolled over and it was around 0730 and I felt like a zombie, so I went to the rest room and returned to sleep. I didn’t feel any better when I woke up at 0900, nor at 0945 with my emergency alarm. Nope, I slept until noon like some kind of teenage animal. Even then I was not exactly leaping out of my bed. Also it was freezing for whatever reason. I sleep at a brisk 62 degrees as demanded in that book “Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar Survival” and it’s a nice temperature to sleep to, but I woke up like I was in an arctic cave. And to make matters worse, at least one of my cats was very playful first thing in the morning.

I take all the recommended supplements and I haven’t actually got my DNP or Adrafinil in the mail. I checked the law, these aren’t drugs- that’s a fertilizer and a supplement, respectively. I do have my T3 and T4 which I have been taking, and those are research chemicals.

The 1987 study on DNP and T3 had participants losing 7-12 pounds extra each month with no symptoms with such low doses. It was 200 mg DNP and 100 mg (?)ish T-3. OR 25 mg T-3 I have no idea I’d have to look it up. A full plunger full with the dilution I have on my bottle, taken half in the morning and half in the evening. I’ve done DNP before and I’m not going full bore on it at all unless I don’t see results, but it doesn’t help that I have 30-40 pounds to lose by the end of the summer semester 2017. If I don’t lose the weight, my old self will age out of the ROTC program and I’ll have to repay all I owe. That’s $18,000.00+ dollars and a near guarantee that I’ll never be hired in again, regardless of the grade level. Also, my back hurts when I run, and that didn’t happen until I put a bunch of fat on my frame. So I literally can’t even retrain for the APFT until I lose the fat first, so I have to get that done first, then run my butt off to make up for lost time- which is near impossible. I’m spending all my time in physical therapy trying to rehab my back- I’m doing all I can with this thing and I got a schedule to keep- the “drugs” stay.

Especially with this whole thing this morning. It should be obvious that 11 hours of sleep on this diet is going to be unacceptable. If I have a repeat of this morning it’s not going to be good, and if I feel like a zombie what are my options? The diet book says only one caffeinated drink could possibly be allowed per day especially with me taking all the Hot Rox and such, I’m already on Nicotine patches (low dose, 7 mg, no I’m not a smoker and never have been) so… what’s the plan? Gotta stay awake with something, and that something was Adrafinil during my intense days of ROTC getting 3 hours of sleep with 21 credit hours of classes. I consider these additions absolutely necessary in this regard keeping these things in mind. Remember, I screw up, I’m 20k in debt for the rest of my life. You screw up, no big deal.

So I took my measurements today. I would post the pictures but I’m awaiting a full thread transfer mod approval by whoever mods up the V-Diet Support Forum. So I’m posting this here to copy and paste there once I get approval. Anyway, I used the restroom and took measurements on my Bowflex Smart Scale model #7224FBOW which has a barely working app if it works at all and I can’t really see it doing a better job than my old Tanita bodyfat scale. Plus it’s confusing. Pick Tanita it’s a better scale.

According to this I weigh 206.8 pounds and I’m 22.6% bodyfat. I’ll get tape measurements as soon as I find my body tape measure. With the Army’s ridiculous bodyfat chart they want me to be around 170-180 pounds. I’m 5’9’’ but my curvature in my back this past year cuased me to lose a whole inch, and I was working with a chiropractor to try and reverse this, but now Tricare won’t pay for one so I’d have to find a cheap one and pay out of pocket. Not currently an option, but if regaining that inch will take off 10 pounds from the military requirements, I’m gonna have to do what I can.

They don’t like having to give you the tape in training. If you’re obviously all ripped up and you’re passing the APFT, sure. Otherwise you’re not exactly in the clear. I’m 29 years old and the cutoff is age 30. I am not allowed to join the Reserves right now due to a contracting status, so I cannot raise the age maximum to 35. This is a pain, but if gives me but one way out- forward. At a rapid clip.

Like I said I’ll go ahead and post pictures in the other thread upon mod approval there and delete this thread if that is an option, leaving the training logs for the big and scary patrons at The Salty Spitoon. Until then, Vanilla is my favorite flavor so far, and the less water there is the better the shake is going to be- but drink the water anyways on the side. Also how do u drink Plazma

like there’s a lot of foam

I even have the special bottle but I left it back home a couple states away but my god man the foam it’s everywhere

Alright this is the right forum finally so I can delete the other thread in Training Logs! No more copy-and-pasting! Here’s the pictures:

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