V-Diet for Skinny Fat Cure?

Hi Chris,

I am just wondering if the diet works if one is skinny fat? Not obese , but someone who strength trains but with less than ideal body composition - in the 20% body-fat range and has trouble dropping it further. I have never had visible abs or been at 10% bodyfat!

I’m into the 1st week and the half of a new V-Diet cycle. The last one was done 3-4 months ago that took me from 170lb at 21%BF to 160lb at 19%BF.

I’m perhaps coming to the realization that I may be displaying symptoms of skinny fat. I have had this body composition for years despite lifting weights and dabbling in HIIT and Crossfit. Fairly lean elsewhere but problematic midsection with no visible abs. And of course I fell into the low carb camp and was carb-phobic for a long time.

Will the calorie deficit in the V-Diet help to break through a fat loss plateau when being skinny fat or will it worsen it?

How does the diet take care of issues like hormonal health, liver function, lipid profile, all which has a part to play in one being skinny fat.

The V-Diet can work to get rid of the last 5-10 pounds of fat, however, you need to make sure you’re not chronically low carbing or undereating. The cure to skinny-fat is usually to build muscle, not to lose more fat with a strict diet. I’d rather see you use <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G and good workout nutrition like Plazma than do another V-Diet. Indigo will, over time, take care of those underlying issues that can cause skinny fat.

How best should I fit in Indigo and Plazma into my daily nutrition plan around meals and peri/post workout.
Pardon my poor body comp.

This is how I currently look. Bloated…

Another pic.

[quote]RSHK wrote:
How best should I fit in Indigo and Plazma into my daily nutrition plan around meals and peri/post workout.
Pardon my poor body comp.[/quote]

Nah, you don’t look bad. I’m glad you posted those pics because it solidifies my opinion that you don’t need the V-Diet right now.

For Indigo-3G and Plazma, just follow the labels on each. Indigo about 30 minutes before you start your pre-load dose of Plazma, which comes about 15 minutes before training. Then have one more serving of Plazma during training. That’s all you need.

No need to fear carbs (I was the same way), though I do suggest dropping wheat. Tends to bloat a lot of people, making them think they’re fatter than they really are. But rice and potatoes, things like that, are fine.

In the pic attached, on the left I was a carb-fearing guy because I could gain fat so easily. But dieting all the time just gave me that skinny-fat feeling. On the right was after using Indigo-3G and Plazma. About 16 pounds of muscle gain with no fat gain (about a year between pics.) I could never do that before. I’d just gain fat if “ate for muscle.” Indigo really fixed me up and now it’s easy to stay lean. It’s a great transition supplement for those who’ve done the V-Diet before.

Wow that is an impressive transformation.
Thanks for clearing my doubts. I guess having had some metabolic issues had affected my ability to partition my nutrients. Will no longer be carb-phobic.

So plazma will take care of much of my peri workout needs.
How many doses of indigo allowed a day? Once before indigo and another before post workout meal?

[quote]RSHK wrote:
Wow that is an impressive transformation.
Thanks for clearing my doubts. I guess having had some metabolic issues had affected my ability to partition my nutrients. Will no longer be carb-phobic.

So plazma will take care of much of my peri workout needs.
How many doses of indigo allowed a day? Once before indigo and another before post workout meal?[/quote]

All you have to take is 6 capsules of Indigo-3G per day: before training or before your biggest, carbiest meal of the day on non-training days. But it’s perfectly fine to take 2 servings per day at least 6 hours apart. One serving is “in you” and doing its thing for at least 6 hours so there’s no need to take doses close together.

This is what I did because I knew my nutrient partitioning was all screwed up, probably from being very overweight in my early 20’s. But if budget is an issue, one serving will do the trick. Or you could mix it up, one serving on non-training days, two on training days 6 hours or more apart. Whatever fits your wallet.

Tks Chris!
You’ve been a big help!

I finished Day 28 of the Velocity Diet on July 13th. Before I weighed 242 and by Day 28 I weighed 221lbs. I’m pretty pleased because I lost my gut.

I’ve uploaded my “after pic” – if I find the before pic I will upload on the Before/After Board.

Would I also be a good candidate for the Indigo 3G & Plazma Protocol??? I love having carbs but it seems whenever I add them in I get fatter but when I go low carb I lean out – but energy drops a bit. Double edged sword.

I’m thinking of doing the 10,000 KB swing challenge. Partly because I love kettlebells and mainly because I am moving to another state next weekend and I cant guarantee how long it will be before I find and join a new gym. I will have my 16kg, 24kg and 32kg bells with me though.

Yes, in fact Indigo-3G is my #1 recommendation for those who’ve done the V-Diet. It’s the perfect next step. And peri-workout is always a good idea.


Would you recommend the standard dosage of 6 pills a day for the 30 days on the 10k challenge with strength movements? Would 12 on training days be overkill?

Plazma: I’ve seen both 2 to 3 dosages of Plazma recommended. I’m assuming two would be more than adequate – one before, one during. Followed by a post workout Metabolic Drive shake or dinner?

For Indigo-3G it’s a matter of budget. You can great results on 6 capsules per day, but 12 is not overkill. Some people mix it up as you said and take 12 on training day or an extra dose on days they go out to dinner or plan an extra big meal. (I took 12 myself, then after several months moved down to 6, but as a former very-fat boy I felt I had a lot of nutrient uptake issues to fix.)

Plazma: Yes, two would be great. Maybe even one pre-workout only if it’s a short, “easier” workout. You can adjust this based on the type of training you’re doing that day. For the kettlebell program, one may be enough. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a brutal workout, but you’re not “breaking down” as much muscle compared to a traditional bodybuilder-type of workout.

Your post-workout choices look good. Whichever is most convenient for you.

Indigo is now out of stock – Stupid me for waiting until pay day to make a purchase Sent an email to Customer Service to see how long.

In the mean time, would Carbolin 19 work with Plazma? I was only taking two pills a day while on the Velocity Diet. I think it probably helped with the body composition. I was thinking of trying four pills a day while doing the 10k swings Challenge w/ Front Squats, Press, Chins, Power Cleans as the strength movements.

To get my four workouts a week in there may be at least two days I will have to workout at 5am due to work commitments. I know fasted weight training is heresy. So does taking Plazma pre-workout solve this? Or should I take one pre workout and one during the workout? Take MAG-10 or Metabolid Drive with Plazma?


Yes, Carbolin is great stuff and works with just about any training goal. Always a good addition.

Yes, Plazma cures “fasted” training. Some people still call that fasted, but just because you’re not chewing doesn’t mean you’re fasted. At least use the pre-load serving. For the swing plan, I’d suggest an intra-workout serving of Plazma as well. After the workout (about an hour later) you can use a Mag-10 serving or have a Metabolic Drive shake if you’re ready for more of a filling meal.

Hi Chris,

I have been on Indigo and Plazma for about 3 weeks. So far no ground shaking changes in body comp or strength. Bodyfay is about the same, 18% while my weight is up by 5lb.

Just wanted to know what sort of workout program and focus would such peri and post work out nutrition(indigo-plazma) work best with? A strength based with higher load intensity or a more volume based and hypertrophy focus?
The objective here is lean mass gain with minimal fat gain again,which would mean fat loss too.
After Waterbury’s V diet work out, I’m currently doing Wendlers 531 with extra back off sets at lower load intensities after the strength sets just to keep the volume a little higher.

While I’m not concerned about the carbs in Plazma being shuttled into my adipose fat stores as I’m taking Indigo, but I am just curious will fat burning be possible in the presence of high insulin levels and the ingestion of carbs from taking Plazma pre and during workout?

As always I look forward to your advice and insights.


5 pounds of muscle in 3 weeks is actually quite ground shaking! (Or 3-4 pounds with some glycogen replenishment – also good.)

I’d suggest a hypertrophy-focused plan. You want to look better, right? Then body-build. Build muscle and any extra body fat will take care of itself with a smart diet.

The carbs in Plazma cannot be stored as body fat, as you probably know. They are in fact thermic in nature and very different than whole-food carbs. Can’t be viewed in the same way as, say, carbs from bread or pasta. (My wife actually cut for a Figure contest using Plazma… and won.) There’s no need to worry about insulin - in fact, you want insulin around workout time. There’s a reason pro-bodybuilders inject it on purpose to gain muscle. (Not advise dof course!) It’s more anabolic than T. Fear of insulin by those who lift hard keeps them smaller and pudgier.

I always thought insulin is fine only during the post workout window, to shuttle in nutrients for protein synthesis and glycogen replenishment when you are insulin sensitive.

However elevated insulin during pre workout is detrimental for fat burning. Like they always say stay low carb all day but high carbon only post workout.

Anyway I shall experiment and report a month later.


That’s what people thought 10 years ago but we know a lot more now. Here’s a great article that gets into it:
<a href=""target=“new”>What You Don’t Know About Workout Supplementation

Hi Chris,

I am not getting the desired results (achieving lean gains) with clean meals and peri and post nutrition. I am not blaming the supplements. Maybe it’s the way I train. Insufficient volume with too much strength focus. Lost some lean mass, so logically body fat went up. Indigo did not help me much with the nutrient partioning.

I had the best results when I did the V diet the first time around. Bodyfat dropped from 21% to 17% while I gained some muscle.
I am still searching for the elusive 10-15% bodyfat levels while looking muscular and ripped. So I am thinking of having another go at the V diet.

Waterbury workouts for the V diet were great and it worked a treat the last time around. I am inclined to using the same template again.
What do I do with my remaining plazma? Can I use it to substitute Surge for post workout? Any other considerations or sugestions?

Your advice would be much appreciated.

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