V-Diet for Olympic and Powerlifting

A majority of my training is centered around the clean to jerk, snatch, and the big three. If I am an advanced lifter, would it be smart to keep to my training but dial it down to three days a week? That way I’m getting my lifts in, still doing the burn challenge on the weekend, and doing NEPA walks.

That’s probably fine, but it depends in your goals. The V-Diet is a dedicated pure fat loss plan with a workout program also dedicated to fat loss and muscle retention/building. Pairing it with a style of training based on PRs is mixing and matching, chasing two rabbits at once (where one may escape.) The diet component itself is going to do most of the work of course, so you’re probably fine. It depends a lot on how you train, but whenever I hear someone mixing and matching diet and training styles, it reminds me of a guy wanting to build mass and train for a marathon. (Extreme example, but you get the idea.)

I prefer people to pick fat loss as a goal and focus on it and only it for the 28 days of the V-Diet. Plus, if you’re a PR focused guy, those may suffer temporarily as fat is lost and calories are lowered. Not many can handle that mentally if they’re chasing two goals.

If I take a planned non-linear approach to it focus on the 4-8 rep range I should probably be good then?

Should be cool. Keep me posted!

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