V-Diet for Someone Who is Skinny Fat?

Hi Chris, thanks in advance for taking time to read this…

basically im on the verge of buying the V-Diet supplements etc, but just wondered if it would be right for me… basically im 25, 6ft 1, 160lbs… im skinny fat(i.e painfully thin wrists, lower arms, but with a slight double chin and excess fat around the gut etc) i think the term is skinny fat…

would you still recommend this program for me?

I’m basically looking to loose the gut and start building muscle (i’ll be starting from scratch not really worked out in the past)


Good question. Had the same thought a while ago, so I started looking around here. And like ten times, I found articles talking mad trash about people wanting to cut when they weigh ~150lbs. Since you haven’t trained much, you’re what they call undertrained. So if you start lifting with some serious intent, you will build muscle and lose fat, for a while. These are beginner gains, where everything works. Once you plateau, you will need to focus on your diet more, and change your routine. But for now, just go lift! You’ll be amazed. Then, after a few months/years, if you haven’t lost enough fat for your liking, cut then. But get a solid weight lifting program in place first, then work out your diet. Cutting is a little advanced.

Course I’m not Chris. Just a newbie that went through the same thought process. I’m planning on doing the V-Diet in a year or so, if I can’t get as cut as I’d like with just eating right. Good luck, either way, post some progress for support.

It’s just probably not needed right now. You could easily train hard, eat right, use a few choice supplements, and gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

thanks guys, i just need to get into a routine i guess.

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